“It brought me to mild tears” — Survivor: One World Episode 7

28 Mar

There have been other seasons with unlikable players, but has there been one with this many dumb players?

I hate to dignify the departed Colton with another mention, but some have speculated that he’ll probably be brought back for another season. If he is, I can’t see him being anywhere near as effective. If his fellow players have seen this season they’ll get rid of him quickly, and even if they haven’t, I can’t imagine he’d end up with groups as stupid as the ones from One World.

Jonas and Tarzan, two of this season’s B-listers, took center stage in this episode. It began with a reward challenge for the merged tribe, which was divided up into two artificial teams. As so many challenges do, this ended with a puzzle, and the team members assigned to solve it were… Jonas and Tarzan? I think I’d sooner choose Refrigerator Perry and Gilbert Brown to be designated pole-vaulters.

Then came an immunity challenge involving balancing multiple balls on a plate (won by Troyzan). Afterwards the former members of the mixed-gender Salani tribe resolved to take out “the strongest players” of the Manono tribe and clarified that they meant… Jonas and Leif? No wonder Manono is in trouble.

So Jonas was voted out. He was likeable, and had interesting analysis in his confessionals, but any IQ he showed talking directly to the camera disappeared when he went back to actually playing the game.

Meanwhile, Troyzan is playing the game, and moved up my favorites list even before he found an immunity idol in this episode. In addition to his other assets, he wears those interesting shoes that have each toe in a different compartment like gloves for the feet. Those are kinda cool. Although the next time I step in dog poop, I’ll probably be glad I’m not wearing that kind of shoe.

Speaking of poop, the biggest laugh of the season so far was provided shortly after Tarzan insisted to all that his “skid-marked” undies simply had dirt and not traces of you-know-what on them. When Chelsea went to boil her undies a bit later, we suddenly saw Tarzan toss his on top of them, to Chelsea’s horror. Since both were in boiling water it really didn’t matter much, but Chelsea wasn’t looking at it on a logical level. It probably was also no consolation to her that these weren’t nearly as gross as the briefs worn by Phillip Sheppard on Survivor: Redemption Island.

In my rankings this week, I have moved Troyzan up and Michael down. Has Kim gotten on anyone’s nerves this season? I think not, which in my mind solidifies her as the #1 favorite.

Favorites: 1) Kim, 2) Chelsea, 3) Sabrina, 4) Troyzan, 5) Jay, 6) Michael, 7) Kat

No-chance list: Alicia, Tarzan, Leif, Christina

Jury and who I think they’d vote for: Jonas (Chelsea)



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