“The little puppet master lost at his own game.” Bachelor Pad Episode 5

28 Aug

I was mere seconds from giving up not only on this episode, but the entire season, when things turned around and this became the most enjoyable episode yet.

Key event #1 was that Chris Harrison announced an abrupt change in the voting rules, the result of which (just as producers intended) was that it was no longer a sure thing that Chris (the contestant) and Sara would be sent home. You know, I really should be a purist and disapprove of rules being changed mid-game, but every time they do something like this on Survivor or any show I’m thankful. Since Bachelor Pad really never had any integrity to compromise in the first place, why not?

The second key event was a brilliant move by Chris: unable to convince Erica that he’s not going to vote her out (a seed planted by Michael and his allies), he simply walks Erica into the voting booth with him so she can watch him drop his ballot for someone else into the slot! Genius.

The result is, when Erica is voted out, she realizes Michael was actually behind the whole thing, and as per the twist of this episode that called for the woman voted out to choose which man leaves, she picks Michael to leave the show. Not only that, but she lets him have it with both barrels, the coup de grace being “The smartest thing Holly ever did was dumping you and marrying Blake.” Ouch. (Technically Michael originally dumped Holly and she just never took him back, but whatever.)

Other highlights of the episode:

– We all know that Blakeley’s profession was always identified as “VIP cocktail waitress” on The Bachelor. Now we find out this meant that she worked at Hooters for 13 years. Not sure where the VIP comes in… maybe it was a Hooters in a nice neighborhood? Come to think of it, I’m not sure that pitchers of Miller Light are cocktails, strictly speaking.

– Gullible chump Tony made the most confounding statement of this or any other season when he declared Blakeley was “very low maintenance.”

– Also noteworthy was the beginning of the episode when Chris accused both Kalon and Ed of lying to him before the previous vote. Kalon immediately admitted it, while Ed’s reply was in essence “I told the truth, I just ended up doing something different than what I told you.” Then Chris repeated many times not only what liars both of them were, but what good friends both of them were.

I don’t know who’s more messed up on this show, the girls or the guys.




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