“Talkin’ ’bout my boob job”: Survivor One World Episode 8

4 Apr

I wonder if the alliance between Kim, Sabrina, and Chelsea is going to turn out to be one of the best in the history of the show? And yes, I have indeed ranked the best alliances  in Survivor history to date.

I’ve had Kim down as the favorite to win for a couple of weeks, and she might be distancing herself from the competition.

– She has an idol.

– She seems to be everyone’s friend and no one’s enemy.

– She seems to be the smartest person in the game.

– Also, she refrains from ever saying anything controversial at tribal council. This has been a characteristic of many of the best players, including the very best ever, Boston Rob.

Chelsea, meanwhile, has gone down a bit in my estimation. On the one hand she’s smart enough to know that someone annoying like Tarzan needs to be kept around (you can bet everyone would love to take Tarzan and Alicia to the finals to assure themselves of a million bucks). On the other hand she thought it was a good idea to suggest to Jay that they vote off Mike, while Christina and Alicia, supposedly members of the other alliance, were sitting right there! (Kim’s comment: “That’s asinine.”). Then when Jay said words to the effect of, that just means you’re getting rid of me next, Chelsea’s reply was “That’s not necessarily true.” Pretty lame, and Jay was not reassured.

The odd thing about this episode was that while there are some swing votes presumably to be had, nobody seemed to be doing any campaigning for them. In particular, we haven’t seen the guys make an effort to recruit Christina, despite the fact that she’s already told them flat-out that she’d be up for joining a men’s alliance! That ties into this season’s recurring theme of “dumb players,” and actually it makes me think I’m making too much of the three-woman alliance mentioned earlier, as they’re not really facing any competition, and are basically the only alliance in the game. Strange but true!

This episode’s challenges were OK. The first one involved each player going down a cool-loooking waterslide at the beginning, which made up for being otherwise uninventive. The second challenge ended with a puzzle… yawn, I thought, until it turned out it’s the kind of puzzle where you could be placing the last piece and only then realize it’s wrong. That really added to the excitement.

Also worthy of note: Tarzan took Chelsea aside and asked if she has a grudge against him because of some bad experience with her plastic surgery. What is he talking about, I thought, her face looks perfectly… oh. To quote Chelsea, “I can’t believe he’s talkin’ ’bout my boob job.”

Favorites: 1) Kim, 2) Sabrina, 3) Troyzan, 4) Chelsea, 5) Jay, 6) Kat

No-chance list: Alicia, Tarzan, Leif, Christina

Jury and who I think they’d vote for: Jonas (Troyzan), Mike (Jay)


One Response to ““Talkin’ ’bout my boob job”: Survivor One World Episode 8”

  1. Moment Matters April 12, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    I like Mike though, I’m betting for him. Now it’s just Sabrina. I really hope they take out alicia and Kat immediately

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