Wrap-ups for Survivor: Philippines

18 Dec

A few loose ends should be tied up here.

Firsts this season: It was the first time one tribe made it to a merge intact, namely the yellow tribe of Lisa, Mike Skupin, RC, Artis, Pete, and Abi-Maria. It was also the first time one person, namely Denise, participated in every single tribal council for a whole season. (And I think Malcolm only missed one.)

Down on Penner: As noted in my last post, I was outraged by the way Penner “outed” Lisa at the final tribal council. But as I review the season, I’m also struck by how Penner really didn’t play that great a game even though he had a couple of moments. He committed three major blunders: wasting a vote in a tribal council where his group could have voted out Pete, not trying to get the challenge bonus in the food auction, and not committing to an alliance with Lisa when she gave him the chance.

Good things about the season:

– The cast was very likable overall.

– Everyone played hard and was trying to win. If you think that’s a given, go watch Nicaragua, One World and South Pacific again and I think you’ll change your mind! There was no player who did nothing but ride people’s coattails this season, either.

– The period following the merge was wild and exciting, particularly in one incredible episode. Lots of players had secrets, whether immunity idols or their celebrity status.

Bad things about the season:

– There was no all-time-great player or character.

– No big moves or blindsides really took place. There were no jaw-dropping twists.

– The challenges were not memorable at all. In fact the only ones that stick out at all were the stalemate where the teams made a deal instead of finishing, and the one where Penner who was sure to go home pulled out a victory (but even for that one I can’t really recall what he did).

– None of the final three were the movers and shakers of the season, and the best player in Malcolm did not win.

Where it ranks: At times this seemed like a top-ten season with a shot at top five. It’s hard to assess it this soon after the fact, but right now I have it just outside the top ten. I have updated my ranking of best alliances (adding Malcolm and Denise) as well as my ranking of the seasons.


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