An annual tradition… me rolling my eyes. Survivor: One World Episode 12

8 May

The annual “visit from the players’ loved ones” episode is my least favorite of every season. I’m sure it’s a nice time for the contestants, but it’s not entertaining to watch. I’m trying to think of any that I enjoyed and could only think of two: Brandon Hantz’s dad last season (who turned out to have a lot in common with Brandon’s infamous uncle Russell), and of course the “fake dead grandma” ploy by Jonny Fairplay in the Pearl Islands season.

When I stopped fast-forwarding, it was time for the reward challenge, in which the loved ones participated. It was won by Kat with the help of her boyfriend, who was exactly the type I would have expected Kat’s boyfriend to be: a dumbass. [Edit: Turns out it was her cousin, not her boyfriend. Switch out that word in the previous sentence and my point remains the same.] Kim finished second, and I’m surprised she tried hard to win, since the winner has to make the choice of whom to take along, and is sure to make someone mad by doing so. Not only did Kat choose poorly by selecting Kim and Alicia, her stated reason was … that she wanted to hang out with the two of them! That’s a first in Survivor history I think: the contestants are deprived of many things, but certainly not of spending time with the other contestants!

Alicia had been quoted earlier in the show to the effect that she was running the show, and during the reward Kim told her friend (sister?) what any viewer must have been thinking: “[Alicia’s] not well-liked, but she’s delusional about that.” Right now it would seem that any contestant would want to take Alicia and Christina to the finals. Tarzan perhaps not as much, as some appear to have a soft spot for him and it’s not out of the question that the male-dominated jury could vote for the one guy even if he’s a bad player.

Also, there was one brilliant Kim quote that I couldn’t make out during the show, but other bloggers posted. On Kat: “She would be the person that would have a show like How The Million Dollars Ruined My Life in a year and she doesn’t know where she spent the money.”

As Kim explored her scenarios, one thing was striking: she didn’t’t mention taking Chelsea to the finals despite those two having the tightest alliance of the game.

By the way, Kim is developing a moustache… yuck.

Meanwhile, back at camp the four contestants who were jilted, Sabrina, Chelsea, Tarzan, and Christina, try to strategize, but as so often in this season nobody connects the dots the way they should. Christina has yet to begin playing the game, and Tarzan just babbles. The “dumbest cast ever” is still up to their old tricks… it’s amazing that there’s hardly been a tribal council this year where anyone thinks of themselves as being in danger!

Chelsea is perhaps the most interesting player left. She has more conscience than any of the other remaining players, and her pained expression makes for great TV.

Speaking of expressions,  Troyzan makes his debut as a jury member and you won’t see an insipid smile on his face. He’s clean-shaven, dead-eyed and deadpan. A “Taxi Driver”-style mohawk complete with “You talkin’ to me?” is all that’s missing. No doubt he has some zingers in store for the final Tribal Council.

One thing that was interesting at tribal council: Sabrina makes the statement that anyone who has made her mad will not get her vote no matter how good a player that person is. It’s surprising we haven’t heard that threat more often over the years, it’s effective! Sabrina isn’t voted out, Kat is, and I don’t doubt that Kat will give Kim her vote in the end even though Kim was part of her ouster.

Near the end of tribal council Kat made the producers very happy by saying “blindsides are always fun and exciting.” Of course it was she who was the one blindsided a few minutes later, to my great joy.

Contenders: 1) Kim, 2) Chelsea, 3) Sabrina

No-chance list: Alicia, Tarzan, Christina

Jury (likely vote in parentheses): Jonas , Mike, Jay, Leif, Troyzan, Kat (Kim)


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