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Updated post: “Hold up….” and watch this brilliant Survivor song

29 Apr

The most dramatic moment of the season so far, Malcolm’s unforgettable “hold up” to Reynold, has now been immortalized in an original song and a video… starring Legos.

Update: here’s a link that actually works.


“I love the smell of fresh dirt”: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II April 24 2013 recap

24 Apr

The episode begins with Brenda in tears about lots of different things. Has spending too much time with Dawn led to this? I guess everyone needs a good cry now and then, but I have to say Brenda is the biggest disappointment of the Favorites team this year. She really hasn’t done any of the things that made her entertaining or a formidable player in her first season in Nicaragua. So much so that I do wonder whether her alliance-mate Sash, who I thought was the second banana of their Nicaragua duo, should be getting more credit.

But back to the season at hand. The players find out that the reward challenge will be a food auction. You would think that a group comprised partly of veteran players and partly of avid fans would know exactly what to do in the auction, right? Any fool can see that you should always pass up all of the treats and use all of your money to get an advantage in an immunity challenge. Well, I shouldn’t say any fool can see it, because Jonathan Penner, himself a returning player, didn’t last season and it cost him his spot in the game. OK, I promise that was my last mention of a previous season in this recap. And of course, someone who just cooked himself a delicious dinner (like me) sees this differently than someone who’s truly hungry.

Malcolm tells the camera before going to the auction that he knows there will be a challenge advantage on offer and he plans to win it. However, when the time comes, not only does he not hold out through every food lot, he doesn’t even make it through one! A $20 bid gets him peanuts and beer. Reynold soon uses a bunch of his money on food as well. However, a few lots later, Jeff Probst announces that the next item is some key information, and surprisingly Malcolm has no competition as he bids his remaining $480! He comes up to the podium to have Jeff reveal the info which he’s only allowed to study for 60 seconds. It’s an explanation of the exact location of a hidden immunity idol, buried six inches deep in the ground.

As it turns out, there’s also a challenge advantage on offer later in the auction, and Cochran wins it for $340. It’s not clear if Brenda dropped out of the bidding on the lot, or if the bidding simply passed the amount of money she had left. For her sake I hope the latter.

When everyone returns to camp, Reynold tells the camera that he and his pals Malcolm and Eddie want to get Erik and Sherri to join them to form a 5-4 majority and vote out… Cochran? They have him pegged as the best strategic player on the Favorites, and the fact that only he and Malcolm had a semi-sound strategy for the auction reinforces that. I’m starting to think I made a mistake by putting Cochran on my “no chance to win” list weeks ago…

When darkness falls, Malcolm heads for the idol hiding place spelled out by the clue. But he hasn’t searched around long when Andrea and Cochran stroll over, and Andrea kids “Hmm, I love the smell of fresh dirt.” The two of them simply plop down and take a seat on a stump, and won’t leave! Andrea thinks that if there’s an idol played she’s the one going home, so she has extra motivation. The strategy is brilliant. However, it does beg the question, why doesn’t Malcolm just dig for it anyway, even if they’re watching? He says it’s because they would just start digging near him, and at that point perhaps he figures one of his own trio is fairly certain to win the immunity challenge.

That challenge involves holding up a rope that’s supporting a heavy pole.With each turn the players have to lower their hands, making the weight heavier. Malcolm is surprisingly one of the earlier ones out, and it comes down to Cochran (who by virtue of the advantage he bought at auction, has to support less weight) and Eddie. Cochran outlasts him to win immunity.

At this point Malcolm should have gone back to dig for the idol, even if someone was watching, and at the risk of one of the Favorites finding it. Instead he meets Sherri in a secluded spot and promises “I’ll go to the end with you.” At that point I wrote down, “Could Sherri possibly fall for it?” And meanwhile Erik is promising to go along with both sides. The Favorites do wonder if they can trust Erik, since he mysteriously voted for Phillip at the previous tribal council. Now, Malcolm figures that he doesn’t need Erik and Sherri, only Erik or Sherri, as long as the Favorites think his group has an idol. Because then the Favorites would want to split the votes, and that would make for a 4-3-2 vote, with one of the “splitters” actually voting with Malcolm. The favorites could thwart this by simply not splitting: why would they think the “bros” have another idol, since they didn’t let Malcolm dig for one?

By the way, before everyone goes to tribal council, Sherri tells the camera that she’s the one calling the shots in the game. I’m surprised they didn’t have to interrupt the interview for the cameraman doubling over with laughter.

The players go to tribal council, and jury members Michael and Phillip are introduced (only the first of those two is gay, but you’d never know it given Phillip’s wardrobe choice). The vote ends up being a 3-3-3 tie between Malcolm, Reynold, and Andrea, which means a re-vote in which the people who received votes cannot vote, and nobody can receive a vote but those three. In other words, on the re-vote Eddie is the only one of the “bro” alliance who can vote. Malcolm is voted out, with even Eddie bowing to the inevitable and voting Malcolm.

I had Malcolm at the top of my contender rankings since the start, and I do think he can make a case to be considered one of the all-time best players. His critical error this season was confiding in Dawn about his plan to vote Andrea two episodes ago. Malcolm’s departure certainly makes this a much more wide-open game!

Now then, was it a good move by Sherri and Erik not to flip? I think so. For one thing, either of them would have been a clear #4 in a foursome if they had caught on with the “bros,” whereas the Favorites don’t seem to have an etched-in-stone pecking order. Also, as outsiders Erik or Sherri would have a shot to pick up votes for any bros who end up on the jury, but wouldn’t get votes from Favorites who’d be bitter about being turned on.

The preview for next week showed a couple of interesting things but not what interests me most, which is: when they get back to camp, does anyone race to the area where Andrea and Cochran know the idol has to be, and start digging?

Contender list: 1) Andrea, 2) Reynold, 3) Brenda, 4) Dawn, 5) Sherri, 6) Eddie

No-chance list: Erik, Cochran

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michael (Reynold), Phillip (Andrea), Malcolm (Reynold)

“I Cry More Than A Baby, Literally”: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II April 17 2013 recap

17 Apr

The episode begins with Malcolm saying he thought Dawn might be on his side, and that he was all wrong. Meanwhile Cochran and Phillip are coming to the realization that maybe Dawn isn’t the major threat to get jury votes that they thought, since her tattling has played a role in several ousters and might not be something Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold will soon forget.

We saw in last week’s “coming soon” that Dawn would be going into even more hysterics than usual this week. What could possibly have happened, somebody dying? No, her losing her retainer. Brenda dives underwater and finds it in approximately 10 seconds, and Dawn hugs her as if Brenda had just saved Dawn’s 6 children from being stomped on by Godzilla. Oh, also, when she came and got Brenda, Dawn told her “I don’t want anyone else to know.” Since she was bawling loudly enough to awaken Ferdinand Marcos from the dead, I doubt she succeeded in keeping a lid on it.

The reward challenge is one that’s been done before, with an obstacle course that leaves everyone with mud and sand all over them at the end. Phillip, Dawn, Reynold, Erik, and Cochran get to go to a place that no doubt has the Philippine tourism bureau’s full approval, complete with infinity pool. The relaxation doesn’t do Dawn much good, in fact once she gets back to camp she tuns into Captain Kurtz and is overcome by paranoia, even thinking Andrea has turned on her for no other reason than she’s seen her talking to Malcolm and Eddie. Even Dawn’s alliance-mates have quickly had their fill. But then she gets one good night’s sleep and announces she’s completely back to normal again! Wow, when she’s back in civilian life teachers are going to cringe when that mother strolls into a PTA meeting.

Time for the immunity challenge which involves having to run across a long platform, then dive underneath and pull yourself along a rope that runs the length of the platform underwater, then surface, grab a ring, and put the ring on a pole at the other end of the platform. After the first heat is over, Phillip, who’s slated to be in the second heat, announces he is sitting the challenge out and won’t participate. He later recounts a childhood incident when he was trapped under a dock as his reason. Jeff Probst later says it’s the first time he can recall someone sitting a challenge out without some inducement such as food.

In the second heat, Eddie is set to be one of the two who advance, but in a play reminiscent of the DeSean Jackson blunder against the Cowboys, he fails to put the ring on the pole properly, or notice that he botched it, and so he’s eliminated. The final and the immunity necklace are won by Reynold.

Once back at camp, since Eddie, Reynold, and Malcolm have nothing better to do, they go looking for a new immunity idol on the assumption that a new one was placed after Malcolm played Reynold’s last episode. Sure enough, Malcolm finds one in short order, with Dawn and Andrea standing right there watching him. Since the Favorites’ plan was to split votes between Malcolm and Eddie (Reynold not being eligible), everyone including Eddie is certain Eddie is going home.

But at tribal council Malcolm announces that he’s giving the idol to Eddie, and also announces he has another previously found idol for himself. Probst keeps interrupting, but once Malcolm has the floor again he also announces that he and his two mates are voting for Phillip. The Favorites, who are usually prepared for any eventuality, weren’t ready for this one, and while others are talking they’re mouthing words to one another trying to decide who from their own group to vote for. Brenda is mouthing “Andrea” and someone else was mouthing “Phillip” even before Malcolm made the last part of his announcement. Erik says “May I say something?” (Is that why he’s been heard from so seldom this season, he just didn’t realize you can speak up at any time?) and points out that just because Malcolm and Eddie have idols around their necks doesn’t mean they’re going to play them after the votes are cast. Phillip, meanwhile, is offended by something Malcolm said when throwing out Phillip’s name, and the Specialist tells his tribe they should vote as originally planned, and if that makes him lose, so be it.

As it turned out, all except Erik did stick to their original plan, which was a good move because it would have been just like Malcolm to bluff. However, both idols were played, and the only votes that counted were the four against Phillip, who is voted out.

The question is, why did the guys choose Phillip to target and not Andrea? Perhaps because they thought a dislike, latent or otherwise, of Phillip in some quarters would send a couple more votes their way?

Now, this twist certainly led to an unprecedented situation at tribal council, but I have to say I’m not going to call this a classic moment in the game. Although a well-thought-out move by Malcolm for sure, the problem is that too much luck was involved with the two idols, which were both found too easily. I don’t like to see something that cheap outweigh gameplay by others.

We see that next week will be the “food auction” challenge. I previously outlined exactly what the correct strategy in the auction is (as have a lot of other people). Will someone among the six seasoned veterans and three longtime fans do it right? Or will they inexplicably botch it like Jonathan Penner did last season?

As this season heads into the final stretch, I should probably take a closer look at the remaining contenders and their chances, leaving out Cochran and Erik who in my opinion have no chance to win.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Andrea, 3) Brenda, 4) Reynold, 5) Dawn, 6) Eddie, 7) Sherri

Malcolm pros: Threat to win immunity, has a couple of allies now, and probably deserves to win as he’s probably the best player.

Malcolm cons: He’ll need to win immunity, as nobody would be foolish enough to take this guy to the finals, including his new bro Reynold.

Andrea pros: Good in challenges, has an alliance, and seems to be liked by the guys as well as her alliance.

Andrea cons: She’s so good that everyone is already thinking of taking her out, see Brenda in this episode.

Brenda pros: Could very well win immunity and nobody seems to have a grudge against her.

Brenda cons: The fact that she hasn’t done too much can work against her.

Reynold pros: Probably the best athlete in the game, and also smart.

Reynold cons: A lot of the other players think he’s arrogant and wouldn’t want to give him a million dollars.

Dawn pros: She’s a nice, All-American mother.

Dawn cons: This mother can get pretty psycho, and four potential jury members have a beef with her after last week.

Eddie pros: He’s athletic enough that I could see him stealing the final challenge, and he hasn’t crossed anyone.

Eddie cons: The image of being Reynold’s spear-carrier does not help him.

Sherri pros: Er, well… she’s got a shot to get to the finals just because most would probably rather take her than anyone I just mentioned. If she went to the end with the right combination, say Eddie and Reynold, I could see her coming out on top.

Sherri cons: While she made moves early in the game, the only people who saw them who are still around are Eddie and Reynold, who she was making the moves against! Since then she has done little.

No-chance list: Cochran, Erik

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michael (Malcolm), Phillip (Andrea)

“Let’s bro down”: Survivor Caramoan April 10 2013 recap

11 Apr

This season is finally starting to live up to some of its billing, and this episode topped last week as the best of the season so far.

Unfortunately the show began with still more camera time for Phillip. Just as George Lucas reportedly thought that Jar Jar Binks would become a beloved character people couldn’t get enough of, the producers seem to have thought that a big weekly dose of Phillip is a must. I can’t imagine anyone in America hasn’t tired of him by now.

We head for a reward challenge, and the merged tribe does a schoolyard pick-’em (not shown on screen) to figure out the teams. Sherri is not picked and thus eliminated from the reward. Yes, that means someone picked even the ultra-unathletic Cochran over Sherri! In fairness to Cochran, he acquitted himself well at the challenge. The event involved jumping off a platform and trying to throw a ball past a goalie (Malcolm for one team, Michael for the other) and into a goal. However the players quickly figured out that since the goalie’s perch is pretty far out you could score a goal by simply arcing the ball over the goalie’s head.

The winning team of Eddie, Reynold, Cochran, Erik and Michael gets to rappel down a waterfall and enjoy a picnic. Reynold makes an effort to suggest a bros’ alliance among all present, but nothing much comes of it.

Back at camp, Malcolm sees this as the time to make his big move. He wants to band together with some Fans and other stragglers and take out Andrea, a plan he decides to share with … Dawn! Malcolm had no way of knowing that Corinne made the exact same mistake last week, but history repeats itself here and the only effect of the conversation is that Dawn resolves that Malcolm has to go.

Meanwhile, Andrea observes that “Eddie’s really hot” (a sentiment shared by Eddie, as you know if you saw the early episodes of the season). The two of them head for a secluded place and chat a bit, as the producers play music you might hear in a movie as lovers amble through the park. While Andrea is enjoying herself, she is also mainly in this mini-flirtation for whatever strategic advantage she can gain. She tells Eddie that if he gives her exclusive information on Malcolm, she can guarantee he won’t be going home in the next vote (which costs her nothing since she and Dawn have already decided they want to blindside Malcolm). Once that’s done, Eddie admits “I am indirectly hitting on you,” resulting in a long silence as Andrea ponders how to answer that. Eddie, take it from me: long pauses by a girl you’re hitting on are never good.

The immunity challenge reprises an exciting one from the first Fans vs. Favorites season: the players swim under a metal grate that’s just a few inches above the surface of the water, then have to try and keep breathing as the tide raises the water level. It comes down to Andrea and Brenda in an exciting finish, and Andrea even submerges a couple of times but comes back up to keep playing. Still, Brenda outlasts her and wins. I do have to note that Brenda has the skinniest face of any of the players, and that’s an advantage as it lets you stick your mouth through the grate a bit further.

Time for a great scene of Malcolm and Andrea making sure they’re both solid in their decision to split the vote between Reynold and Eddie. Of course both of them are lying, as they really plan to vote for each other! Malcolm seems totally confident and we appear headed for the perfect blindside… until Andrea has a talk with Eddie. Other than saying it won’t be Eddie who’s voted out she refuses to divulge a thing, but he does tell her that her name is being considered. Andrea freaks out and immediately tells everyone to change the plan to a safer vote of Michael (who everyone is sure doesn’t have an idol). Dawn tries to calm her down and says their original plan is fine, but we see no more before tribal council.

At tribal council the Favorites have poker faces, except for Phillip, who obviously thinks camera time is more important than advancing in the game, and stops just short of blabbing their entire plan as Andrea and Cochran show pained expressions. Also, Malcolm looks incredibly stressed out as he hears all of this. We see that Malcolm has written Reynold’s name down, which he puzzlingly tells the camera is a throwaway vote.

Now Jeff Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol, and Reynold gets up to hand his over. But then Malcolm calls out to him and says give it to me, all of the others just voted for me and that’s what Phillip’s speech was about! Reynold thinks about it for just a second and then complies, and it’s Malcolm who gets the immunity! And remember, Malcolm secretly has an idol of his own (presumably he would have used it if Reynold had said no)!

At this point it looks as if Andrea will be going home, since no vote for Malcolm will count. But instead it’s Michael who got all of the Favorites’ votes! Evidently they never did change the plan back. Michael seemed like a good sport up to now, but not so much once he’s voted off. He makes a “Bronx cheer” noise, flips everyone off and says “you turkeys” on the way out.

As the votes are shown during the closing credits, we see that everyone voted for Michael except for Eddie, Michael, and Reynold, who voted Andrea, and Malcolm’s odd “throwaway” vote for Reynold. Strangely enough given all of that drama, nobody really ended up losing anything! (Well, except Michael of course.) The Favorites saw the person go who they determined should go, and while he wasn’t as big a threat to win it all as Malcolm is, he was the Fan with the best chance to win in my opinion (last week I had him ranked #2, behind only Malcolm). Also, I initially thought Reynold made a grievous error that he’d regret for all time by handing Malcolm the idol, but if he’d just handed it to Jeff Probst as he originally intended, the result would have been the same: Reynold stays in the game but no longer has an idol.

Great tribal council moment: Reynold moves to play the idol and Malcolm convinces him to give it to him instead!

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Dawn, 3) Andrea, 4) Brenda, 5) Sherri, 6) Reynold, 7) Eddie

No-chance list: Phillip, Cochran, Erik

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michael (Malcolm)

“It is kind of funny that I cry so much”: Survivor Caramoan April 3 2013 recap

3 Apr

This was the best episode of the season so far, so much so that I think I might have injured my elbow by pumping my fist!

Let’s get right to it. We begin the episode at night after the last tribal council, with Phillip pulling Dawn and Corinne aside to continue his claim that he threw the last challenge. They’re not buying it any more than Cochran did.

Soon thereafter, Dawn is surprisingly on the verge of tears. And by that I mean, it’s surprising that for once she’s only on the verge of them. Although come to think of it, if my top ally in the game were the person who ruined my chance to win the previous time, as Cochran is here, I would probably be sad too.

In other news, Andrea looks as ridiculously good as a woman who hasn’t touched soap in 22 days can possibly look. Just in case you had forgotten my Andrea crush, readers, I wanted to bring you up to speed.

As was revealed on the previews at the end of last episode, the tribes merge. As usual, this begins with a hearty meal, though alas there’s no immunity idol clue hidden in the goodies this time. They come up with a name for the new tribe, which Corinne has a catty comment on when she’s alone with the camera. There isn’t much that Corinne doesn’t have a catty comment on.

The merge means that Phillip and Andrea are reunited, and they talk strategy a bit. The Specialist says “Pretend you’re Boston Rob, ’cause that’s what I do.” I certainly don’t disagree with this strategy, having named Boston Rob the best player of all time. But I do think it’s funny that a guy not on this season has been talked about more than a couple of people (like Julia or Eddie) who are on this season. I think Rob has broken the record held by Godot in “Waiting for Godot.”

Another duo has been reunited as well, namely Malcolm and Corinne. And they quickly realize they can put a pretty darn good alliance together, with Malcolm contributing his new bros Eddie, Reynold, and Erik, and Corinne adding Michael, who she manages to mention without saying he’s gay, for once. Her goal, of course, is to knock out Phillip. We then come to a signature moment: Corinne telling the camera “I have yet to really be involved in a blindside. It’s time. It’s blindside time.” Hmmm, a bit reminiscent of Kat in One World saying “blindsides are fun and exciting”? Hmmm….

The merged tribe gets some tree mail regarding the upcoming challenge, and they quickly figure out what it entails. As Reynold says, “My one weakness: eating disgusting stuff.” I was thrilled to see the eating challenge come back after being gone for many a season. To me the best part is that these aren’t gross meals that some producer concocted, they’re all considered delicacies in the respective countries! By the way, before they leave, Eddie wonders whether being known for eating yucky stuff will hurt him when it comes to potential future sexual liaisons. It’s actually the first time Eddie has been heard from in weeks as far as I can recall.

As the first group of six lines up in front of dishes that are covered up, Erik exclaims, “Mine moved a little.” In other words, their food is alive! The first dish is revealed to be live beetle larvae, and it would be tough to come up with something more disgusting. After two groups of six compete, we’re left with Andrea, Cochran, Phillip, Michael, Eddie, and Malcolm. The next dish is ship worms, i.e. the little creatures that eat through the hulls of ships. Eddie, Cochran, and Malcolm move on, and Andrea’s sour expression demonstrates that while eating disgusting stuff is bad, to get most of it down and yet still be eliminated is even worse. Even Andrea was not able to look cute with a piece of ship worm stuck to her nose.

The final three are presented with a meal that has been used on Survivor before: duck embryos. Compared to the previous stuff, these don’t look that bad! Cochran and Malcolm make the finals, and Jeff Probst is quick to point out that Cochran has never come close to winning individual immunity before. “This is David and Goliath,” Probst says. The final meal is pig brains, which also doesn’t look that bad (anyone who has eaten German Weisswurst has had brains before anyway). Cochran wins immunity and does a silly little dance to celebrate, to everyone’s amusement.

(All in all, the Philippines have some pretty revolting delicacies. I wonder if Sean Lowe the Bachelor knew this before he proposed to Filipino Catherine?)

Back at camp, Phillip wants to split the vote between Eddie and Reynold in case one has an idol, but Corinne is just as much against such a strategy as she was the previous episode, and for the same secret reason: it involves someone she secretly wants to ally with. She argues in favor of voting out Sherri, and appears to have an easy time convincing Cochran and Dawn to override Phillip’s objection. So everything points to Sherri being voted out. There’s just one problem: as any veteran Survivor watcher knows, the person who will end up being voted out is featured to a certain degree in the episode, and in this episode we have heard barely a peep from Sherri.

This is where Corinne gets greedy. Since her plan would only mean 6 votes out of 12, she targets Dawn as a seventh vote and not only tells her about her new coalition, but that Phillip would be the subsequent person on the chopping block. Dawn tells the camera that in her previous season, coming into critical information that stood to hurt her alliance (in that case Cochran’s plan to flip) and not sharing it was her downfall. She’s determined not to repeat that and seeks out Cochran. The two quickly realize that having Sherri knocked out this week and Phillip next week would really hurt their own chances to win, yet would benefit Corinne immensely and perhaps even put her in control of the game. Therefore, Corinne has to go.

I was really impressed by Cochran in this sequence. To me he hadn’t shown much as a player in either season he played, but maybe a strategist is being born before our eyes.

We see a snake slithering in and out of a basket of food, while Dawn and Cochran try to win people over. Sherri wants to save herself, but she says she has doubts. Why? Because she hates Phillip. This is the woman who wanted to go all the way to the end with Shamar, who was one of the most odious human beings you’ll meet, and said early on “Shamar is my Phillip.” She should love this plan, because it opens the door for her “Phillip” to be… Phillip! Meanwhile, Erik is the swing vote, a scary thought to Cochran as it would be to anyone. For whatever reason Erik wants Andrea to point to the name of the person to be voted out on their tribe sign as they stand in front of it, instead of just saying the name.

At tribal council, despite Sherri saying “I don’t think the fans have a shot,” Corinne is voted out as I jump for joy watching at home. I previously named Corinne the biggest bitch in the history of Survivor, and while she provided entertainment value, I just don’t like the woman. Thankfully, she didn’t make the jury either, so we’ll be spared her premeditated zingers at the end.

Classic challenge: An eating challenge with live larvae.

Great blindside: Corinne is sent home.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Michael, 3) Dawn, 4) Andrea, 5) Brenda, 6) Reynold, 7) Sherri, 8) Eddie

No-chance list: Phillip, Cochran, Erik

“You can’t make up this level of delusion”: Survivor Caramoan March 27 2013 recap

1 Apr

This fairly dull episode was dominated by Phillip and Corinne sniping at each other, either directly or indirectly, and both of them getting way too much camera time in the process.

We begin with the announcement of a reward challenge that is said to involve strength. Phillip is confident their tribe will win, and even that vote of confidence gets on Corinne’s nerves! Then Phillip decides to demonstrate his strength by arm-wrestling Cochran …. I don’t think you’ll be shocked to hear that Phillip won.

The challenge turns out to be a reprise of one of the more memorable challenges from what in my book was the best-ever season, Survivor: Palau. The concept is that both tribes are weighed down by heavy bags, and they start on opposite sides of a circular track and one has to try and catch the other. However, you need somewhat evenly matched tribes to make the challenge entertaining, evidently. As Brenda, who sat out the challenge, cheered and gyrated her body (the only part of this episode I would want to watch a replay of), the young and athletic orange tribe made short work of the purple tribe. There was much talk about bad strategy by Phillip but in this case it probably didn’t matter what the strategy was.

The orange group got to go to what was basically a mini-Starbucks on the island, and Malcolm remarked “all we do is win challenges and party.”

Back at the purple camp, Julia got more camera time than she’s received the rest of the season put together, but nothing interesting ensued. Cochran said “Julia is such a nonentity out here,” and she did nothing to prove him wrong. Phillip’s comment was “She’s managed to commit several foo pas.”

The immunity challenge was a forgettable affair, also won by the orange tribe, though not by a wide margin. Phillip wasn’t particularly great and sent up a trial balloon afterwards by telling Cochran he wasn’t trying to win. The Harvard grad didn’t buy it for a second.

Julia is voted out, meaning the orange tribe is now up 7-5, and the Favorites are up on the Fans 8-4.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Michael, 3) Dawn, 4) Andrea, 5) Brenda, 6) Reynold, 7) Sherri, 8) Eddie

No-chance list: Phillip, Corinne, Cochran, Erik