Immunity for Dummies — Survivor: One World Episode 4

7 Mar

Well, at least this season has a memorable moment to call its own, the first time a winning tribe has ever given up its immunity.

Words can scarcely express how disgusted I am by the whole thing. I suppose it’s not much different than throwing a challenge, which has happened a couple of times, but the teams who have done that have always regretted it.

While Bill seemed somewhat over-the-top, I’m sorry to see him get voted out as he was turning into an interesting character. And I can’t believe the way the guy kept his cool through this episode. (I was somewhat mystified by his comment “I just want to squash some beef between the two of us,” though in any case Colton swatted down that olive branch).

Time to try to sort out the contenders from the pretenders, and of course almost all of the men are the latter. Colton’s “no chance to win” status has not changed, despite his unlikely status as a puppet master right now. Even if he somehow makes it to the end, the jury is never going to vote for him to get a million dollars.

Early favorites: Sabrina, Kim, Chelsea, Monica, Michael

Not sure about them yet: Christina, Jay, Kat, Troyzan

No-chance list: Colton, Alicia, Greg (Tarzan), Jonas, Leif

Tarzan: Where did they find this idiot, and has he seen Survivor before? He was one of the driving forces behind the catastrophic decision.

Jonas: The sushi chef unwittingly came up with the most ridiculous line of the episode when telling about the insane plan: “What was I going to say… no?”

Leif: No Phi Beta Kappa in his own right. Also a bad liar, which is a major handicap in this game.

I’m ashamed for men.


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