A Bachelor bummer! Plus your faithful correspondent “opens up.”

31 Jan

Not too many silver linings in this cloudy week, as two women are left saying “what did I do wrong” as they’re shown the door. Most everyone has spoken or thought those words at some point. Sigh.

I’m kind of annoyed at Ben. In this election year the ridiculous “who would you want to have a beer with” question has been asked a couple of times. Well, to address that question as it pertains to this show, I’d have to say I would much rather be at the Dizzy Rooster in Austin having a brewski with that establishment’s proprietor (and the last Bachelor) Brad, than in Sonoma having some wine with Ben. He probably spits it out after tasting it too. Wuss.

Brad and I could hit the Chugging Monkey after that, which I believe is the name of his other bar. Then again he might want to talk about Emily, an even more annoying subject than Ben.

So back to Ben: it is a bit cruel to pick up a rose and twirl it around as a prelude to … not giving it to someone, in this case Elyse. Since I went on record putting her chance to win at 1,000-1, I’m not surprised she didn’t get a rose, but it was still a sad moment.

Which brings us to the other woman who had to leave… Jennifer?! I thought blindsides were only on Survivor! A sweetie who had gracious things to say as she was escorted out. I wondered briefly if being the shortest contestant amid this leggy group worked against her, but then I remembered that Ben thought the similarly tiny Ashley Hebert was, as she would say, “per-FACT.” Weird, especially after Ben just went on record calling his last date with Jennifer “rad” (that word choice does not exactly lower the annoyance factor).

“Opening up” seems to be the favorite term of this season. Ben loves girls who make him open up. He wants to know their very honest feelings about what is going on in their hearts…  except if the thing they want to get off their chests is that they hate Courtney.

I think opening up is very overrated.

Time to update the odds to win.

Blakely: still 500:1

Maybe she really is only 34 as the show claims. And yes, she opened up this week, to Ben’s delight. But I just don’t see it. Another thing I didn’t see before tonight is the huge tattoo on her wrist. Yuck.

Rachel: still 100:1

What a woman! Ben doesn’t seem to think so though.

Emily: falls to 50:1

Ben seems more annoyed than anything with the long-legged PhD student. Emily is very cute. She is kind of a “one-issue candidate” right now, let’s hope that changes.

Casey S: still 30:1

The previews for next week showed what could only be the death or severe illness of a close relative of hers, unfortunately.

Jamie: still 25:1

Nothing seems to result in camera time for her, not even the eye-popping three seconds when she was in a bathing suit. Yowza.

Nicki: still 7:1

The DFW divorcee is a dark horse.

Courtney: falls to 6:1

I have no idea how she gets work as a model and actually think she’s kind of ugly. Well, from the neck up anyway. Even though she went skinny-dipping with Ben this week, I have faith that even a doofus such as he will start to see through her.

Lindzi: still 5:1

Right now she seems destined to be the one left at the altar in favor of…

Kacie B: 3:2

Note, when asked what her favorite book was, she said “It’s so hard to choose just one. I’ve read so many.” Hmm, sounds like she’s never read one and is trying to cover up.

Next week: the group travels to Panama City. Will the road to romance be bumpier than Noriega’s face?




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