Self-Awareness Time: Survivor Philippines Episode 4

10 Oct

Malcolm comments early in the episode that Russell lacks self-awareness, and while Russell isn’t in earshot when those words are spoken, he seems determined to spend the whole episode proving them to be accurate. It’s clear early on that his one chance (if his Blue tribe goes to tribal council again) would be to find the immunity idol. He doesn’t, though Malcolm and Denise wonder briefly whether he has, and Malcolm resolves “might as well just blindside him.” It seems a ridiculous statement given that it’s a three-person tribe with two clearly allied against Russell … how can there be a surprise in that scenario? But sure enough when all is said and done Russell is voted out and claims he was “completely blindsided.” Forget the “self,” maybe he just lacked awareness, period!

Blue is back at tribal council as the result of a challenge whose final stage involves swinging a sort of tether ball at some pots. The Yellow team wins clearly and Red noses out Blue for third (more through luck than anything else, it seemed). Since it was a three-person tribe against two groups of six, the latter two groups each had to sit three people out, and the same girls who have sat out every other uneven-numbers challenge sat out this one too! That’s something they should pass a rule against, I think.

So the Blue tribe, by virtue of losing every time, is getting most of the camera time this season, and could be said to be ruining a season that might be really interesting if the three tribes were even.


We see more of Jeff and Penner’s “four-finger handshake” alliance, and while Jeff never really commits himself to anything, it seems the two men have formed a trio with Carter, who gets his first real screen time of the season. Bases on brief glimpses I thought Carter was a lesbian woman, but he’s a guy, though a guy of few words, or at least few the producers want to share with us. Meanwhile, the three girls in the tribe have nothing better to do, so they form their own alliance. I speak of the short and skinny maybe-real lesbian, the black girl who knows Jeff’s true identity but has apparently kept it to herself, and a brunette. Has the brunette seriously been on all three previous one-hour shows, or did she sneak in later like Rosie Ruiz at the Boston Marathon?

Everyone’s sitting in the shelter when suddenly someone notices the clue to the hidden immunity idol near RC’s bag, the same clue that RC and Abi-Maria found previously and hid. RC and Abi blame each other, and while RC tries to mend the fence, Abi won’t even talk to her. We viewers find out that Pete (who knew where the clue was hidden thanks to Abi) took it from its hiding place and slyly planted it while no one was looking.

Pete thinks he has this game all figured out, and his gameplay seems lifted directly from the Russell Hantz playbook. However, I’m not impressed. At all. In fact I promptly put Pete on my no-chance-to-win-the-game list. Yes, mind games and dirty tricks were a Hantz trademark, but so was making lots of alliances, and Pete’s one alliance seems to be with Abi-Maria who is not a rock of reliability. I can’t see RC, Skupin, Lisa, or even the little-seen Artis joining up with Pete too readily. Meanwhile, RC is going to have to work to stick around.

Contenders: 1. Denise, 2. Malcolm, 3. Jeff,  4. Skupin, 5. Penner, 6. R.C.

No-chance list: Abi-Maria, Lisa, Pete


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