Spaghetti Alla Probst: Survivor Heroes vs. Healer vs. Hustlers November 15, 2017 recap

17 Nov

Lauren finds the advantage that’s hidden among the construction nails, which Cole had his fingers inches away from last episode but didn’t notice. The advantage is the opportunity to save a vote for a later tribal council rather than using it immediately. To have it take effect, you don’t write down a name at Tribal Council and instead take the parchment with you. Lauren immediately starts worrying about whether she could pull this off without the others noticing that something is amiss.

It’s Day 20. Jeff Probst announces that the reward challenge is a spaghetti meal. There’s an odd number of players, so one person won’t be chosen for a team (by random draw) and that person will join the winners for the meal.

After the reward has been won by a team of Ryan, Chrissy, Devon, J.P., and Cole, Probst announces a twist: only one person will eat at a time, in private, with Joe deciding the order.

Joe puts himself last in line and Devon first. Devon eats his share of the big plate (or perhaps more) and as he leaves we see that the letter B has been exposed, printed on the plate with the rest still hidden under the spaghetti. J.P. eats next and doesn’t notice the writing. But Cole does, and he exposes the rest of the message to find out that there’s an immunity idol hidden under the tribe flag back at camp.

Obviously as more spaghetti gets eaten it’s impossible to hide the clue. So Cole takes the cheesecloth that’s under the plate and puts it on top of the plate with the spaghetti on top of that. Amusingly, Chrissy seems to think nothing of the spaghetti being served on cloth! She does suspect a clue must be there somewhere, though, and quickly finds it, figuring she is the first to do so. Ryan comes next and finds the clue also. And just to leave nothing to chance, he buries the plate in the forest.

While Joe finishes off the food unaware of any of this, Chrissy whispers to Ryan about the clue, and it’s not very subtle since Cole is lying right next to her.

Once they’re back at camp, Ryan sees Cole head off to use the bathroom and he sees his chance (Couldn’t Cole have held it in until taking care of more important things?). Ryan digs under the flag, quickly finds the idol, and sticks it in his pants and walks away. Chrissy goes to cover up the sand and Cole plunges in and starts to dig as Chrissy yells for reinforcements. Ben tells everyone Cole stuck the idol in his pants and Cole doesn’t deny it, figuring a bluff is better than nothing.

The immunity challenge involves holding up a statuette by bracing the end of a long pole against it. There’s an odd sight as Probst says you can see Ryan’s heart beating, and by golly he is so skinny that you actually can! It comes down to Desi, Cole, and JP, then just the two men. Cole, who is clearly the one on the chopping block, does manage to win and gets a round of applause.

With Cole immune, that means Desi, Joe, and Mike are possible targets. There is a plan to split votes 4-4 between Desi and Joe since Joe might have an idol. But how would Lauren avoid using her vote in a split? That would leave just 3 votes on one side, and the four healers could either force a tie, or worse, pull in another person.

Joe tells Devon and Ryan that they are foolish to let Ben run the show, because they can’t beat him. Both have terrified looks on their faces because they know Ben is nearby eavesdropping. Ryan tells us Joe is right, but now isn’t the time to make a move.

Joe tells Ben he heard he swore on the Marines to three different people. His aim is to get under Ben’s skin, and he succeeds.

Lauren tells Ben about her advantage and says there’s no way they can split the votes now. Ben wants to split them anyway and recruit one of the Healers to make up the missing vote, that person being Mike, who listens because he figures this might be his way to get up from the bottom.

Jeff Probst thinks this Tribal Council is fascinating and wonderful, I found it quite boring with just the obvious being belabored. However, we do have the drama of what Lauren will do, and her face is the picture of stress every time we see it. As she goes to vote, I have to applaud the producers for taking two straightforward and pretty dull parts of the game (a reward feast and the voting process) and adding interesting twists to both this episode. Sure enough, she rolls up a blank parchment and sticks it in her shirt, and pops the “advantage rules “parchment into the voting urn instead.

The vote is: 4 for Joe, 4 for Desi, and one each for Ben and Lauren. Nobody seems to notice in the moment that that only totals 10. Time for a revote, in which only Joe and Desi can be voted for. Presumably this situation was covered in Lauren’s advantage rules – she knocks her parchment off the opposite edge of the table and pantomimes putting a vote in the urn.

Desi is voted out, and Probst tells us she becomes the first member of the jury. Presumably she was voted for over Joe because she did so well in the last couple of challenges.

An odd note: not only did Dr. Mike vote for Joe, Cole did as well for whatever reason, and Joe and Desi voted Ben and Lauren respectively.

Contenders: 1. Devon, 2. Ashley, 3. Ben, 4. Ryan, 5. Chrissy, 6. Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P., Cole

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Desi (Joe)


“8,000 calories.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers November 8 2017 recap

9 Nov

On the yellow tribe, Chrissy thinks she’s in the power position. Usually talk like that means someone’s downfall is imminent, but we’ve been hearing Chrissy brag all season. On the red tribe, Cole is confident. But on the blue tribe, everyone is just really hungry. Devon tells us how weak he is and finally just lies down. The camera shot which is trained on him pulls straight up into the air, like in a movie when a character has suddenly been shot and the camera pulls back to show others rushing up to the body.

The tribes go to what they think is a reward challenge, but Jeff Probst announces that the tribes have now merged. After toying with them a bit, he announces that their feast is catered by Outback Steakhouse. You can only be so nostalgic about a sponsor, but this is a bit of a throwback since Outback had been involved in some earlier Survivor seasons, years ago.

As the players feast, we find out that Cole usually eats 8,000 calories a day (does even an Olympic swimmer eat that much?), and in case anyone missed this in an earlier episode, we are reminded that Jessica is a virgin. Chrissy wants to do a murmured strategy talk with Ben, but he doesn’t want anyone to overhear and suspect their tight alliance.

At the merged tribe’s camp there are extra tools and supplies, and Cole scans them for a possible advantage. Unbeknownst to him there’s one inches from his fingertips.

There are 12 people in the merged tribe. Jessica thinks she has all five Healers together (herself, Cole, Mike, Desi, and Joe) plus Lauren and Ben, making a majority.

Ryan, meanwhile, sees himself and the other two remaining Hustlers (Lauren and Devon) aligning with the Heroes to oust one of the Healers. However, Lauren tells us she wants no part of knocking out one of the Healers. And she tells Mike (who she’s apparently quite tight with) that the Healers are being targeted. We hear a lot of strategy talk from Mike in this episode, a welcome change from the past episodes that had Ryan more or less doing the play-by-play.

Ben tells us he’s undecided, and says the key question is whether he can trust Cole. He is definitely annoyed by Cole.

The immunity challenge is a brand-new one: while standing on an angled balance beam, hold onto a wooden ring with a groove on the inside that holds a ball. You have to keep moving the ring in a circle to keep the ball going around and around. And Probst mentions about every two minutes that the sound of the ball can lull you to sleep, although it doesn’t seem like that’s actually happening to anyone. By the way, we see plenty of shots of Cole during the challenge and throughout the episode, clear indications that he may be going home. The challenge is won by Desi.

Afterward, Cole tells Joe that the Healers have a pact with Lauren and Ben, but Joe says they shouldn’t trust Ben at all. Meanwhile Mike suggests Chrissy as a target.

It certainly looks like Ben will be the one making the key decision. He tells Lauren that a Healer has to go, but she strongly disagrees. And Chrissy is telling her group that the vote should be for Cole, with Joe as a backup and Jessica the third option.

Tribal Council has everyone saying all the expected things, then the talk turns to immunity idols. Suddenly for reasons I can’t fathom, Joe says “Did I say I found a [sic] idol? No, I found idols.” The Tony wannabe’s quote is reminiscent of Tony’s famous “there’s [sic] idols. Cause I got one.”  Joe says he’ll hang it around his neck for now and relax.

The vote ends up being for …. Jessica, by a vote of 7-5. Lauren and Ben both voted for Jessica.

The vote makes sense for Chrissy and her alliance: Joe has found an idol and it was fair to assume he could have found a second, and Cole also seems like the type to have an idol, but Jessica not so much.

As for Joe, he completely wasted his idol. I could’ve understood using the same strategy as he used just a couple of episodes ago, and getting everyone annoyed at him so they’ll vote for him, only to surprise everyone with an idol. But this was it was easy for the other tribe to just change direction.

Contenders: 1. Devon, 2. Ben, 3. Ashley, 4. Chrissy, 5. Desi, 6. Mike, 7. Ryan, 8. Cole

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P.

“He’s not going to leave the van.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers November 1 2017 recap

1 Nov

Ali tells us she can’t trust Ryan again after what happened at Tribal Council, and Ryan tells us he might want to try to get rid of Ali since he doesn’t like having an enemy in the game.

There’s a change of scene, and we see someone swimming underwater and catching a fish with a spear gun. Surprise, it’s Dr. Mike! But he accidentally drops the small fish into the fire.  On that same tribe, we get complaints about Cole hogging food for the second week in a row. Jessica is still fond of Cole of course. But Lauren says of Jessica and Cole: “I can’t imagine her going to live in a van with him. Because he’s not going to leave the van.”

The reward challenge, or at least the final phase of it, involves shooting a slingshot from one floating platform at a target on another. The problem is, major swells are coming in from the ocean. J.P.’s strategy of doing nothing until the swells subside works, and his yellow team wins the reward. By the way, at both reward and immunity challenges all season, the producers have felt the need to show Chrissy’s reaction to every single thing Probst says, perhaps because she smiles at everything Probst says.

J.P. was great in the challenge but we soon hear Ryan tell us about what a threat that makes J.P. I think I am getting Ryan fatigue on this season because he is doing such a high percentage of the narration.

Over on the blue tribe, we see an absolutely enormous spider as Ashley inquires if Desi would consider getting rid of Joe. Desi says that’s a definite yes. Joe and Devon go looking for an idol. For whatever reason we get a closeup of Devon shaking his bag as if he’s carrying something important in there, but the shot is never explained. Joe sees a clue on a tree that’s nearly identical to the clue he found on his original tribe. But he doesn’t let on to Devon who’s a few yards away. In the middle of the night, Joe heads to the well and finds the idol.

Back to the red tribe. Cole is lying down in the shelter and his hand is trembling. Then he stands up and promptly collapses. But he collapses onto a pretty soft-looking spot. Is he acting? Mike and Jessica get him water and food. It’s certainly a fact that “ripped” guys with minimal body fat don’t tend to do well on Survivor (for further reading, see: Garrett from Survivor Cagayan). Ben says that if their tribe loses the immunity challenge, he, Mike and Lauren are voting Cole out.

The immunity challenge is, I believe, a brand new one: each tribe has a disc that is held up by four ropes, one for each member. They have to move to the center of the circle to stack blocks to spell out IMMUNITY and also make it back to their original positions at the edge of the circle to win. The slightest mistake knocks over the stack.

This is by far the most exciting challenge of the season to date. The red team has made their whole word, but the stack tips over at the last second. Then on re-tries, all three tribes place the I in IMMUNITY at the same time. Whose stack will stay up? The red team’s does. Blue is second, so Yellow has to go to Tribal Council. Ali,  as the clear favorite to be voted out, has a facial expression that says “oh crap.”

Back at camp, Ryan wants to move on his plan to oust JP, so he’ll have to apologize to Ali. His apology is not convincing at all, but Ali will agree to anything, as she figures there’s just one more vote she needs to get through before the merge.  The two discuss voting out JP, and Ali goes to “sell” Chrissy on the idea, but Chrissy seems to have made up her mind already that it’s JP. Ryan tells us “I don’t know why everybody wants to work with me, I think I’m a friggin’ weasel.”

At Tribal Council, JP observes that strong, athletic guys tend to get voted out right around this part of the game. And it’s obvious he’ll be next … but the show faked me out, it’s actually Ali who goes home. And she’s devastated.

Ali seemed like she was going to be a good player. I think she perhaps could have been a contender in another situation. But she ended up going to four of the first six tribal councils, and the odds are against you when that happens (compare to Cole, Jessica, and Mike, who haven’t been to a single Tribal Council yet).

And once again, I can’t really fault Ryan’s decision. Chrissy had lost her trust in him and might have gone elsewhere at the merge, while J.P. will likely stick with him and Chrissy.

Contenders: 1. Devon, 2. Ben, 3. Ashley, 4. Chrissy, 5. Desi, 6. Ryan, 7. Mike, 8. Jessica, 9. Cole

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P.


“I just want to have a thoughtful conversation.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 25 2017 recap

26 Oct

Ben is standing near the fire when the bamboo starts popping in the flames, almost sounding like a series of explosions. He is freaked out, and we learn that he is still traumatized by his experiences as a Marine in combat.

The reward challenge is a “slither” challenge similar to the memorable one from the Millennials vs. Gen-X season. Ryan is trying his best but keeps losing the ball (that he’s supposed to be pushing with his head while slithering along) off to the side. It’s no huge deal, as the reward is just coffee and some pastries.

On the blue tribe, Ashley and Devon confirm that they are sticking together at the next vote no matter what, which would make for a 2 vs. 2 situation. They hope they could get Desi to side with them rather than go to a rock-draw tiebreaker.

On the yellow tribe, Ali and Roark take a walk. They are both eager to align with one another. This would give Ali the long-term protection of the Healers tribe which has yet to lose a member, and help Roark in the short term.

This development makes Ryan nervous. He’s tight with Ali but also tight with Chrissy, and those two won’t work with one another (according to him, we’re not shown any proof).

On the red tribe, Dr. Mike and Jessica head for the well and start digging around looking for an idol. And no, they don’t have Cole with them, since he would tell everyone in earshot about any idol within 30 seconds. The idea to look for one in that spot is a solid one, since they know Joe found an idol in the corresponding spot on a different beach. And sure enough, Mike finds it.

Time for the immunity challenge, which ends in the puzzle that’s similar to  the old arcade game “Ice Cold Beer” which we’ve seen before in Survivor: Kaoh Rong and Survivor: Worlds Apart. My main takeaway from the challenge is noticing that beauty queen Desi appears to be very athletic; she did well in the immunity challenge as well.

Chrissy can’t seem to handle the puzzle. Early on she asks to sub out until she takes off her shoes, but later she refuses to sub out when asked. And her tribe does indeed lose.

Back at camp, Chrissy takes Roark aside and says “I just want to have a thoughtful conversation.” They agree to work together, but Roark just told us moments ago that she thinks Chrissy needs to go home. And Chrissy tells us afterwards that she doesn’t believe a word Roark says.

Chrissy floats the idea of voting out Roark to J.P., who points out that Roark is good in challenges. But then Chrissy tells the fib that Roark wants to do an all-girl alliance, and J.P. instantly says Roark has to go. Chrissy tells us “J.P., Ryan, and myself will blindside Roark and send her home.” OK, timeout here. Much like Lauren in a prior episode, Chrissy is guilty of misusing the term blindside. A person who goes to tribal council worried that he will be voted out but hopeful he can avoid it, and is then voted out, has not just been blindsided. That term is reserved for someone who has no idea he is the target.

Ali tells Ryan that she and Roark want to vote out Chrissy, and Ryan says he’s on board. So Ryan is the critical vote here. Does he move forward in the game with Chrissy, or Ali?

At tribal council Ali and Roark are quick to criticize Chrissy and vice versa and things get surprisingly heated. Roark, who we’ll find out shortly is a superfan, is not very impressive in this setting. Surely any superfan knows that the best way to get through Tribal Council is to avoid really answering any tough questions? Also, surely J.P. doesn’t still think there’s an all-girl alliance in the offing after watching this?

When the votes are read, we find that Ryan decided in favor of Chrissy, and Roark is voted out. I won’t question his decision, though I want to because Chrissy is so annoying. She definitely wins my “player I would not want to have the cubicle next to at work” award.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another tribe swap soon, as things are already getting a bit boring again. I really hope Devon and Joe stick around a while, as they’re the only characters who really do much for me at this point.

Contenders: Devon, Ben, Ashley, Ryan, Chrissy, Jessica, Desi, Ali

Not sure: Cole, Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P.

“That is not an advantage.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 18 2017 recap

18 Oct

The episode begins with … the challenge site? Yes, because it’s time for a tribe swap! The new tribes are as follows.

Blue: Ashley and Alan; Desi and Joe; Devon

Yellow: Ryan and Ali; Chrissy and J.P.; Roark

Red: Cole, Jessica, and Mike; Lauren; Ben

Normally I’m no huge fan of these tribe swaps, but as my earlier posts show, this season has had some boring stretches thus far, so I’m all for mixing it up!

The Red team wins the reward challenge. At the peanut butter and jelly reward, Jessica looks into her bag of chips and sees a secret advantage. She looks at the note later and sees that it is the power to block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. She can send it to someone anonymously, and the recipient won’t know the power until they open it at tribal council. If Jessica’s tribe doesn’t go to Tribal Council, she has to send it to someone on the tribe that does.

Jessica tells her boyfriend Cole about it, and also her fellow Healer Mike. But then Cole decides to win some trust by telling Ben. What the heck? “It cancels out one of y’all’s votes” is how he puts it. And then Cole tells Lauren too! So everyone on the tribe knows!

On the Yellow tribe, Ryan takes a walk with Chrissy and tells her that he’s the one who sent her the immunity idol back in the first episode. How did he choose her, she asks. We viewers know the real answer: Chrissy was vomiting and looked a bit pathetic, and he wanted to get it to the weakest tribe member. But wisely Ryan gives a different story. “I just had a good vibe,” he says. And she buys it!

On the blue tribe, Ashley tells us her worst case scenario was being on a tribe with Alan. Still, it’s in their interest to work together, and she suggests they team with Devon to oust Desi or Joe.

Joe, for his part, wastes no time in telling Devon that the Heroes spoke to Joe about getting Devon out, which is a complete fabrication.

Back on the red tribe, Lauren and Ben (no, not that Lauren and Ben, thank goodness), being on a tribe with three Healers, decide to see if they can swing Dr. Mike. They tell him about the advantage. He pretends this is the first he’s heard of it, but immediately wonders how news leaked out and knows it had to be Cole. Mike tells Jessica that everyone knows about the advantage, and she confronts Cole. Cole denies telling Lauren. Anyone could spot his guilty face a mile away so in an effort to deflect he sheepishly does admit to telling Ben. Jessica, having long since decided Cole is the love of her life, wonders what she has gotten into here.

The immunity challenge is won by Red with Yellow second. So the Blue tribe has to go to Tribal Council. Devon talks to Ashley and soon confirms his suspicions that Joe was lying earlier. He and Ashley hug, but Desi sees them doing so and tells Joe about it.

Joe decides there’s no alternative to playing his immunity idol at Tribal Council. But now he needs to ensure that all the votes are cast against him, so he gets the most value out of the move.

So as everyone sits together, Joe and Alan face off a bit, and we find out Alan is a true voice of reason compared to Joe. I also am getting to enjoy Alan as a character because he’s different than the usual player, even if he is a bit crazy! Anyway, Joe goes scorched earth and declares he’s voting Ashley. Desi is understandably furious that Joe is blowing up his own game and Desi’s along with it. In a classic line, Joe tells Desi, “You’re probably upset but … I had to get the target off you somehow.” She counters that his over-the-top display will convince everyone Joe has an idol so the votes will now go to her. Joe insists he’s willing to give her the idol.

And then we see Devon reach into his bag and get a surprise. He’s the one who has received Jessica’s secret advantage. Surely he’ll just block Joe’s vote and this will be smooth sailing, right?

At tribal council, the arguing from camp continues. Jeff Probst announces that it’s time to vote, and Devon announces that he has an advantage to open. All smiles, he opens it up … only to find out that the advantage is being used against him to block his vote. What? Boy, I misunderstood that. Did Jessica misunderstand too? More on that shortly. Also, Probst is quick to note that although Devon can’t vote, he can be voted against! Gee, thanks Jeff.

This obviously changes everything. Will everyone just put their votes on Devon now? But there’s no time for any discussion, as everyone is sent to vote immediately. When they’re done, Probst asks if anyone has an idol. Joe goes up to him and clarifies that he can use it on himself or someone else. Joe eyes his tribemates and says he’s going to keep it for himself.

Sure enough, two votes were for Joe and don’t count … and the other two were for Alan, who is now out! Joe boasts to Ashley, “I read your face. Thank you baby girl.”

Now then, did Jessica (understandably) misunderstand what she was doing with this advantage? She had said earlier in the episode that she wanted to use it in a way that would help the Healers. Remember the Blue tribe had two Healers (Joe and Desi), one Hustler (Devon) and two Heroes (Alan and Ashley). It’s pretty clear in that scenario that the Hustler will either ally with the Healers to vote out a Hero, or vice versa. So how would Jessica know she isn’t taking a vote away from a 3-2 majority for her group? Wouldn’t it have made much more sense to block the vote of Alan or Ashley? I’m going to guess that this was unintentional.

Contenders: Devon, Ben, Ali, Ryan, Ashley, Chrissy, Jessica

Not sure: J.P., Roark, Cole, Desi, Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe

“I’ve never believed a redhead a day in my life.” Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 11 2017 recap

12 Oct

The Hustlers try on the clothes left behind by voted-out Simone. Does every Survivor leave clothes behind? I’m not sure if this has ever been discussed on the show to date.

The first quarter of the episode is filled with what charitably might be called character bits. An uncharitable sort would just say it’s boring.

The Cole-Jessica flirtation on the Healers tribe is still going strong. Cole says Jessica is his dream girl, and she essentially said he’s her dream guy. Cole tells her about Joe’s idol.

On the Hustlers tribe, we are shown a shot of Ryan as some “Apocalypse Now”-like music plays. He sees Patrick head off to the woods, strongly suspecting he’s looking for an idol. But as Patrick tells us, what else would you expect from a Hustler? Ali then tries to coach Patrick on his social game. By the way, we have heard Ali wonder multiple times if Patrick is the right ally for her.

Cole has been thinking about the fact that Joe has all the power since he’s the one with the idol. He suggests to Jessica that they blindside Joe. And to Jessica’s chagrin, Cole also reveals the idol secret to Roark, a young woman who we have only seen briefly so far and seems like a bossy older sister type. And then Cole shares the information with Desi as well.

The immunity challenge has throwing bean bags to knock down blocks as a key component. The Healers and Heroes finish that part before the Hustlers, who have Patrick making every throw. We hear his teammates making offers to sub in about 20 times, but they fall on deaf ears, and since he misses a lot of throws they fall behind. The Heroes win, followed by the Healers, while the Hustlers have to go to Tribal Council for the second week in a row.

Everyone is annoyed with Patrick, but Lauren makes no bones about it, telling everyone who will listen that she has played center field for 25 years and is an accurate thrower. Lauren takes a while to cool down, if she ever does, and her social game is not good. (By the way, despite her 25 years of experience and the fact that she calls herself an “old woman,” she’s supposedly only 35.)

At Tribal Council, she continues blasting Patrick, including repeating her earlier statement that “I’ve never believed a redhead a day in my life.” Obviously either Lauren or Patrick will be voted out. The tribe is already musing about how they will fit in after a merge, since they’re down in the numbers. Ryan points out “We’re not coming in as CEOs, we’ll be moppin’ the floor at first.”

When the votes are revealed, Patrick is voted out unanimously.

Contenders: Ben, Devon, Ali, Jessica, Ryan

Not sure: J.P., Chrissy, Roark, Cole, Joe, Ashley, Desi, Mike

No chance: Alan, Lauren

“Shape the narrative”: Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 4, 2017 recap

11 Oct

Chrissy of the Heroes tribe looks back on Tribal Council. She didn’t use the idol she has, and last episode was the one time that she was allowed to use it. But at least she still has it in her pocket to potentially use to fake someone out later in the game. Everyone else talks about how crazy Alan is, while Alan himself, in a Russell Hantz-like moment, thinks fomenting suspicion is never a bad thing.

On the Hustlers tribe we are introduced to Simone, barely seen in the premiere episode. We find out that she is very proud of having had a bowel movement underwater, and that she hates being outside, a curious pet peeve for someone who applies to be on Survivor. We also finally hear from Lauren, a stocky fisherwoman, though only to tell us that she is annoyed by goofy redhead Patrick.

On the Healers tribe, Jessica and Cole are busy flirting. Meanwhile we find out that Desi, whom we’ve barely glimpsed so far, is a former Miss Virginia. And Tony Vlachos wannabe Joe is still trying to sell the story that urologist Mike has an idol. Problem is, Joe can’t both spread idol paranoia and look for an idol himself, but he really wants to do the latter. Finally he gets some time alone and finds the clue to an idol carved into a tree. It must show a location out on the water, he thinks, so he pulls in outdoorsman Cole to help him find it. Joe somehow manages to tell Cole about the idol clue while simultaneously accusing Cole of having an idol! Once Cole sees the map, he says the symbol Joe took to be a raft is actually the symbol for a well. That tells them where to dig, and Joe finds the idol in short order. Cole wisely chops the clue off the tree trunk so nobody else can find it.

Back to Hero Chrissy. She needs an ally and considers the candidates. J.P. is athletic but she doesn’t think he’s smart enough. Plus she’s not convinced J.P. and Ashley aren’t a couple, so Ashley’s out. And Alan is too volatile. “At this point the data shows (sic) that Ben is a better option for me,” says the actuary. Ben has a strong social game and Chrissy can handle the strategizing.

The final puzzle of the immunity challenge involves placing signposts that have the names of previous Survivor locations. The Healers win, continuing their streak, the Heroes are second, and the Hustlers are last, with Ali and Simone taking the blame for losing the tribe’s lead on the puzzle.

It seems fairly clear Simone is going to be the one to go — why else would they have featured her earlier in the episode despite her having nothing to say besides bowel movement discussion? But she is determined to “shape the narrative,” that narrative being that Patrick is not only annoying but too unpredictable.

Patrick doesn’t help matters with his curious comment at Tribal Council that he trusts “most of the people here,” but it’s a unanimous vote-out for Simone.