Swimming with whale sharks: Survivor Philippines Episode 13

13 Dec

At tribal council this week, Abi started to make an excellent case for why she should be kept around: she can’t win at the finals but Denise can. However, in true Abi fashion she goes a bit too far. “You’re an idiot [for keeping Denise around], that’s why you’re going to lose a million dollars,” she tells Skupin, and in case he missed it the first time she adds, “You’re a moron.”

Undiplomatic as all of that is, she’s right! Skupin and Lisa passed up one great chance to take out Denise the week Penner was voted out and now they do so again as Abi is ousted. Earlier in the episode Malcolm told Skupin and Lisa “nobody beats Denise,” and he might be right (with the possible exception of himself). The one rationale Lisa offers for keeping Denise is that Malcolm is so good at challenges that, she says, only Denise could potentially beat him. Of course, that wouldn’t help Lisa, it would only help Denise! Alas, Lisa’s bright younger brother is not in camp anymore to explain what a smart move would be.

As entertaining as this season has been, I’m ready for it to end now (which it will, next episode) as there are only really two contenders left and the most interesting personalities are gone. A few quick hits:

– Denise on spending a day alone with Abi (as those were the only two who didn’t get the reward): “It’s like the first date with the kid who … spit in your lunch.” Maybe Denise the therapist has some deep-seated issues from her own past that she needs to talk about? I think there are self-help books for women who go on those kinds of dates.

– The three on the reward challenge get to swim with whale sharks. Scary!

– The day of the immunity challenge Denise wakes up with a strange pain and notices she has bite marks, which leads to a quick montage of all of the insects and animals you see in the Philippines, including snakes and scorpions. I don’t plan to go there and if I do, I will make it a point not to sleep on the beach.

– While Abi and Skupin talked strategy in camp, Skupin was spooning a blue substance into his mouth that looked like something out of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There aren’t that many blue foods, period, let alone on a beach…?

– During tribal council jury member Penner is seen “giving the finger” to someone, and we’re made to think it’s Malcolm. It’s not clear what Jonathan’s beef with him might be.

There are now seven jury members, and I assume they wouldn’t even have an even number on the jury to preclude a possible tie, so that means we will have a final two. So I will quickly predict who I think would win in each possible final two:

Malcolm/Denise: Denise

Malcolm/Skupin: Malcolm

Malcolm/Lisa: Malcolm

Denise/Skupin: Denise

Denise/Lisa: Denise

Skupin/Lisa: Lisa

So why am I not taking Skupin out of my contender list entirely, with no scenario that has him winning? He could have a shot against Malcolm if there are some sore losers on the jury (and there often are).

Contender rankings: 1. Malcolm, 2. Denise, 3. Skupin

No-chance list: Lisa

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: R.C. (Skupin), Jeff (?), Artis (?), Pete (?), Penner (Skupin), Carter (?), Abi-Maria (Malcolm)


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