“Don’t Get Booty-Blinded”: Survivor Philippines Episode 2

4 Oct

“Ain’t got no skills at all? Just show de boobs, somebody’ll fall for it.”

That’s Roxy talking about Angie (and Malcolm). Roxy didn’t show much in the first episode except a talent for scowling, but she proves  to be a great character. She’s intelligent and quick with a quip. She’s also a bit different… when the rain ends she says a heartfelt prayer followed by chanting … what exactly? One tribemate called it speaking in tongues, I thought perhaps she was reciting the lyrics to the old disco hit “Soul Makossa.”

Alas, Roxy was voted out after her tribe lost its second immunity challenge in a row. So now two of the three tribes have six players while the third has just four. Call me crazy but I think three of the four still have a shot to get to the end in this game: Malcolm, Russell, and sex therapist Denise.

Meanwhile, I have two additions to my no-chance list. Lisa (aka Blair) doesn’t have enough of a social game to win it all. Nor does Abi-Maria, who ruins her solid alliance with a strong player in R.C. by getting extremely paranoid… in episode two! Not long after the two girls say they trust each other all the way, Abi lets R.C. know “You are my friend but if you (bleep) me you’re done.”

Early contenders (in no particular order): R.C., Mike Skupin, Jeff, Russell, Malcolm, Denise, Penner.

No-chance list: Angie, Abi-Maria, Lisa.



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