Survivor vs. Bachelorette Sunday Showdown!

15 Dec

Yes, this Sunday night the finale of Survivor will be on at the same time as the televised wedding of Ashley and J.P.

Sorry, I can’t say I’m torn as to which one to watch. In the slightest. For one thing, I know how the wedding ends already, since it happened last week.

I read that “The guest list included Emily Maynard, Ali Fedotowsky, Michelle Money and Michael Stagliano.” Wow, just what every bride wants, a coterie of attention addicts who will do everything in their power to steal the spotlight. And no, I don‘t just mean the women, Stagliano.

In other news, Entertainment Weekly’s hype of the new Bachelor season begins: “‘If you strapped on a cape and a star on his chest, he’d be Captain America.’ It’s hard to argue with host Chris Harrison’s description of Sean Lowe…”

Er, actually it’s not. Captain America doesn’t wear a cape, and never has!

Of course, a certain blogger made this comparison some seven months ago (or rather the comparison to Cap’s alter ego Steve Rogers.)


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