Bachelor Season 16 Finale: Some “judgy” comments

12 Mar

Gruezi mitenand from Zermatt! (Er, I’m not there, but Ben was).

Observations on the finale:

– Dimpled chins on women are not always cute, but the one on Ben’s sister is.

– As mentioned previously, Ben’s  travels seemed to take place in an alternate universe where almost nobody lives in the respective cities. Based on this show, the population of Zermatt is about 9 people. The Europe I used to live in was never like this. I certainly never got in a gondola that was empty of any other people, and certainly not one that had a fondue pot all ready to sit down in front of.

– Courtney mentions offhand that she never saw Lindzi as running particularly deep. Nor did I.

– I had only heard of Neil Lane from his annual Bachelor appearances, but apparently he’s a well-known guy. I would expect no less of Mills Lane’s brother. Yes, I just made that family connection up.

– There is probably a suburb full of McMansions called Mills Lane somewhere in the USA. “Prices from the low 400s.”

– An unusual way to broach the breakup by Ben to Lindzi: “I have fallen in love with you………But…” Shockingly, it kind of works, since she tells him to give her a call if things with Courtney don’t work out! Jamie and Nicki having said basically the same thing, the dude has a waiting list! And I’m not even counting the US Magazine girls.

– One thing about the Ben/Courtney breakup I don’t understand: how did the engagement ring get back into Chris Harrison’s possession? Methinks Neil Lane is a bit of an Indian giver!

– JP seems way more likable than he did on his season.

Readers, I’m sorry. This is the final post of Bachelor season 16. Take a moment, say your goodbyes.



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