WON’T Anybody Here Play This Game?: Survivor One World Episode 9

11 Apr

Games are fun. But if you’re playing a game seriously and the other participants aren’t, it’s frustrating. Anyone who grew up with a little brother probably knows what I mean.

Hence the above allusion to the 1962 New York Mets.

As frustrating as this episode was to watch, it must have been even more frustrating for someone like Troyzan to play. As the end credits revealed, Leif and Jay both voted for Alicia, while Christina and Tarzan voted for Jay! If even three of those four had voted with Troy, Kim would be out of the game and they would all be in business as a new alliance! Of the two stupid duos, Christina and Tarzan are by far the dumber group, as their one chance to win would be as part of an outsiders-type alliance, instead they stuck with a group where their chances are zero.

You could be charitable and say Jay (who was voted out because he had the second-most votes once Troy played his idol) just trusted the wrong people, but both he and Leif gave away their chances at immunity in the challenge in favor of some food. Although Leif mostly gave his away just because a girl with big (and as the previous episode established, fake) boobs smiled at him and suggested he should.

Not that I’m calling Troy any sort of great player. The episode started with Troy and Jay coming to some strategic realizations that they came to about 3-4 weeks too late.

But at least Troy tried his best in the immunity challenge, a repeat of a classic challenge from Survivor: All-Stars won by Shii Ann (“the She-Devil”) in one of my all-time favorite challenge moments. Though if I recall correctly, there was no balance aspect before, it was purely about the endurance of having to keep your hand in the air — drop it and the bucket it’s handcuffed to spills out. Whatever the case, this was no classic, as you can’t have a competition without competitors.

A telling moment came when Jay went up to the girls saying “Let’s vote out Alicia” and we saw one of the worst displays of bad lying ever. Jay was too dense to pick up on it. A couple of other times Kim showed herself to be quite skilled at lying to people’s faces. Again, remember her profession: bridal shop owner. She spends all day convincing brides that it makes a darn bit of difference if they pick the most expensive dress in the shop or the cheapest. Talk about boldfaced!

As for my standings, I have moved Chelsea up, given all the moxie she has shown lately. Also, the jury members as of now are big Troy fans, a fact that I doubt is lost on Kim, Chelsea, and company. So given that, and the fact that Troy’s smartest (well, least dumb) potential ally is now gone… make sure you win immunity next week, big guy.

Favorites: 1) Kim, 2) Chelsea, 3) Sabrina, 4) Troyzan,  5) Kat

No-chance list: Alicia, Tarzan, Leif, Christina

Jury and who I think they’d vote for: Jonas (Troyzan), Mike (Troyzan), Jay (Troyzan)


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