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“Don’t let these hoochies get in your mindset.” Bachelor Pad Season 3 premiere

31 Jul

“Identical 22-year-old twin blondes: one’s a virgin, one’s a slut. ” Sign me up for a Tivo season pass!

Oh, I already am signed up, this is Bachelor Pad! Having already reviewed the cast, let’s jump right to the best moments:

– Kalon pulling up to the mansion driving his own Porsche and tossing the keys to Chris Harrison. I doubt there was anything spontaneous about this, but I still loved it.

– Harrison reveals that the twins’ votes count as one on the show, and that if they win a date they go on it together with the respective guy. An excellent decision to preserve the strategic balance, but I don’t know if Dr. Spock would have approved.

– It turns out the “mystery contestant” who wasn’t disclosed earlier was Chris, the Chicago guy from Emily’s season who’s best remembered by being mortally offended by the suggestion that 32-year-olds are more mature than 24-year-olds. Chris arrives to find that half the women in the cast have crushes on him. But somehow he finds a way to ally himself with, of all people, crazy Blakeley. In almost an exact repeat of last season when Blake the dentist allied himself with crazy Melissa, he finds out that to a crazy woman, “let’s do one challenge together” means “we are now married.” Scary, though I have to say Blakeley is not as psycho as Melissa was. Who could be?

– Great line: “She’s trying to get the numbers on her side, sexually.”