My predictions were stunningly accurate… and that’s bad. Survivor: One World loose ends

14 May


You can look ’em up right here on the Internet. After week one I said I was impressed by Kim and Sabrina… who finished first and second. I had Kim as the #1 favorite to win from week 2 onward, with Sabrina and Chelsea 2nd or 3rd every week, and those were the final three. However it would have made me happier if the other players had done anything to wrest control of the game from those three. They didn’t.

Season’s All-Time Ranking:

I updated my ranking of the seasons, and unsurprisingly One World is dead last. Surprisingly, it’s last by far! Compare it to the second-worst season, Nicaragua: that season had evil Brenda, the creepy redneck Jane, and scheming Sash and Marty. How much would you have loved to see characters like that in One World? Marty alone has a higher IQ than about 5 people from One World put together.

Kim’s All-Time Ranking:

Kim did make my all-time top ten, and I have her as the third-best women’s player behind only Parvati and Amanda. Now, some would say Kim should be ahead of Amanda because Kim could convince a jury to vote for her, which Amanda never managed. But what I keep coming back to is: what other strong player did Kim face this season? The strongest would be Chelsea and Troyzan, and they had their weaknesses to say the least (Troy said on the reunion show that people compared him to Richard Hatch, give me a break). Amanda got to the finals against a team of All-Stars.

By the way: “bridal shop owner who got divorced”… I wonder if producers everywhere heard that and immediately got writers working on a new Kate Hudson vehicle.

Final thought

Jeff Probst had the definitive quote: “This season was a bit of a letdown.”


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