Backing up a bit….

1 Feb

Errr, I have a confession to make. I knew that my Tivo unexpectedly cut off the first few minutes of Monday’s show, then I realized I had only seen one date. Thank goodness for which allowed me to watch the hour I missed! I missed Ben saying “open up” three additional times!


– The women on this show have ridiculous bodies across the board, making it all the more irrelevant that Courtney is a model.

– Nicki is cute and nice, but boring. And I don’t think Ben is feeling it. It’s curious that they’re making such a big deal about her divorce, jeez!

– If I were the bachelor on this show, I would be asking Chris Harrison to fast-forward to the season finale so I could run away with Emily. I think watching her do a cartwheel may have sealed this figurative deal. And nobody has looked that good running since Lindsey Wagner in the Bionic Woman. I would let Emily bag on Courtney as much as she wanted, making me a better boyfriend than Ben.

– In my decades of watching sports, I have questioned whether eye black does any good, but it definitely doesn’t help if you put it on the sides of your eyes like Casey did. Ray Bentley is rolling his eyes no doubt. Actually, I doubt Ray Bentley watches the Bachelor.

– It is pretty cool to have two teams of women play an impassioned baseball game just to get to spend a couple of hours with you, and not even alone with you at that! I could maaaaybe see two women doing rock-paper-scissors for the right to spend two hours with me. If drunk.



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