“We’re not emotional alcoholics.” Bachelor Pad Episode 6

31 Aug

So says Kalon who alas was voted out along with Lindzi. As the episode closes, the horse-farm honey and the SMU smirk-aholic share a limo ride and plan their future together. Sweet.

The emotional alcoholics of this episode are Rachel and Blakeley. Though serial crier Jaclyn gets in plenty of crying too, out of sympathy. Why are Rachel and Blakeley so devastated? For Rachel it’s because she won’t see her new favorite guy for (maybe) one week, and for Blakeley it’s because Chris won a spelling bee. Seriously, that’s everything.

The spelling bee is good entertainment because the contestants are predictably horrible. Tony finds out what the competition is and says “Spelling is, like, the only thing I suck at.” Dude, I’ve seen you on two shows, I know that’s FAR from true.

Also featured is the first camera time of the season for Nick, who’s been just as boring here as he was on his Bachelorette season.

I fast-forwarded through about 75% of the episode, so it’s fitting to wrap up the recap equally speedily.


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