“This agent sucks bad”: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II March 6 2013 recap

6 Mar

The two tribes are experiencing very different games so far this season. While the Fans have long faces and lots of conflict, for the most part the Favorites have been enjoying a beach vacation, with beautiful girls and plenty of comic relief. Much of the latter has come from Phillip, who comes up with more nicknames than George W. Bush. He even has one for Brandon, and welcomes Brandon into “Stealth ‘R Us Inc,” though behind the Specialist’s back, Brandon gives us the quote in the subject line of this post. And for further entertainment, we briefly see Andrea wrestle Brandon to the ground. What can’t the girl do?  (My Andrea crush shows few signs of abating.)

The tribes line up for the reward challenge, and the Fans just don’t look impressive. Physically, morale-wise, or in any other sense. They do, however, have two tiny girls in Laura and Julia, and the producers dish up a challenge where that’s a big advantage: two people have to walk across hand-held platforms held up by other players who are in the water (easier when you have two tiny players), then everyone has to swim to a tiny platform and fit the entire tribe onto it. The Favorites pull out a narrow victory.

The reward is to have a native Filipino come to camp and teach the tribe some jungle survival skills. A little old fellow with rudimentary English shows the Favorites how to cook rice inside bamboo and other such tricks. After that, he sticks around for a while and seems to spend most of his time hugging Brenda. I can’t blame you a bit, sir.

Cut to camp misery, where Shamar is up to his old tricks and has a few new ones. The Marines and the NAACP must be competing hard to see who can be the first to disassociate themselves from this guy. And he’s bad TV too — he’s not a hissable villain you love to hate, he’s just annoying. Once again he tells everyone that they can’t imagine how tough this game is because they’re not as big as him. I’m not so sure about this… when there’s not much to eat, is it better to be a 90-pound pixie like Laura who’s all skin and bones, or a big guy who has lots of fat reserves hanging over his belt? His latest thing is to tell the rest of the tribe that it’s their job to bring him rice once a day. This seems to be the last straw for his tribemates… except Sherri who grits her teeth and gets him some rice! She is determined to have him sitting next to her at the final jury no matter how much she has to endure to get to that point.

Then Shamar has a phantom eye injury, and we say g’day to a couple of female medics who, as in every Survivor season, are Australians for whatever reason. The Sheilas’ diagnosis is that Shamar actually has a badly scratched cornea, and Jeff Probst, who has said leaving the game is optional unless the condition is life-threatening, doesn’t try particularly hard to convince Shamar to stay. Considering he was derailing the entire season, the producers must be thrilled to see him taken away.

Time for an immunity challenge. Sherri runs out of gas after a brisk swim and puts her tribe behind, but Reynold’s uncanny throwing ability, already on display a few times this season, almost lets the Fans make an incredible comeback. But Phillip can throw pretty well himself, and the Specialist seals the victory for the Favorites.

Back at camp, things get interesting. Reynold and Eddie assume they’re still on the chopping block (especially Eddie, who doesn’t have an immunity idol), but Matt (BMX guy) pulls his best buddy Mike ((presumably) gay event planner) aside and says that the two of them plus Reynold and Eddie are the only good challenge players on the team, and they can’t afford to lose another one. Mike worries about casting his lot with “this wild-card Mr. Awesome” (meaning Reynold). Matt goes to Reynold to tell him the plan, but Reynold, who of course has no way of knowing Matt and Mike are sincere, says he wasn’t born yesterday and isn’t buying it! Matt and Mike have their sights set on Laura, who is a liability in challenges and whose main skill seems to be passive-aggressiveness. As Matt or Mike correctly points out, in the immunity challenge “she was breathing heavy after trying to unlock locks.”

Meanwhile this hasn’t been a good day for the fast-food franchisee Sherri. Shamar, whom she saw as “my Phillip,” is gone, Matt and Mike have minds of their own, and her ally Laura looks to be in trouble.

When the Fans go to Tribal Council there are only seven of them thanks to Shamar’s departure. Then Laura is voted out by a vote of 6-1… surprisingly even Sherri and Julia voted for Laura.  This leaves only six Fans. Remember, the Favorites have nine people, as the only person they have lost is Francesca who was voted out the first week!

Before the votes are read, Reynold does play his immunity idol. Some might say he wasted it but I disagree. He had no way of knowing that Matt and Mike were serious and not just trying to trick him into not playing the idol. My thought is, better to play it a week to early than to be voted out with the idol in your pocket.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Matt, 3) Michael, 4) Sherri, 5) Andrea, 6) Brenda, 7) Reynold

Not sure yet: Corinne, Dawn, Erik, Cochran, Eddie, Julia

No-chance list: Brandon, Phillip


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