“Would That Be A Love Square?”: Bachelor Pad Episode 4

14 Aug

This week’s episode was definitely “the Chris show.” Having the two psycho women of the house after him was getting the man down, but despite not winning a challenge he ended up with a date and to the chagrin of Blakeley and Jamie, he passed up both of them in favor of Sarah. This date didn’t come with a “fantasy suite” but the resourceful Chris suggested they get one anyway. He and Sarah headed to the Hilton front desk wearing bathrobes to book a room, and the clerk didn’t seem especially surprised! Maybe these things happen all the time in California. That makes the second hookup of the show for Sarah and I believe the first for Chris, though he leads the house in makeout and/or cuddle sessions.

The episode began with a challenge that had each contestant answer questions about the others, with everyone then having to guess everyone else’s answers in a quiz-show format. Hmm, has this ever been done before? Oh, that’s right: in the previous seasons of this show, every season of Big Brother, at least the last ten seasons of Survivor, and probably every other reality show too. Reality producers know that this challenge has a 100% chance of making at least one girl participant cry, so from their point of view it’s TV gold.

The best part of the challenge without a doubt was the peppy theme music, a brilliant takeoff on your basic 1970s game show theme. Alas, this masterpiece was on air for perhaps 10 seconds if that. Whoever slaved over it: at least this humble blogger appreciates your efforts.

Speaking of humble, David (who was voted out along with crazy Jamie) was truly humbled by being able to spend time at the Bachelor Pad. He became probably the first limo rider ever to cry tears… of joy! Very sweet.


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