“You can’t make up this level of delusion”: Survivor Caramoan March 27 2013 recap

1 Apr

This fairly dull episode was dominated by Phillip and Corinne sniping at each other, either directly or indirectly, and both of them getting way too much camera time in the process.

We begin with the announcement of a reward challenge that is said to involve strength. Phillip is confident their tribe will win, and even that vote of confidence gets on Corinne’s nerves! Then Phillip decides to demonstrate his strength by arm-wrestling Cochran …. I don’t think you’ll be shocked to hear that Phillip won.

The challenge turns out to be a reprise of one of the more memorable challenges from what in my book was the best-ever season, Survivor: Palau. The concept is that both tribes are weighed down by heavy bags, and they start on opposite sides of a circular track and one has to try and catch the other. However, you need somewhat evenly matched tribes to make the challenge entertaining, evidently. As Brenda, who sat out the challenge, cheered and gyrated her body (the only part of this episode I would want to watch a replay of), the young and athletic orange tribe made short work of the purple tribe. There was much talk about bad strategy by Phillip but in this case it probably didn’t matter what the strategy was.

The orange group got to go to what was basically a mini-Starbucks on the island, and Malcolm remarked “all we do is win challenges and party.”

Back at the purple camp, Julia got more camera time than she’s received the rest of the season put together, but nothing interesting ensued. Cochran said “Julia is such a nonentity out here,” and she did nothing to prove him wrong. Phillip’s comment was “She’s managed to commit several foo pas.”

The immunity challenge was a forgettable affair, also won by the orange tribe, though not by a wide margin. Phillip wasn’t particularly great and sent up a trial balloon afterwards by telling Cochran he wasn’t trying to win. The Harvard grad didn’t buy it for a second.

Julia is voted out, meaning the orange tribe is now up 7-5, and the Favorites are up on the Fans 8-4.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Michael, 3) Dawn, 4) Andrea, 5) Brenda, 6) Reynold, 7) Sherri, 8) Eddie

No-chance list: Phillip, Corinne, Cochran, Erik


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