Followup Post … All-Kacie Edition!

21 Feb

I felt the need to go back and get another look at Ben’s ultra-lame answer to Kacie’s father’s question. Here it is:

Mr. Boguskie: “What made you choose Kacie to get this far?”

Ben: “Kacie has surprised me, I really… I like her a lot and I have since the very start.”

Mr. Boguskie: “Mm-hmm.”

Ben: “And, um, I don’t know, her ability to communicate, I think was… was a big thing and I just, I sensed this, this, this good quality in her and since that first meeting we’ve had, um, you know, a great relationship.”

Very weak. Either he should have had a better answer (beautiful, blew me away, etc.), or as an alternative, he could have sung the Officer Krupke song from West Side Story, adapting the lyrics to  say “Gee, Buster Boguskie…”

I also had another look at the climactic limo cry. Now, it so happens I made the drive from (near the) Beverly Wilshire Hotel to LAX airport just a few months ago. At no time did I need to drive down any secluded mountain roads en route. However in between each shot of Kacie you see the limo heading down just such a road. Conclusion: I suspect stock footage may have been used.

Hmm, something in a reality show wasn’t real? Perish the thought.




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