“It ain’t Survivor unless you’re lyin’.” Survivor: One World Episode 3

29 Feb

Troyzan’s line mentioned above is a classic.

I’m worried for the men’s tribe, as I’m still waiting for a strong player to emerge while the women have two for sure in Sabrina and Monica. I put Michael on my early favorites list last time, but we didn’t see much of him this episode, as once again the women and Colton got the lion’s share of the camera time.

Other observations:

– Bad-weather episodes usually make for good TV and this was no exception. My favorite part was the shot of a bat hanging upside down in the rain. I don’t know what makes me more unlikely to go to Samoa — the cold rain or the bats.

– For a while I thought Bill might have a shot to go far in the game as sort of a black version of goofball Jud “Fabio” Birza, but Bill doesn’t seem to be the low-key kind of goofball. Plus he is no Boston Rob in the puzzle-solving department. Anytime a Survivor contestant looks over to see how the other tribe is doing, he or she loses.

– Tom Selleck has a moustache again and thus the natural order of the world has been restored. However, he seems to be cast in roles lately where he broods a lot. He needs more lighthearted fare. (All of which is a comment on a commercial that aired during the show, in case you were wondering).

– Alas, we’ll never get to see where Matt might have ranked on the all-time Survivor villain list, as the grade-A douchebag was voted out. His bio lists him as an attorney, which was a great loss to the world of automobile sales.

– That brings me back to Michael who I mentioned earlier. He must be in serious panic right now, and not just because he lost his pec-alike pal Matt. The likes of a gay drama queen, black Fabio, and a midget lend diversity but are not the core of a tribe you’d feel confident will get you to the finals.¬† There are more chickens than roosters, to use Matt’s terminology.

Early favorites: Sabrina, Kim, Chelsea, Monica, Michael

No-chance list: Colton, Alicia.


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