Celebrity Apprentice premiere: Thank goodness I don’t wake up next to Debbie Gibson

26 Feb

Debbie Gibson used to be cute. And I do mean used to be. Not a well-preserved 41. I am reminded that I wanted her to be my girlfriend in 1987. It was “Only In My Dreams”.. thank God!

Other observations on the premiere:

– I wasn’t prepared to see Dee Snider with an ear to ear smile. Maybe he had just heard about the Tipper Gore divorce? (I don’t have a problem with Tipper Gore. Among other things she has aged way better than Debbie Gibson has).

– I had never heard of some of the “celebrities”on the show, including Dayana Mendoza, who dressed as if she was cast in Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video.

– Nor had I heard of Patricia Velasquez, who claims in passing that she was the first Latina model??? She looks like she’s about 40 — was no Latina ever photographed in a bathing suit prior to 1988?

– Still, many women can look great at 40. Just not Debbie Gibson.

– The key to winning the challenge was calling up a bunch of buddies who would contribute money out of their own pockets. Odd that on Celebrity Apprentice it’s the key to winning the show, while doing the same thing on the Apprentice gets you thrown off the show!

– Ivanka Trump is hot. Not because of her looks but because of her brain.

– Donald no longer does his “cobra-strike” motion when he’s firing someone, which used to be the best part.

I won’t be setting a Tivo Season Pass for this one.





One Response to “Celebrity Apprentice premiere: Thank goodness I don’t wake up next to Debbie Gibson”

  1. amoorshead February 26, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    This reads as though an award winning student journalist wrote it. Amazing….

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