“Stay with the hammock plan.” Survivor: Ghost Island May 16 2018 recap

16 May

Laurel tells us at the start of the episode that she can’t beat Domenick and Wendell at the end, so she needs to make a move. And Donathan agrees about the making-a-move part.

The reward challenge is very cool, and though it shares some principles with previous challenges ,I don’t think it has ever been run in this form. Large spools need to be rolled down a sliding course, with more spools being added over time, and when a spool reaches the end of the course it must be carried up a flight of stairs back to the top. It is almost like one of the Labors of Hercules, very grueling. Which is why I have no idea why anyone is trying to win it! To explain: the reward is bringing local schoolkids school supplies, sporting goods, and the like. While I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Survivor is doing this, the kids are getting their gifts regardless, so why expend incredible amounts of energy just to be the one in the Santa Claus role? Well, Dom and Wendell don’t see it that way. They try their best and win, picking Laurel to join them and Sebastian to go to Ghost Island.

When Sebastian arrives, he gets to play a game. He has to  risk his vote at the next Tribal Council, but the odds have improved to 3 out of 4. He does win the game and wins an advantage, namely … the extra vote Kellyn just used a couple of episodes ago! And she didn’t use it successfully, though I wouldn’t classify her decision as a terrible one.

Meanwhile, Laurel enjoys the reward with Domenick and Wendell but insists to us that she wants to “cut their throats.”

Meanwhile, Donathan decides to do some troublemaking. He tells Wendell that if Wendell and Domenick are in the finals, he (Donathan) is voting for Domenick. Wendell points out that this would be motivation for Domenick to put Donathan on the jury. Domenick is incredulous at the whole conversation and notes that Donathan is “goin’ kamikaze on us.”

The immunity challenge is nothing new: place some stairs to climb a tower, then solve a slide puzzle. Lots of players get to the puzzle at the end around the same time, though Probst avers “Angela is out of it.” But Probst tells us how Wendell is in the zone and on a roll, and we see Wendell solve the puzzle and raise his arms in an “I’m awesome” type movement. But a second later Laurel tells Probst she has it, and Probst races over to declare Laurel the winner! Wendell points out he was done first, but Probst says that calling him over to say one is finished is part of the rules of the game (I don’t believe this has ever been stated on the show before). Probst, sensing potential drama, asks Wendell if he wants to protest this, but Wendell demurs. Errr, are you sure that’s a good idea, Wendell?

But now Laurel tells us it would be tough for her to vote Wendell out at this juncture, that just wouldn’t be sporting. It looks like everyone wants to vote Kellyn out, but there are still 21 minutes left in the show. And we soon hear Donathan say “If y’all are actually going to blindside me tonight, just let me know,” which of course by the very definition of a blindside is impossible.

Wendell tells us he has a fake idol ready to go, but to make it believable he needs the note that went with one of Domenick’s idols (by the way we hear nothing about Domenick’s own fake idol for now). Domenick rummages in his bag and gives Wendell the note. Donathan sees this and loudly inquires what’s going on. Then after a while Donathan announces he’s “going for broke,” goes to find Kellyn, and tells her people are voting for him. Which by the way seems the worst possible strategy since it would benefit Kellyn to encourage this! But Donathan is just determined to make a scene, Abi-Maria style. And now Sebastian says, why don’t we just vote Donathan out?

At tribal council, Donathan continues his antics, and the other players and the jury members alike can just shake their heads. Domenick calmly tells others, “Stay with the hammock plan.” The votes are read, and there’s one vote for Domenick, three for Donathan and three for Kellyn, time for a revote. Angela goes up to revote and seems to be agonizing over the decision, which can’t make Kellyn feel good! Soon the third Kellyn vote is read and she’s out of the game. As noted previously, I found Kellyn pretty annoying during the season, but she’s quite a good sport in her final remarks.

Then we see what the votes were, at least in the first round.

Kellyn votes: Domenick, Wendell, Laurel

Donathan votes: Angela, Kellyn, Sebastian

Domenick vote: …. Donathan!

So in other words, if instead of a vote for Domenick which no one joined him for Donathan would have just voted Kellyn, he could have avoided a tie. Ultimately the result was the same, but it just shows that Donathan has lost his mind.

With Kellyn out of the game we’re down to three contenders to win, though the only way I can see Laurel winning is if neither Domenick nor Wendell is sitting next to her at the end. And there is a zero percent chance that Donathan, Angela, and Sebastian will be the final three so I don’t need to allow for that possibility!

contenders: 1. Wendell, 2. Domenick, 3. Laurel

no chance: Donathan, Angela, Sebastian

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela), Libby (Laurel), Desiree (Angela), Jenna (Laurel), Michael (Wendell), Chelsea (Angela), Kellyn (Wendell)


“Things are shakin’ up.” Survivor: Ghost Island May 9, 2018 recap

11 May

An extra vote was played at the last tribal council, and unlike when this happened last season, this time the players noticed there was an extra vote played, and Kellyn admits she’s the one who played it.

We go right to the reward challenge after that, and find out this is the “loved ones” episode for the season. I was no huge fan of these before, and less so since last season when Jeff Probst decided he needs to start putting words in players’ mouths to make sure he elicits every last bit of emotion possible. For example, Laurel’s brother has scarcely said hello when Probst wants to know, “Is he the rock?”

Once we finally get to the challenge, Sebastian wins it, and he picks Domenick and then Wendell to join him on the reward. He gets to pick one more and chooses Donathan. Then Sebastian also has to decide who goes to Ghost Island. Probst reveals that whoever goes there is guaranteed to get an advantage, and Sebastian can choose to go himself, though anyone who does it cannot go to the reward feast. Sebastian says he doesn’t want to go and asks if any of the other guys want to. Domenick says he doesn’t but Wendell says he does.

It is tough to fathom how anybody would pass up a guaranteed advantage. I think you see why Sebastian is on my “no chance to win” list below. Although in Domenick’s case, his wife seems so fiery that she looks like she would bury a knife between her husband’s ribs if he didn’t take her to the reward!

Wendell gets his advantage, and it is the advantage Malcolm got in the final episode of Survivor: Philippines, namely a challenge do-over, and in fact the challenge is going to be the same one Malcolm participated in back then. You have to hold a stick with a little groove in it and balance the ball in that groove. Wendell even gets a stick and ball to practice with. We are reminded that the advantage didn’t help Malcolm as he still lost the challenge and then was voted out (though you’ll recall if he hadn’t been so honest with Denise, he wouldn’t have been ousted). And the show also mentioned Malcolm never reached the final four again, to the chagrin of his legion of fans including me!

At the reward feast, Domenick tells Donathan’s aunt that the two of them are solid to the end, but Donathan tells us he wants to make a big move. And unsurprisingly, the four women back at camp (Kellyn, Chelsea, Angela, and Laurel) are talking about pulling in Donathan and voting Domenick or Wendell out. They seem to take it for granted that Sebastian is voting with Domenick and Wendell, even though we have not been shown anything this season to indicate those guys are tight, other than Sebastian’s choices for the reward challenge a few minutes earlier.

At the reward challenge, the advantage doesn’t help Wendell any more than it helped Malcolm, and Domenick outlasts Chelsea to win.

When we return to the camp of the merged tribe (which we find out is called Lavita), Wendell tells Domenick he wants to target Chelsea. At first I’m surprised by that choice, but Chelsea, her lackluster personality notwithstanding, has won two challenges and almost won the one on this episode, whereas Kellyn was the first one out this time and Angela, while looking athletic, only seems dangerous if called to eat disgusting food.

Meanwhile, the girls, including Laurel, are talking about voting out Wendell, and Wendell says he’s not getting good vibes from Laurel. Laurel tells us she thinks she can beat the other women at the end, but can she trust them enough to take her to the end?

Tribal Council begins with Donathan announcing “Things are shakin’ up at Naviti now!” and Wendell is suddenly on high alert. Surely the women’s hearts sank when they heard this, as the idea was to lull Wendell into a false sense of security. Instead we get the Ghost Island equivalent to the infamous “stick to the plan.”

The votes are cast, and Jeff Probst asks for any idols. The camera lingers on a pensive Wendell … who decided to do nothing. Uh-oh. The votes are read and … Chelsea is voted out. Wow, Wendell had a great read on Laurel, or had ice water in his veins, or both.

contenders: 1. Wendell, 2. Domenick, 3. Kellyn, 4. Laurel

no chance: Donathan, Angela, Sebastian

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela), Libby (Laurel), Desiree (Angela), Jenna (Laurel), Michael (Wendell), Chelsea (Kellyn)


“Everybody received votes.” Survivor: Ghost Island May 2 2018 recap

2 May

As expected, the episode begins with everyone discussing the Desiree vote that just happened. There is one humorous note: as usual when someone rattles off a bunch of names on a reality show, the producers show a brief shot of each person as his or her name is mentioned. When someone says Wendell, the shot they show is of Wendell standing with his pants unzipped and reaching around inside his pants. Okayyyy….

We also hear both Laurel and Kellyn say the game is going great for them. Interesting.

Domenick goes idol-hunting and finds a coconut with a marking on it. When he cracks it open, what does he find but the fake idol David made and Jay found in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X.  We see a replay of Jay realizing that he was snookered — the kid was really a good sport.

Now, this fake idol (unlike the stick seen earlier in the season) has not gained any powers in the ensuing years. Domenick is told it can only be used to try to fool others. Domenick plants it near a trail (much like David did on his season) and mulls over whether he should try to target a specific person to fool.

At the reward challenge, Jeff Probst reveals a twist: this is actually an immunity challenge to be played between two randomly-drawn teams of five, simultaneously. The player who lasts longest in each group wins an immunity, and each group of five will have its own mini-tribal council! Whichever group lasts longer gets to go to tribal council second, as there may be some advantage to be gained by seeing who the first group voted out. And Ghost Island is out of the picture this week (I doubt many viewers shed any tears about that).

A great twist, right? Only one thing can ruin it: a random draw that goes horribly wrong. And boy, does it. One tribe is Michael, Laurel, Domenick, Wendell, and Kellyn, the only five people who I said in last week’s blog have a chance to win the game. The other tribe is Chelsea, Sebastian, Angela, Jenna, and Donathan, the five who I said have no chance to win the game. I believe this is the first-ever all-goats tribe on Survivor!

The competitions are won by Chelsea, whose group will go to the council first, then Domenick. In Chelsea’s group you have to think it will either be Jenna or Donathan voted out, probably Jenna.

Back at camp, Michael asks Donathan if he can borrow his idol for an hour just so he can pretend he, Michael, has an idol (remember, the two will be in separate groups of five later). Donathan says no because this could blow up his own plans.

Michael decides to just bluff it. Taking Kellyn aside, he asks if he can trust her 100% and says “I know you’re not gonna tell me no.” It’s a great line — who ever says “no, you can’t trust me?” Michael tells Kellyn he has an idol, and she believes it. So much so that she decides she’s going to vote for Laurel. Wendell alerts Laurel of this and Laurel says she’ll vote Kellyn. At this point I have some hope that the very annoying Kellyn will be gone, until she reminds us that she has an extra-vote advantage she can use.

Time to look at the goats, who by the way are not just the worst players left but also the most boring players left! If these were the final five of a season, the producers would be polishing their seppuku swords as we speak. Anyway, Chelsea, Sebastian, and Angela want to vote Jenna, so they want her to think the target’s Donathan. So Jenna really hopes Donathan doesn’t play his idol. But after a while he tells her he will play the idol for her, and they should vote Sebastian. Jenna tells us viewers she lied to Donathan about both liking him and not planning to vote for him (ouch), and Donathan tells us his decision isn’t as firm as he led Jenna to believe.

At Tribal Council, Jenna says right at the start that she knows she’s going home, and that she’s ready to vote. Even Jeff Probst can’t manufacture any drama here, and soon says “This may be the fewest questions I’ve ever asked at a tribal council.” Donathan actually does get up to play his idol, but on himself, and he wastes it because all the votes are for Jenna, except of course her own. Jeff Probst snuffs Jenna’s torch and tells her … she can walk right over to the jury and take a seat! And he has no dramatic line for the exiting tribe other than “Your work here is done.” That’s nicer than “beat it, goats.”

Time for the main event, and as the players file in, no one looks the least bit surprised to see Jenna on the jury. Nothing much happens besides stating the obvious, though Domenick and Wendell have a long bout of whispering near the end, possibly a last-ditch discussion about whether Michael is bluffing about an idol.

The votes are read. Kellyn … Wendell…. Laurel … Michael … Michael … “one vote left,” says Probst. Not one player seems to wonder why there would be one vote left with five votes read and five people sitting there, though a couple of jurors do find it odd.

That last vote is for … Laurel, which makes it 2 votes each for Michael and Laurel. On the re-vote, Michael is ousted unanimously.

Probst does have final words for this group, noting “Everybody who could receive votes, received votes.” And we see later that Kellyn’s two votes were for Laurel, Wendell and Domenick voted Michael, Laurel voted Kellyn, and Michael voted Wendell.

Which was a huge error by Michael — if he had just voted Laurel, she would have gone home on the first vote! Naturally, he didn’t know Kellyn had an extra vote, but a fan like him should know that when you and someone else are on the chopping block, you should always cast your vote for the other person, as you never know when it might actually be meaningful.

contenders: 1. Domenick, 2. Wendell, 3. Kellyn, 4. Laurel

no chance: Donathan, Chelsea, Angela, Sebastian

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela), Libby (Laurel), Desiree (Chelsea), Jenna (Laurel), Michael (Wendell)

“I hope this doesn’t bite me later.” Survivor: Ghost Island April 25 2018 recap

26 Apr

Everyone is hungry at the start of this episode,and Desiree,whose background we don’t know much about, tells us that she has experience being hungry because she was once homeless.

As for her place in the game, she sees herself at the bottom of the original Naviti (purple) group, so she’s ready to take out a Naviti member. And she says as much to Jenna, Donathan, and Laurel. Also,  Desiree says Angela and Chelsea would go along with this.

After the reward challenge Angela is sent to Ghost Island. Like Kellyn, she  gets to play a game than has a 2/3 chance to win. Unfortunately she does not win.

We see a bunch of people enjoying a meal on a grassy hilltop in Fiji with a helicopter parked nearby. A group date on The Bachelor? No, it’s the winners of the reward challenge. And soon we see Kellyn tell us that the game is going great for her and everything is falling into place. That’s usually not a good thing on Survivor.

Back at camp, Laurel tells Domenick about Desiree’s plan. Why she does this I’m not sure. When Kellyn is back from the reward, Domenick looks her up and tells her the news.

Meanwhile, Michael goes off to look for an idol. Since he’s obviously in trouble given the results of the last tribal council, he doesn’t have much to lose. Donathan comes along to help. But it’s actually Donathan who soon finds an idol. We soon find out that this was Scot’s idol from Survivor: Kaoh Rong, though having looked it up in this wonderful blog  I see that the idol was not Scot’s but Jason’s, though Scot did leave the game with the idol in his pocket, in what I still think was the best Survivor blindside of all time.

While this idol and the one Tai had in Kaoh Rong could be combined to make a “super-idol,” this one needs to be combined with another one just to make a normal idol. And Donathan finds out the other half is under the center of their shelter. (Oddly, though he’s searching along with Michael, it appears he doesn’t tell Michael about this).

So Donathan goes back to camp, plops down in the center of the shelter, and waits for an opening. But he’s never alone. So finally when Jenna and Michael come around, he whispers to them about what’s happening. Michael feels around under the bamboo, finds it, and hands it to Donathan. And Donathan exults to us that he found two idols. Then again, Donathan is the guy who earlier in the season refused to dive underwater until the others spent five minutes heaping shame on him, then told us later how courageous he was!

The challenge involves balancing a ball, and Chelsea wins, in her only shining moment of the season to date. And now we hear from Desiree that Kellyn is the one she wants to target. Kellyn confronts Desiree and Chelsea about the rumor she has heard, and they both deny it, very plausibly at that!

This was the critical juncture. What Desiree should have done here was go back to Laurel, Jenna, and Donathan and say “the plan is now definitely on and tonight is the night to make the move”. But that’s not what she does. Instead, she confronts Laurel (with others nearby) about blabbing out her secret, and then announces that the earlier conversation about Des wanting to take out a Naviti member never happened at all!

The problem is, now the former Orange tribe members have no incentive to work with Des, since she’s not voting with them after all. But they do have a great reason to point fingers at Des, since that could take the target off of Michael! And they basically spend the rest of the episode on such finger-pointing.

Not that Kellyn has given up the Michael idea, in fact she stridently tells Domenick that they need to get Michael out. (Kellyn has done two things this season: scowl and talk about keeping Naviti strong.)

All of tribal council is about whether or not Desiree lied. When it’s time to vote, Angela can only show the camera her “no vote” card. But it doesn’t matter as only two votes are for Michael and all the rest are for Desiree, who will join the jury.

Actually I might be wrong about “no vote” not mattering. Chelsea was the only vote for Michael except for Desiree, and I’m sure Chelsea will be wondering why a third vote from Angela wasn’t in there.

contenders: 1. Domenick, 2. Wendell, 3. Michael, 4. Laurel, 5. Kellyn

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea, Angela, Sebastian

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela), Libby (Jenna), Desiree (Chelsea)

“This is not … just a stick.” Survivor: Ghost Island April 18 2018 recap

19 Apr

After a relatively easy vote (namely Chris), everyone is trying to shore up their positions for a vote that promises to be tougher. Wendell asks Laurel is she is “1,000% top four” with him, the other two being Domenick and Donathan. She says yes. Wendell tells Laurel that Domenick has a real idol (which I’m pretty sure she already knew) and that he, Wendell, also has an idol. As so often happens on Survivor, this does Wendell more harm than good, as now Laurel trusts him less, not more.

The reward challenge takes place at the same beach that has seemingly hosted nearly every challenge this season. It goes on a long time without anything too entertaining happening. Jenna draws the rock to go to Ghost Island, where she gets the message that she doesn’t get to play a game.

At the reward challenge (a taco meal), we hear both Laurel and Libby say it’s time to make a big move. Angela tells us she was in “psychological operations” in the military … is she about to start some Russell Hantz-like shenanigans? Alas, her campaign seems limited to telling everyone that Michael wants to vote out Wendell, which is actually true.

It’s Day 25, and we see a row of covered-up plates at a high table, indicating it’s time for the “gross food” challenge! Jeff Probst points out that this challenge dates back to season 1, and I think it’s a shame they haven’t done it every single season, as it never fails to entertain.

The first-round meal consists of fish eyes, and as the food is revealed we see a fly buzzing around it, perfectly underlining how disgusting it is (and much better than the Big Brother method of simply adding the sound of a buzzing fly). Wendell doesn’t even attempt to eat a fish eye!

The next two rounds are beetle larvae and sea slugs respectively, and the last round, which is Michael vs. Angela, is mother-of-pearl. Tellingly, everyone is cheering for Angela, and she wins. Michael asks Probst if he can still eat the rest of the food, just so he can say he had the full experience.

The original purple tribe wants to vote for Michael, but would love to be able to split the vote. But to do that they would need to pull in some orange-tribe members, namely Laurel and Donathan. Michael makes the point that if Purple is splitting the vote and every Orange player (Michael, Laurel, Donathan, Libby and Jenna) all votes for the same person they could take out anyone from the purple tribe. So it all comes down to Laurel and Donathan. This is actually a pretty interesting situation, and I don’t think I’ve said that yet this season.

Also, we see Domenick assuring Libby she’s fine, but then Donathan tells her he knows some votes are coming her way. We have seen a lot of Libby this episode, making me think she’s going home.

Tribal Council is just cryptic talk by almost everyone. The votes are cast and Michael plays his idol, which you’ll recall from two episodes ago is the onetime fake idol. He says “this one’s for Ozzy” (who was the one who made the fake back in Fans vs. Favorites).

Jeff Probst then unveils some shtick that he no doubt came up with weeks ago. He says “This is not … just a stick anymore, this is a real idol.”

The votes are read, and most are for Michael and do not count. There’s one Wendell vote, and the rest are for Libby, who will join the jury.

In other words, Laurel failed to make the big move she hinted she was going to make. Perhaps Libby knew that and just voted for Michael in the hopes he didn’t have an idol or wouldn’t play it.

contenders: 1. Domenick, 2. Laurel, 3. Wendell, 4. Michael, 5. Kellyn, 6. Sebastian

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea, Desiree, Angela

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela), Libby (Jenna)

“Put the mike down, bro.” Survivor: Ghost Island April 11, 2018 recap

11 Apr

This episode goes directly to the tribe merge, and directly from there to hyping the Domenick and Chris rivalry.

The players on the merged tribe have a set table waiting for them, and there’s a buff at each place setting. By chance, Chris sits down in front of the one that has a note hidden in it referring to a secret at tree mail. The secret is a clue to a hidden immunity idol, the catch being that the idol is at Ghost Island. A boat will arrive in the middle of the night to take him there, it’s his choice whether to take it and risk being caught.

Wendell decides to try and play peacemaker between Chris and Domenick and arranges a sit-down. Why don’t they just get out someone from the Orange tribe now and worry about the rivalry later? Chris refuses to commit to any such thing, and now even Wendell believes that Chris has to go.

Chris does slip away to Ghost Island without being spotted, and gets the idol: it’s J.T.’s idol from Survivor: Game Changers. Is it really “cursed” since J.T.. neglected to even bring it to a tribal council when he was in trouble? Alas, this idol can only be used by Chris at this next upcoming  Tribal Council. Ah, but he can play a game to extend its power by additional weeks. Each time he wins a 50/50 game it adds one week, but if he loses a game he has no vote at the next Tribal Council. Chris plays the game, winning the first round and losing the second. So his idol will work for the next two weeks, but he has no vote this week.

The immunity challenge is the one where you have to balance a little statue on a disc at the end of a pole. This seems to favor players with shorter arms, and indeed it comes down to Kellyn, Chelsea, and Libby. Kellyn wins.

Chris has an anti-Domenick plan to set in motion, so he boldly asks everyone but Wendell and Domenick to go to the well with him to discuss it! Wendell, alone with Domenick, reveals to his ally that he has an idol.

Domenick is sure of Wendell, Laurel, and Donathan’s votes, and figures he can pick up Jenna and Libby. But Donathan says those two are “trying to bluff you up.”

Also, we get a look at the four women of the Purple tribe: Chelsea, Angela, Desiree, and Kellyn. They are less interested in Domenick vs. Chris than in getting another remaining Orange tribe member out. Preferably Libby or Michael.

With so much uncertainty, how many idols are going to be played? I could see Chris, Domenick and Michael all playing one!

Interestingly, this tribal council, the seventh of the season, is the first one for Chris! He was only on the immunity-losing tribe once, and missed that tribal council because he was on Ghost Island.

Most of the council is about Domenick vs. Chris. It’s time to vote, and Chris can only go to the voting booth and hold up his “No Vote” parchment. Domenick speaks his “Chris” vote very loudly to the amusement of all. And Wendell briefly tells us why he’s voting Chris, then stays at the voting booth a moment to say how lousy Chris’ rapping is. “Put the mike down, bro,” he says.

Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Domenick gets up fingering the fake idol he’s been wearing around his neck, but ultimately whips out the Legacy Advantage instead, which can only be played at he round of 13 (which is now) or the round of 6. Saving it does no good if you never make it to the round of 6, so it’s sound strategy to play it now.

The votes are read, and all but two are for … Chris, who becomes the first member of the jury. There were two Libby votes, by Desiree and Angela. Why in the world did Chris not play his idol, especially since it only has two weeks of power anyway?

At least Chris must have a Survivor record, namely the record for staying in the game the longest without ever casting one single vote.

There is a funny moment at the end. Chris thanks Jeff Probst but leaves before Jeff can say “It’s time for you to go.” Jeff rattles it off anyway as Chris walks off.

contenders: 1. Laurel, 2. Domenick, 3. Michael, 4. Wendell, 5.  Kellyn, 6. Libby, 7. Sebastian

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea, Desiree, Angela

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Chris (Angela)

Idoling up: Survivor: Ghost Island April 4, 2018 recap

5 Apr

Last episode nothing happened, and I bemoaned the lack of any idols or advantages to at least liven things up. Whereas this episode: …. Nothing happens, but at least some players arm themselves with idols to do battle later.

The first to find an idol is Michael, and this idol is nothing less than the famous stick from Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites that Ozzy had planted as a fake idol. Well, we learn that in the ensuing 10 years it has gained power and is now a real idol!

Next we see Kellyn at Ghost Island, her tribe having lost the reward challenge. She is offered the chance to play a game, though this one has a 2 in 3 chance to win rather than just 1 in 2.  She gives it a try and wins an advantage, namely the one Sarah snatched up oh so memorably in Survivor: Game Changers. While that was a vote stealer, now the power is that of an extra vote.


The purple tribe won the reward challenge and gets to eat some steaks, and Bradley is grumpy even for him. The rest of the tribe commiserates about how annoying Bradley has become.


On the green tribe, Wendell goes looking for an idol and does find a map which soon leads him to … Erik’s immunity necklace from Fans vs. Favorites, the one he so memorably and stupidly gave to Natalie (a moment that was replayed at the start of this season’s first episode). The onetime immunity necklace is now an idol.


(Just to recap, Domenick also has an idol as well as a legacy advantage.)


The immunity challenge is won by Green, with Orange finishing second. Orange is absolutely ecstatic about being in second place, since that means they won’t be going to Tribal Council.

Purple will be going, however, and Bradley is an obvious potential target since everyone is so annoyed by him. But Domenick wonders if it’s better for him to keep Bradley around, especially since we heard Domenick talk about what a threat Libby is last episode. Chelsea gives Libby her word that she is not going home, but then Chelsea and Domenick indicate they still haven’t made a decision.

Also, we have hardly heard anything from Libby this episode. Surely that means she won’t be the one voted out?

Turns out it does mean exactly that. Bradley is blindsided and sent home.

contenders: 1. Laurel, 2. Domenick, 3. Michael, 4. Wendell, 5. Chris, 6. Kellyn, 7. Libby, 8. Sebastian

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea, Desiree, Angela