Next “All-Star” group has been revealed… why didn’t they listen to me?

15 Dec

Just last week I put forward my choices for who I’d like to see again if there were another All-Star edition of Survivor.

Now I read that the next season will have a bunch of returnees… and the list does contain a spoiler of sorts, so stop reading now if you wish.

Alas it’s not quite the group I was hoping for. Only one of my suggestions, Brenda, made the cast, yet three people who I dubbed “fun to watch once, but I wouldn’t want to see them again” are back, namely Cochran, Brandon, and Phillip.

Here’s my analysis of the returnees:

Thumbs up:

Brenda, Survivor Nicaragua. For reasons discussed previously.

Corinne from Survivor Gabon. I despised her but this self-described bitch does make a great villain. In fact I had considered her for my list for that reason.

Andrea Boehlke, Survivor Redemption Island. Another one I had considered for my list. She made it almost to the end of her season and was a good character with an expressive face.

Could be OK:

Francesca Hogi, Survivor Redemption Island. Crew-cut black woman who if memory serves was ousted the very first week, but is obviously very smart and has potential.

Malcolm, Survivor Philippines. If he made a second season, does that mean Denise won this season? A very good player, just not a great character, but I admit it could be interesting to see how he does with different tribal chemistry than he had before.

Thumbs down:

Erik Reichenbach, Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. This was the ice-cream scooper who made the dumbest move in the history of the game by giving up his immunity to his enemies for reasons hard to fathom to this day. While that was a memorable moment to be sure, I’m not sure he’s a compelling character.

Phillip Sheppard, Survivor Redemption Island. Boston Rob was smart enough to keep Phillip around since it served his purposes to do so. But the fact that Phillip is always in danger of blabbing out some secret strategy at unpredictable times means I doubt anyone else will trust him, and he’s likely to be ousted quickly.

John Cochran, Survivor South Pacific. Overthinks everything and gets credit for being a good player when he really wasn’t. I’m not looking forward to more of his “superfan” shtick.

Brandon Hantz, Survivor South Pacific. Didn’t really play the game per se but just sort of used it as his forum for crises of conscience. The one bright spot would be if he made it to the “loved ones” episode and either his dad or his uncle Russell was the loved one.

Dawn Meehan, Survivor South Pacific. As Barack Obama said to Hillary Clinton, “You’re likable enough.”  Dawn was plucky but that’s all I really remember about her.



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