“I don’t trust the girls 100%”: Survivor One World Episode 11

1 May

The above quote was spoken by Christina. No, not early in the season — this episode, after 11 weeks’ worth of having the girls insult her to her face. Like many players in this game, she missed her chance to make a move long, long ago.

The previews for this episode did not look interesting and I almost dreaded watching it, but luckily the reward challenge was one that never, ever fails to provide entertainment. I think this challenge might have been done for the first time on Survivor: Exile Island. The concept is: tribe members have to fill out a poll with answers to questions about their tribemates, then guess what the majority said. Invariably this exposes seams in alliances, and someone is guaranteed to come away insulted.

However, when the question was “Who doesn’t deserve to be here” and the overwhelming vote was for Christina, this guarantee of entertainment was in danger — as we saw with the auction in the previous episode, Christina is never guaranteed to do anything no matter how obvious. So just in case she missed the insult, Jeff Probst asked, “That is a big slap in the face, isn’t it?”

The oddest answer was to the question “Who would you trust with your life,” to which half of the players said Tarzan. Now, Tarzan may be extremely trustworthy for all I know, but personally, I would be reluctant to trust my life to a complete idiot no matter what.

I seem to recall at least one crafty survivor in a past season intentionally getting questions wrong to avoid being the winner. Kim, usually very smart, didn’t think of doing this and lived to regret it. When asked to choose two people to go with her on the reward she chose Alicia (a potential flipper whom she didn’t want to be alone with Troy) and Chelsea (her closest ally). Problem was, she had made a pact with Kat that if either of them won, one would take the other, a decision Kat was steamed about to say the least.

Meanwhile, I’m realizing that Sabrina is not the player I thought she was. She was not impressive in this episode. Her biggest mistake was telling Christina that she would get a couple of votes as the girls prepared for the possibility that Troy had an immunity idol. Of course, Christina was too dense to process this information.

Not that the above is enough to make me put Sabrina on the no-chance list, by the way. After all, the jury has at least three complete morons on it now (Jonas, Jay, and Leif) and might have Tarzan and/or Christina on it before all is said and done, so who knows what these guys will decide? Troyzan would have been the favorite if he’d stuck around, but he was voted out.

Then came tribal council. When asked whether the group of six girls had discussed who was #6 on the totem pole (a ridiculous question of course), Sabrina spoke up and said it had been discussed but not by all six. Enter Christina’s new personal tutor, Jeff Probst: “So Christina, you know what that means right?” said Jeff. The answer is, not really. Reality producers thrive on conflict so it’s actually pretty amusing when they knock themselves out to stir some up and fail to do so.

Contenders: 1) Kim, 2) Chelsea, 3) Sabrina

No-chance list: Alicia, Tarzan, Christina, Kat

Jury: Jonas , Mike, Jay, Leif, Troyzan


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