G’day, medic: Survivor Philippines Episode Five

18 Oct

Last week’s “next time” preview showed Jeff Kent wincing and then the medic’s motorboat heading for the island, clearly hinting that Jeff was going to be evacuated because of a knee injury. Not so fast. As the red tribe sits in the rain we suddenly hear odd theme music that might have accompanied a pensive moment for David Carradine on the old Kung Fu show. As it turns out, that’s “Dana is sick” music, Dana being the short, spiky-haired blonde. Jeff Probst and the medic arrive, and just like in every previous season the medic is Australian. He tells Sheila, er, Dana, that her condition while extremely painful may not be critical and that he’d be willing to re-evaluate it in twelve hours. She’s clearly miserable and understandably doesn’t want to wait that long, so she says her goodbyes to her tribe, including Penner who became quite paternal when she got sick, giving her a little kiss on the head and cuddling her. Penner also tells Probst that he knows exactly how she feels, since he was evacuated from his season (Penner perhaps goes on a wee bit too long talking about himself with Dana lying right there).

So we lose a player we had grown to know and l0v… hold on a second, we didn’t know her because we had hardly seen her in the previous four hours of TV! And we had seen even far less of Katie, who says “I’m literally at a loss for words” and puts that to the lie by saying many, many words after that. I hadn’t noticed in her brief seconds of previous camera time that Katie is pretty darn cute, and indeed the on-screen graphic tells us she’s a former Miss Delaware. She’s so talkative all of a sudden because she has lost her strongest ally in Dana.

The episode began with Malcolm (who finally fins the immunity idol) and Denise wondering what would happen to their two-person tribe. The answer was that they were dispersed among the other two tribes by random draw, with Denise joining the Reds and Malcolm the Yellows. Since Dana, Katie, and Dawson (the black girl who knows Jeff Kent’s identity) had formed a women’s alliance, they hoped Denise would join her fellow ladies for a majority within that tribe, while the two tribes as a whole would compete with even numbers. Instead, Dana’s evacuation meant Red was suddenly down one, and Katie’s girl alliance was either even with the boys or down one depending on what Denise chose to do.

We don’t see much of the Yellow tribe at all this episode, other than Malcolm being recruited by everyone in the game. Oh, and also RC talking about where she stands as the camera shows scenes of her voluptuous body doing various things. RC has been a disappointment so far, as she put all her eggs in the basket of an alliance with Abi Maria, and when that burned out in no time she didn’t seem to have a backup plan.

The reward challenge (which took place before Dana’s exit) involved one-on-one matchups of players balancing an idol on a plate and trying to knock the other person’s off. It wasn’t particularly entertaining but it was the first challenge in quite a while where every single player participated.

Later came the immunity challenge. Before it starts we see a HUGE bug fly right at RC, and then we hear that Yellow gets to sit one person out (thanks to Dana’s exit) and that person is Abi-Maria. Even Jeff Probst, who allows tribes to keep sitting the same person out in consecutive episodes, is annoyed that Abi is sitting out yet another one … before the reward challenge in this same episode she had only participated in one challenge.

A close challenge comes down to the wire with Katie and Dawson both bogging the tribe down, and by now the producers know that if they need a reaction shot, they should always cut to Denise, who can grit her teeth with the best of them.

Back at camp, Dawson works baseball references into her conversations just to torment Jeff Kent, and we get the idea that Dawson is just a wee bit psycho. At tribal council Dawson is voted out … while Katie was worse in the last challenge Dawson is deemed more generally useless. And now Katie would appear to be in an alliance of one. Will Dawson stand up and say “I might be going, but you should know that Jeff is the fabulously wealthy baseball player, Mr. Jeff Kent”? No, but instead we are headed for a…

Classic tribal council moment: While having her torch snuffed, Dawson gives Jeff Probst a long, longing look, and then hugs him and kisses him on the cheek as she walks out. In her “confessional” at the end of the episode she doesn’t comment on this but does say what she wants Jeff Kent to give her for her silence if she wins, including a motorcycle and a sidecar.

Contenders: 1. Malcolm, 2. Denise, 3. Skupin, 4. Jeff, 5. Penner, 6. Artis, 7. Carter, 8. R.C.

No-chance list: Abi-Maria, Lisa, Pete, Katie


One Response to “G’day, medic: Survivor Philippines Episode Five”

  1. chrisbaron42 October 18, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

    It was such a shock to see Dawson going home this week, mostly because I had no idea she was on the show. It is almost like a whole new season now that Matsing is gone and the other tribes finally get some camera time. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more drama from the first time Kabalaw had to go to tribal council, but luckily we got a little entertainment when Dawson randomly got all steamy over Jeff. I missed the show because I was working late at DISH last night, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime. I love how I can keep up with all of my favorite shows on the four major networks without having to worry about storage space on my hard drive. I am glad to see Malcolm and Denise welcomed into the other tribes with open arms, and I could see them making it far in the game now.

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