Final thoughts about Survivor

3 Feb

Good things about this season:

  • Complicated strategy as everyone had so many different loyalties from prior seasons and the tribe reshufflings. Also, the show did a masterful job of letting the viewer track every player’s reaction to everything.
  • A deserving winner in Jeremy.
  • Exciting idol plays, and the very exciting twist of having idols at challenges.
  • Kelley Wentworth, who both found and played her idols in entertaining fashion. Looking back on the season, she was involved in almost all of the most exciting moments.

Bad things about this season:

  • Oddly for an all-star season, there was no one great character. Even Joe was a bit too low-key to make for great TV. And there was no dominant player, though Joe was very good.
  • Having no lasting alliances was a positive as noted above, but also a negative as you didn’t see friendships of the kind earlier seasons had.
  • The odd sequence events that had Kelly Wigglesworth going home despite not getting any votes at tribal council was spun as an exciting moment, but to be it was more an unfair and unforgivable loophole in the rules.

Sorry, nobody cracked my best players of all time list, and as an all-star season it wasn’t eligible for my best alliances of all time list. However, I did add one player to my honorable mentions for the worst of all time.

You can check out my full rankings of the seasons here.

“Jump on board with us or draw a rock.” Survivor Second Chance December 16 Season Finale Recap

6 Jan

Kimmi sees a major opportunity, namely allying with Kelley and Keith. Who is to say that Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer will want to take Kimmi to the end? They seem to be tight with one another. Kelley loves the plan since that would let her save her secret idol for the final five.

Without further ado we go to the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst announces that every challenge will be new to every player from here on out. Spencer wins immunity for the third time this season.

Spencer notices that Kimmi is going around talking to everyone. That makes him hesitant to do a split vote. He notes, “Splitting the vote is great if you have an alliance that you can trust.” Jeremy (who also wants to save his secret idol for the following vote) doesn’t distrust Kimmi.

One fairly funny exchange is when Spencer says “Wentworth doesn’t have an idol, man.” Jeremy: “Why not? She found one before.” Spencer: “Like, many people find one. You found one before. That doesn’t mean you have an idol right now.” (Of course, in reality both Kelley and Jeremy have one!)

Spencer gets dramatic at Tribal Council. He announces that he, Jeremy, and Tasha no longer want to split the vote, and he confirms that he’s not counting Kimmi as part of the group on purpose. “It’ll be jump on board with us or draw a rock and maybe go home,” he says. Then Spencer whispers to Kelley “you’re good,” but she notes “But I trusted Spencer last vote and I wasn’t fine.”

Kelley plays her idol. And Jeremy plays his too! And the vote is 3-3 … for Kelley and Jeremy! Probst announces that in 31 seasons of Survivor this is the first time none of the votes have counted at tribal council!

So there is a re-vote, but Spencer, Jeremy and Kelley still have immunity. So everyone can only vote for Kimmi, Tasha, or Keith. The re-vote is a tie between Kimmi and Tasha. Probst offers the opportunity for a re-vote but they all say they won’t change their vote. Now Probst says Spencer, Kelley, Jeremy, and Keith need to reach a unanimous decision, if not Tasha and Kimmi would become immune too. That would mean that every single person there would be immune except for Keith, so Keith would go home by default! Jeremy and Spencer say they absolutely won’t vote Tasha. So either Keith and Kelley have to vote Kimmi, sending Kimmi home, or refuse, sending Keith home. Keith says he’ll go so Kimmi can stay, but Kelley convinces Keith that’s the wrong move. So the votes are changed to Kimmi, who goes home.

These rules are dumb! Or at least they need to be tweaked to take into account the situation that happened here.

We soon have another immunity challenge, and it is won by Kelley. Kelley makes a fake idol — a great one at that! — for Keith to brandish in a last-ditch effort to save himself. At camp, Jeremy tries to silently get Keith’s attention, and when he does he mouths the word “Spencer.” Is a surprise coming?

I would have loved to see the fireworks if at tribal council Keith had flashed the idol and announced he was going to play it. Unfortunately that did not happen. In fact Keith did … absolutely nothing! Despite having absolutely nothing to lose! And when asked later why he didn’t try it, he couldn’t give a reason. The man can be infuriating! And he’s out of the game.

The final immunity challenge involves putting ping pong balls into a maze of chutes that has two exits, and it’s tough to predict which exit the ball will come out of. Seeing all the contestants with all of the balls swirling around was a really neat visual. Kelley loses concentration for just a second and she’s out. She can’t hold back tears at seeing a potential win slip away in an instant. It comes down to Jeremy and Spencer, and Jeremy gets the critical win, his first individual immunity challenge win, period!

So Kelley’s only chance is to convince Jeremy that Spencer is a bigger threat. At tribal council, Spencer becomes quite aggressive and tells Jeremy that if he takes Kelley to the end Jeremy will lose Spencer’s vote, and Spencer will campaign aggressively for Kelley to win the game. Kelley is voted out.

At the final tribal council, there are no opening statements this time (thank God! They were always boring). Andrew Savage is actually good and points out the arrogance of Spencer and Jeremy both. Abi Maria gets up there … is she carrying a clutch purse at tribal council? Oh, it’s just a piece of parchment that she wrote something on. The most pathetic question is from Kelly Wigglesworth,who just says to pick a number between 1 and 10. And Jeremy does play the “pregnancy card,” not having given the others any details about Val all season.

Once the votes are read we find out that Jeremy not only won, but got all ten votes! We also find out that Joe has the third-most immunity wins of all time, behind only Boston Rob and Ozzy, both of whom played more seasons!

The next season is announced as Survivor Koah Rong, a new edition of “brains vs. brawn vs. beauty.”




“That’s why I drink.” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance December 2 and December 9 2015 Recap

12 Dec

Alas I must sum up the December 2 episode with mere bullet points as I lost my notes for that show!

The episode gave us the familiar “loved ones challenge.” I usually fast-forward through this, but this time we got to see two loved ones who were former contestants themselves: Jeremy’s wife Val (who is pregnant and whispers to Jeremy that the baby will be a boy) and Kelley’s father Dale, whom I loved seeing again! Dale’s as feisty as ever. Kelley wins the challenge and chooses Keith, Abi-Maria, Kimmi and Joe to join her with their respective loved ones. There’s a very heartfelt seen with Joe’s father who tells him “I never had a friend like you.”

The immunity challenge involves balancing a small statue on a pole that has to be made longer and longer. One woman and one man will win immunity. Kelley wins for the women, and for the men it comes down to Joe and Keith. Both hang on for a really long time, then we see Joe suddenly go to the ground. He has collapsed! Everyone runs over to him and the medics are called. The medic says “Joe!” and doesn’t get an answer (though this may well be that Joe just didn’t understand the doc’s Australian accent). But the diagnosis is that nothing is seriously wrong with Joe, his brain just needed oxygen.

So does that mean Joe will be voted out? Tasha reports to Jeremy and Spencer that she has been offered a spot in a women’s alliance, though she says she’s not taking it. That’s enough to make the guys really nervous: should they vote out Abi instead? They decide not to, and Joe is out of the game.

As we begin the December 9 episode, there are seven people left in the game, and Spencer and Jeremy think they’re in trouble with a women’s alliance brewing. The key is: who will be able to make a group of four? They decide that they need Kimmi and Tasha on their side or they’re done. Meanwhile, Keith, who threw a vote Tasha’s way at tribal council, says he needs to mend fences with her.

We find out that the reward challenge was run once before in a prior season, and won by Keith. And he proceeds to win this one too. But is winning a good move? I actually think that at this stage in the game the savvy player should make sure not to win any reward challenges, as whoever he chooses not to take along will surely be mad. Keith picks Kelley to go with him since she had chosen Keith to be able to spend time with his wife the prior week. And Keith’s second choice is … Spencer? Asked to explain the choice, Keith says there was “no real logic” except that Spencer didn’t get a chance to spend time with his girlfriend the prior week, and he implies (rightly!) that that’s a bigger deal than not getting to spend time with your cousin. Well, so much for Keith wanting to shore up his relationship with Tasha!

By the way, I’m shocked anytime the contestants have to give a lot of thought to whom they’re bringing on a reward. They have all day to strategize about such things beforehand!

On the reward, Keith, Kelley and Spencer make a (halfhearted) final-three deal. Spencer suggests voting Tasha out, the only problem is that to make that happen they would need to count on the ever-volatile Abi.

Back at camp, Tasha asks Abi if she would mind if Tasha and Jeremy spoke privately. She says she wouldn’t in a way that indicates she really means she would. Jeremy is amused: “Scorpios are crazy. I got two of ’em in my house, that’s why I drink.” Tasha tells Jeremy that Abi is the one to vote out: “We can’t have any messiness coming down to the finals.” But would Spencer be up for that?

The immunity challenge is won by Spencer, and the most memorable part is that Tasha has swallowed so much water she can’t swim back and the medics have to move in. It’s nothing serious, however.

Now Spencer has a decision to make … stick with the stronger players or hope to go to the end with two “dream goats” in Keith and Abi? We chooses the former, and Abi is voted out: four votes for her (Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, and Kimmi), two for Tasha (Keith and Kelley), and one for Keith (Abi). Why in the world did Abi vote for Keith?I have no idea, but since this happened it’s good for Spencer that he didn’t flip since that would have just made a 3-3 tie.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth

No chance: Kimmi, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Tasha), Kelly (Kimmi), Ciera (Spencer), Stephen (Jeremy), Joe (Kelley), Abi (Kelley)

“You can hashtag that”: Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 25 2016 recap

2 Dec

After the predictable reactions to tribal council, everyone settles in to deal with the torrential rains.


We see Keith’s feet and they look scarily awful, literally as bad as a corpse’s feet … or worse!


Jeff Probst breaks from tradition by saying what the reward is before even describing the challenge. Once the contestants hear that it involves shelter, they’re all for it. The challenge is the “basketball with tackling” one we’ve seen played in prior seasons.


Everyone who goes on the reward wants Stephen to be voted out, or claims to, while everyone who’s not on the reward says they want Joe out.


Stephen tells the camera he’s in a good position, then notes that on Survivor you should never say you’re in a good position. Soon thereafter we see him shivering at the shelter and grimacing with stomach pain. Through tears, he tells the camera that quitting is not an option. The weather does look absolutely miserable.


Before the immunity challenge Probst gives everyone one black and one white rock. He says there is a construction crew at camp ready to build a solid shelter, but only if at least five of the ten players choose (by showing a white rock) that they will give up participating in the immunity challenge to get the shelter. Everyone reveals their choices, and all show a white rock except for Joe and Keith.


The challenge involves standing on a block pressing a ball against another block, using what looks like a rolling pin. Joe is the winner, it’s his fourth immunity in a row. Afterwards Spencer points out that — assuming Keith is safe — someone who sacrificed immunity to get shelter is going to be voted out.


Stephen targets Ciera, as he thinks he could sooner work with Kelley or even Abi. Joe wants Stephen out, to the delight of Ciera who suggested this at the reward. Tasha takes Spencer aside and says, “If we go with the girls, it’s the Ciera show,” i.e. if it works, Ciera will have the “big move” on her resume. Spencer is more inclined to get Stephen out. Jeremy doesn’t like the Stephen idea. By the way, is it really possible that Stephen doesn’t suspect a blindside?


At tribal council, everyone who showed a white rock acts more than a little sanctimonious about their decision. But Joe clarifies: “If I put out that white rock, I go home tonight. No question asked.” And everyone knows he’s right.


The votes are cast, and Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Jeremy says, “Yeah, Jeff …” and we go to commercial (this is a double episode tonight, mind you).


After the ads, Jeremy hands over his idol (or as we viewers know, one of his idols) and says he is playing it for Stephen. As Probst shows one vote after another that were for Stephen, Mr. Fischbach whispers to Jeremy “I’m with you… all the way.” And shortly Jeremy whispers to Spencer.,”I would do the same thing for you.”


So Ciera is the one voted out, having received three votes (Stephen, Kimmi, and Jeremy) to two for Kimmi (the other alliance did split the vote in case Stephen had an idol but didn’t reckon with Jeremy’s switch).


All in all it’s a great moment, and Jeremy is blushing a bit at the whole thing.


The next day Stephen tells Jeremy that at tribal council he knew he was done. So why didn’t he play his advantage? Probably because he figured the other side’s numbers were so overwhelming, there was no point in adding just one more vote to his.


The reward challenge is one that’s been done before — Probst tells a long story about the host country, and then the players have to run around and make choices based on remembering parts of the story correctly. This one might even date all the way back to the first season. But there’s an inspired twist: it’s done at night, by torchlight. This does add to the drama!


Also, before the challenge starts, the camera shows us one of the packages the players will have to unwrap. Special effects unfurl the string around it to show us there’s an idol clue. Pretty much through sheer chance, Kelley is the one to pick up that particular package. She sees the clue and discreetly tucks it away.


Stephen wins the reward, a spa trip. Predictably he can take someone along, and he announces “I have a lot of damage control to do,” and picks Tasha. He gets one more choice and it’s Jeremy. Spencer is miffed and begins to plot against Jeremy and Stephen, realizing those two are tighter with each other than they will ever be with him.


On the reward, we are reminded that Tasha and Stephen were allies early on in the game. To build trust, Stephen tells her and Jeremy what his advantage is.


Back at camp, everyone except Kimmi and the three who were on the reward get together and decide that Stephen is the one to go, unless he wins immunity, in which case it’s Tasha.


In the meantime Kelley has unwrapped her idol clue and now knows that the idol is tied beneath the raised floor of the shelter (which is maybe 3 feet off the ground). Now seems a great opportunity to try to grab it, since several people are off on their reward and then the remaining guys go fishing. There’s only one problem: Abi keeps puttering around and won’t leave. Finally Abi heads for a nearby hammock and Kelley scoots under the shelter, but the idol is tied down pretty securely and takes a while to loosen, and she hears the guys coming back from their trip. Just in time, she gets it loose and puts it away.


The immunity challenge is one that has been done before, involving stacking blocks using only one’s feet. Spencer edges out Joe to win.


That means Stephen sees his big chance to get Joe out. For whatever reason, Stephen wants to convince Joe that he’s voting for Abi, which seems implausible. Meanwhile, Abi sees Joe talking to Stephen and decides that Joe is “shady.” She tells Kelley that she doesn’t trust Joe.


Stephen boasts that since he has his vote-stealing advantage, he has the numbers to “split the vote reliably.” Stephen tells Spencer he’s using his advantage (and what it is). Stephen asks Spencer to vote for Abi rather than Joe. So obviously Stephen thinks Spencer is still his firm ally … is he, though?


At tribal council, when Jeff Probst announces it’s time to vote, Stephen says he’s using his advantage, and that the vote he’s going to steal is Joe’s. He goes to the voting booth to cast his two votes … but only casts one of them for Joe and the other for Abi. What the heck?


The votes are read, and the person getting the most is … Stephen, who is out of the game. The breakdown is four votes for Stephen (Spencer, Kelley, Keith, and Abi), three votes for Abi and two for Joe. So if Stephen and his friends had simply put all their votes on Joe, Joe would be going home.


This was a colossal blunder on Stephen’s part and a classic case of outsmarting himself. He was more worried about Joe having an immunity idol than worried that Spencer might not be his best friend. Horrible decision. And why didn’t Jeremy figure this out and alert him?


Favorites: Spencer, Jeremy, Joe, Tasha, Kelley Wentworth


No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Keith


Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Joe), Kelly (Joe), Ciera (Kelley), Stephen (Jeremy)

“The little witches’ coven.” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 18 2015 recap

19 Nov

Kimmi begins the episode determined to break up the “little witches’ coven” of Kelley Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi. Meanwhile, the revelation that there are indeed immunity idols in the game gets everyone interested in looking for one, and even though Jeremy has one, he decides he’d like to have a second since he lost one of the “shields” he was hiding behind, namely Andrew.

While some of the players are at a reward and others are busy around camp, Jeremy goes sneaking off to look for an idol. He finds a clue that says to get the idol, he needs to slyly sneak away from camp in the middle of the night. At that late hour, everyone happens to be staying up  much later than usual. Finally Jeremy just says he’s going to the bathroom and goes and gets the idol. This was way too easy for him!

Stephen observes that Joe and Kelly Wigglesworth have become pals in sort of a brother/sister or aunt/nephew relationship. This gets him to thinking.

The challenge is one that’s been done before with the players standing on what look like half-submerged floating doghouses, with their feet on small ledges on the sides of the “doghouse roof.” This time there’s added difficulty: it’s raining hard and freezing cold. Eight minutes in, Jeff Probst starts making some generalizations on how success in the game depends on making the right move at the right time. Suddenly he grabs a machete and chops a rope at his feet, and a row of little floating balls suddenly floats to the surface perhaps 15 yards from the players. Probst announces that the first person to touch the ball across from him wins an advantage in the game but is out of the immunity challenge. There’s a brief pause, and Stephen dives in, and a heartbeat later Spencer does the same. They swim furiously, and believe it or not Stephen touches his ball first to get the advantage! The two watch the rest of the challenge, which comes down to Joe and Abi, and finally Joe wins.

Back at camp Kimmi reiterates that she wants one of the girls out. Certainly nobody wants a repeat of last episode when the majority group inexplicably didn’t split the vote, so they opt to split between Kelley Wentworth and Ciera, with Kelley receiving the most.

Stephen opens his advantage message and it’s “beyond his wildest dreams”: an opportunity to steal a vote from another player and convert it to one of his own, in addition to casting his own vote. So it’s even more powerful than Dan’s double vote from the prior season. But Stephen immediately says he won’t use it at the upcoming tribal council but save it for later!

Stephen then goes to the “three witches” and proposes teaming with them to vote Kelly Wigglesworth out. With not much else in the way of options, they’re all for it. Now he needs to pitch it to Jeremy and Spencer. He tells them they need to make a move, they can’t keep playing from the bottom, though Spencer doesn’t think they’re on the bottom (note Stephen is the man who previously said nobody is on the bottom). Jeremy and Spencer see the wisdom in what Stephen is saying, but the part they don’t like is the idea of having to trust three people they don’t trust. Particularly since one of them is the unpredictable Abi!

At tribal council, it’s raining hard and everyone is shivering. This time as Kass walks in, she flips off the entire group.

Near the end, Probst asks which of the players are seriously worried they could be the one voted out tonight, and six people raise their hands. When it’s time to vote, Stephen looks incredibly grim-faced, as he appears to be contemplating using his advantage. But he votes normally.

The votes are read and … Kelly Wigglesworth is voted out! Stephen, Jeremy, and Spencer did join with the three women. By the way, Kelly is not one of the players who said she was worried tonight! She obviously should have been.

Favorites: Spencer, Joe, Jeremy, Stephen, Tasha, Kelley Wentworth, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Joe), Kelly (Joe)

“Joe is my white whale and I am Ahab.” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 11, 2015 recap

17 Nov

The episode begins with Andrew feeling good about his alliances with Jeremy and Joe, and Ciera thinking about pulling in Stephen to try to oust Joe. Of course, voting Joe out has certainly been on Stephen’s mind. Mr. Fischbach notes: “I don’t want to be run over by a bunch of bros.”

Being on the team that wins the reward challenge, Ciera takes the opportunity to campaign. She says that on her prior season she thought she was in a tight group but it didn’t work out. No way Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, and Andrew are breaking up, she says, her comments intended for Joe. Joe agrees with this, as he tells the camera later.

The group was brought to the reward in a rickshaw that was powered by a motorcycle (we learn that this contraption is known as a tuk-tuk), and Keith decides to try and start one up and take it for a spin. He does, and everyone else jumps in for a ride up and down the beach. A wonderful, carefree moment.

Meanwhile, Stephen is presenting his “oust Joe” idea to Jeremy, who already nixed it in the prior episode. Stephen also pitches Spencer, who seems to be in, and Tasha, who obviously isn’t and does a poor job of trying to act noncommittal. Either she warns Andrew or he overhears something, because Andrew soon warns Joe. Joe thought something like this was coming, but not this early in the game.

Also, Andrew tells Joe, “On my kids’ lives, I will never write your name down.”

Joe makes it moot for now by winning the immunity challenge, which involves balancing a ball on a platform steered by long ropes. Stephen laments, “Joe is my white whale and I am Ahab.” Joe would like to get Ciera, Kelley Wentworth, and Abi to ally with him to get Stephen out. Andrew certainly loves the Stephen idea — he hasn’t liked him ever since Fischbach committed the unforgivable crime of not being blown away by one of Andrew’s stories. Andrew passes on this nomination to Jeremy, but Jeremy doesn’t like it. As we know but Andrew doesn’t, Jeremy wants to be the new J.T., i.e. the person who takes Stephen all the way to the end and then beats him handily. So Andrew is overruled within his alliance, and Kelley Wentworth and Ciera are mentioned as candidates to vote out. Joe alerts the two women that they are on the chopping block now, not Stephen.

At tribal council, Kass walks in as the first jury member and flips off Andrew as she does so. Why Andrew, I wonder? Kass did have six votes against her last episode and we didn’t see anything to indicate Andrew was the mastermind. Anyway, Kelley says at tribal council that four people are running the game, but confusingly, the four she lists are: Jeremy, Tasha, Andrew, and Stephen or Joe. This is debated for a while, and Ciera repeats her lament that so many players aren’t playing aggressively. Of course, what’s left unsaid is that there are good reasons to stay under the radar!

It’s time to vote, and when Andrew walks past Kass, she makes a “P.U., he stinks” hand motion.

Jeff Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol, and Kelley pulls one out, to the shock of everyone else, including her ally Ciera! Remember, she acquired it back on the very first episode, and she and Jeremy are the only ones who know for sure that there are any idols in the game this season at all. Probst reads the first nine votes, and all of them are for Kelley. And while he does, the show cuts back and forth between all of the tense faces, as everyone wonders who the three girls voted for since that person will be going home. The votes are read: they’re for Andrew Savage. Shockingly, three votes in a tribe of twelve are enough to vote him out! Abi tells him in mock consolation “You made it to the jury…” and he sticks up his middle finger toward her as he walks out. Kass is loving every second and Ciera can’t believe her good fortune.

This sequence was absolutely masterful, as by cutting back and forth the producers were able to show us the expressions and reactions of all twelve players plus Kass on the jury. Bravo, Survivor!

I do think Andrew was the perfect choice for the three women, as he was the one who tied Jeremy, Tasha, and Joe all together.

In my rankings I am moving Spencer past Tasha into the #1 spot. Tasha seems a bit paranoid this season and not very likeable, neither of which applies to Spencer at the moment.

Favorites: Spencer, Tasha, Joe, Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth, Stephen, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Joe)

“You Just Unleashed The Beast”: Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 4 2015 recap

4 Nov

Even though we just shook up the two tribes last episode, this one begins with the tribes merging. Thirteen people are left in the game. So the question becomes, who will be able to make an alliance of seven?

Andrew and Jeremy are reunited, and know they have Kimmi, Tasha, Stephen, and Kelly Wigglesworth in the fold. So they only need one more.

Meanwhile, Kass and Kelley Wentworth feel good about Ciera and Keith. Joe is someone they hope to rope in, while Abi and Spencer seem like free agents. (Why Abi is not on the same side as Andrew and Tasha isn’t explained).

Spencer says “Joe’s a guy I wouldn’t mind sticking with and swinging with.” As the two talk, Spencer points out he has no alliance that’s lasted longer than a day, while Joe’s alliances have not been tested since he hasn’t been to tribal council yet at all! (That seems incredible, but the same is true for Keith this season.)

Kass tries to talk with her old Cagayan teammate Tasha, but Tasha just tries to answer everything with a noncommittal non-answer. Is the original Bayon group sticking together, Kass asks? Tasha replies in the negative.  All of this frustrates Kass who tells the camera, “You just unleashed the beast.” The next day Tasha admits she was just putting up smokescreens and tells Kass she has no reason to tell her the truth. The two go back to camp and continue their argument, and Ciera joins in by sowing some seeds of discontent about Andrew, which he disputes.

The first individual immunity challenge is won by Joe. Upon the return to camp, the name on everybody’s lips to be voted out is that of Kass… even Keith agrees, surprisingly. And the supposed swing votes Joe and Spencer seem firmly with the Jeremy group. They all decide to split the vote between Kass and Ciera. Kass anticipates the split, which would have to be 5-4. So if she, Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi could somehow find a fifth person to vote against Tasha, Tasha would go home.

Unsurprisingly, the person Kass targets to try to sway is Spencer. OK, sounds good, Spencer says. It’s not convincing. But Spencer is secretly pleased to have been offered the deal: “I have never been in this position before to influence the game.”

Jeff Probst says 13 people is the biggest-ever Tribal Council. In the end, Kass is voted out 6-4-2-1, with votes as follows:

Voting for Kass: Keith, Kelley Wentworth, Tasha, Andrew, Stephen, Kimmi. The surprise here is Kelley, who evidently saw no value in being on the losing side.

Voting for Ciera: Kelly Wigglesworth, Jeremy, Joe, Spencer.

Voting for Tasha: Kass, Abi.

Voting for Andrew: Ciera, in a somewhat puzzling move.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Joe, Jeremy, Andrew, Kelley Wentworth, Stephen, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer)




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