“I don’t bother nobody”: Survivor Caramoan February 27 2013 recap

28 Feb

I thought Reynold had some game, Survivor-wise, but he pretty much proved me wrong at the beginning of this episode by giving an “I have no friends here and trust no one” speech as soon as everyone got back from tribal council. Not a good move if you want to try to win the million dollars (just ask Ozzy).

This is followed by Shamar going on the first of his many rants where he shouts at someone or other for little or no reason. I wonder if it will come out later that this dude never saw any combat action in Iraq at all and is just a flake. I would not be shocked. None of the other players can deal with this guy, or want to… except Sherri who is able to reason with him! State Department, hire this woman ASAP!

Thankfully, we soon cut to the Favorites’ camp. Phillip (aka the CEO of Stealth ‘R Us Inc.) is talking about his basketball moves in the pickup games he plays against guys “half my age,” and somewhat more improbably, “twice my height.” He describes his signature move thus: “Do a little double dribble… one step back [pantomimes a shooting motion], all air baby.” Basketball cognoscenti would point out that “double dribble” and a shot that’s “all air” are actually both bad things.

Phillip and Andrea are certainly odd bedfellows, but apparently the bonds of being on the same season (Redemption Island) are strong indeed, and they’re on the same page about many things, one of which is that they sense Corinne is not to be trusted. And indeed, we see Corinne join Malcolm on a search for the immunity idol, which he finds. Whether Corinne knows it or not, he’s skilled at how to use an idol too. Also, he promptly hides it to avoid the possibility that some well-meaning soul will hang up Malcolm’s pants and find the idol, as Lisa Whelchel did last season.

Back to Shamar for an interesting quote: “I’m not gonna be the angry black man on Survivor, it’s just not gonna happen.” Two episodes too late for that, guy.

We go to commercial, and just before we come back (for Dallas viewers anyway) there’s this tease for the local newscast: “Tim Tebow a wimp? A local pastor fires back.” Just think, it’s late February and Tim Tebow is still in the headlines, and in a city where as far as I know he’s never even played a game. By the way, a memo to anyone who is curious to find out whether he’s a wimp or not: he’s not.

Back to Survivor, and the challenge. Michael exchanges some friendly high fives with his fellow fans… except Shamar who can’t be bothered to slap five. Then they’re off on a challenge that involves swimming out to a fenced-in area, opening an underwater door to release a heavy crate, and getting that crate back to shore and dragging it across a platform in which they have to toss a rope to hook the missing sections. The only part I remember about the underwater portion is that we get several closeups of Brenda’s butt (which could be said to be a Survivor “Favorite” in its own right). The Favorites win, with Brandon Hantz playing a key role, so the Fans need to go to tribal council.

Among the Fans, Eddie-Reynold-Hope is one alliance, with six against them. Though there are some red herrings to the contrary, the other six decide to split their vote between Eddie and Hope just in case Reynold wants to give his idol to one of them. That makes the vote 3 each for Shamar, Eddie, and Hope (since none of those three can vote the second time around, only Reynold is left to re-vote for Shamar). The six know that Eddie is too valuable in challenges to let go, so Hope is voted out.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Sherri, 3) Michael, 4) Matt, 5) Andrea, 6) Brenda, 7) Reynold

Not sure yet: Corinne, Dawn, Erik, Cochran, Laura, Eddie, Julia

No-chance list: Brandon, Phillip, Shamar


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