The most unkindest cut of all: I cancel my Tivo season pass for The Bachelorette (6/11/2012)

12 Jun

Haven’t we all been waiting for a fresh perspective on London, getting past the Beefeaters, double-decker buses, and the Tower Bridge? Well, after this episode of the Bachelorette, we’re still waiting. The bros first meet Chris Harrison at the fresh location known as Trafalgar Square (groan), and not one London cliche fails to be trotted out.

A date card for the group date comes with the phrase “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and Alejandro the mushroom farmer is the only one of the guys who recognizes it as a Shakespeare quote… uh-oh. It’s telling that Alejandro ‘is the guy selected to leave at the end of the show! Of course, the fact that these meatheads know nothing about Shakespeare makes their task of performing scenes by the Bard somewhat funny. And Arie adds the memorable line “I’m not a Thesbian (sic).”

We also got to see Kalon’s much-hyped “baggage” comment, though edited together quite differently than it was on the promos. So he’s out… but I’m afraid what little entertainment value the season had got into that taxi with him.

Emily is probably a good person and I hope she finds the right guy… but watching her go about it is just not interesting to watch. So the season pass just got canceled.

Sorry Emily, I realized I can’t commit… to two hours every Monday.


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