Tribal shakeup winners and losers on Survivor: One World Episode 5

14 Mar

You have to give the Survivor producers credit: they know when things are about to get boring and take measures to liven things up (I don’t want to think about how boring the Fiji season would have been if they hadn’t changed up the tribes a couple of times). I think they picked exactly the right moment to mix up the tribes this time.

However, entertainment and fairness do not necessarily go hand in hand. The second they had formed the new tribes the first thing I scribbled down was “Monica’s chance to win is hurt,” and indeed she got voted out despite being one of the top 4-5 players of the season.

Winners of the Switch:

– All four women on the blue tribe (Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea, and Kat). They kept their core group intact and replaced some annoyances like Alicia with athletic guys who they can essentially use and then vote out.

– Christina and Leif. Both were almost certain to be the next person voted out in their former groups and at least got a chance to gain a foothold in a new setup.

Losers of the Switch:

– Monica, as discussed above.

– Colton. While he’s inexplicably running the show again in his new group, it’s a weaker group that is sure to be way down in numbers by the time of a merge. It’s likely to be mostly women, and the gals are smart enough to realize he’s not to be trusted and oust him. I hate to think the guys aren’t, but if you saw last week’s show you know there’s no other possible conclusion.

Not really affected:

– While Troyzan, Jay, and Mike are suddenly down 4-3 numbers-wise in the blue tribe, that’s balanced out by being with a group that should win challenges and the chance to find better allies than they had.

– Alicia and Tarzan had no chance to win anyway, so it’s a wash.

– Meanwhile Jonas confesses that he’ll be “Colton’s bitch” if he needs to be. And he was essentially that already, unfortunately.

The One World (sharing a beach) concept seems to be over for the season, and based on the four shows it lasted, I bet we don’t see it again. Interaction can provide conflict and therefore drama, but it’s much more fun when one tribe doesn’t really know what’s going on with the other.

Commercial Break: Since there are two Tarzan wannabes on this show, it’s only fitting that there was a trailer for a movie based on another Edgar Rice Burroughs creation, John Carter of Mars. Now, when you hear the name John Carter of Mars, what’s the most interesting part of that? Mars, obviously. Yet the movie is just called “John Carter.” The result of consulting some ridiculous focus group, no doubt.

Back to poor Monica — how disheartened must she have been to look at her new tribe: a nutjob, a lazy schemer, an outcast, a loudmouth, a midget, and a wuss. At least I give the Wee Man-esque Leif credit for doing OK… at a basketball challenge! His tribe still lost, however.

At tribal council, we got the most ridiculous sentence in Survivor history with Tarzan saying he would “drop my assertiveness to a different lodestar (sic).” Leif’s comment was “He’s a very… wisdom kind of guy (sic).”

In my rankings, I have to move Kim up to #1 now that she has an idol.

Favorites: 1) Kim, 2) Sabrina, 3) Chelsea, 4) Michael, 5) Troyzan

Not sure about them yet: Jay, Kat

No-chance list: Colton, Alicia, Tarzan, Jonas, Leif, Christina



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