“It is kind of funny that I cry so much”: Survivor Caramoan April 3 2013 recap

3 Apr

This was the best episode of the season so far, so much so that I think I might have injured my elbow by pumping my fist!

Let’s get right to it. We begin the episode at night after the last tribal council, with Phillip pulling Dawn and Corinne aside to continue his claim that he threw the last challenge. They’re not buying it any more than Cochran did.

Soon thereafter, Dawn is surprisingly on the verge of tears. And by that I mean, it’s surprising that for once she’s only on the verge of them. Although come to think of it, if my top ally in the game were the person who ruined my chance to win the previous time, as Cochran is here, I would probably be sad too.

In other news, Andrea looks as ridiculously good as a woman who hasn’t touched soap in 22 days can possibly look. Just in case you had forgotten my Andrea crush, readers, I wanted to bring you up to speed.

As was revealed on the previews at the end of last episode, the tribes merge. As usual, this begins with a hearty meal, though alas there’s no immunity idol clue hidden in the goodies this time. They come up with a name for the new tribe, which Corinne has a catty comment on when she’s alone with the camera. There isn’t much that Corinne doesn’t have a catty comment on.

The merge means that Phillip and Andrea are reunited, and they talk strategy a bit. The Specialist says “Pretend you’re Boston Rob, ’cause that’s what I do.” I certainly don’t disagree with this strategy, having named Boston Rob the best player of all time. But I do think it’s funny that a guy not on this season has been talked about more than a couple of people (like Julia or Eddie) who are on this season. I think Rob has broken the record held by Godot in “Waiting for Godot.”

Another duo has been reunited as well, namely Malcolm and Corinne. And they quickly realize they can put a pretty darn good alliance together, with Malcolm contributing his new bros Eddie, Reynold, and Erik, and Corinne adding Michael, who she manages to mention without saying he’s gay, for once. Her goal, of course, is to knock out Phillip. We then come to a signature moment: Corinne telling the camera “I have yet to really be involved in a blindside. It’s time. It’s blindside time.” Hmmm, a bit reminiscent of Kat in One World saying “blindsides are fun and exciting”? Hmmm….

The merged tribe gets some tree mail regarding the upcoming challenge, and they quickly figure out what it entails. As Reynold says, “My one weakness: eating disgusting stuff.” I was thrilled to see the eating challenge come back after being gone for many a season. To me the best part is that these aren’t gross meals that some producer concocted, they’re all considered delicacies in the respective countries! By the way, before they leave, Eddie wonders whether being known for eating yucky stuff will hurt him when it comes to potential future sexual liaisons. It’s actually the first time Eddie has been heard from in weeks as far as I can recall.

As the first group of six lines up in front of dishes that are covered up, Erik exclaims, “Mine moved a little.” In other words, their food is alive! The first dish is revealed to be live beetle larvae, and it would be tough to come up with something more disgusting. After two groups of six compete, we’re left with Andrea, Cochran, Phillip, Michael, Eddie, and Malcolm. The next dish is ship worms, i.e. the little creatures that eat through the hulls of ships. Eddie, Cochran, and Malcolm move on, and Andrea’s sour expression demonstrates that while eating disgusting stuff is bad, to get most of it down and yet still be eliminated is even worse. Even Andrea was not able to look cute with a piece of ship worm stuck to her nose.

The final three are presented with a meal that has been used on Survivor before: duck embryos. Compared to the previous stuff, these don’t look that bad! Cochran and Malcolm make the finals, and Jeff Probst is quick to point out that Cochran has never come close to winning individual immunity before. “This is David and Goliath,” Probst says. The final meal is pig brains, which also doesn’t look that bad (anyone who has eaten German Weisswurst has had brains before anyway). Cochran wins immunity and does a silly little dance to celebrate, to everyone’s amusement.

(All in all, the Philippines have some pretty revolting delicacies. I wonder if Sean Lowe the Bachelor knew this before he proposed to Filipino Catherine?)

Back at camp, Phillip wants to split the vote between Eddie and Reynold in case one has an idol, but Corinne is just as much against such a strategy as she was the previous episode, and for the same secret reason: it involves someone she secretly wants to ally with. She argues in favor of voting out Sherri, and appears to have an easy time convincing Cochran and Dawn to override Phillip’s objection. So everything points to Sherri being voted out. There’s just one problem: as any veteran Survivor watcher knows, the person who will end up being voted out is featured to a certain degree in the episode, and in this episode we have heard barely a peep from Sherri.

This is where Corinne gets greedy. Since her plan would only mean 6 votes out of 12, she targets Dawn as a seventh vote and not only tells her about her new coalition, but that Phillip would be the subsequent person on the chopping block. Dawn tells the camera that in her previous season, coming into critical information that stood to hurt her alliance (in that case Cochran’s plan to flip) and not sharing it was her downfall. She’s determined not to repeat that and seeks out Cochran. The two quickly realize that having Sherri knocked out this week and Phillip next week would really hurt their own chances to win, yet would benefit Corinne immensely and perhaps even put her in control of the game. Therefore, Corinne has to go.

I was really impressed by Cochran in this sequence. To me he hadn’t shown much as a player in either season he played, but maybe a strategist is being born before our eyes.

We see a snake slithering in and out of a basket of food, while Dawn and Cochran try to win people over. Sherri wants to save herself, but she says she has doubts. Why? Because she hates Phillip. This is the woman who wanted to go all the way to the end with Shamar, who was one of the most odious human beings you’ll meet, and said early on “Shamar is my Phillip.” She should love this plan, because it opens the door for her “Phillip” to be… Phillip! Meanwhile, Erik is the swing vote, a scary thought to Cochran as it would be to anyone. For whatever reason Erik wants Andrea to point to the name of the person to be voted out on their tribe sign as they stand in front of it, instead of just saying the name.

At tribal council, despite Sherri saying “I don’t think the fans have a shot,” Corinne is voted out as I jump for joy watching at home. I previously named Corinne the biggest bitch in the history of Survivor, and while she provided entertainment value, I just don’t like the woman. Thankfully, she didn’t make the jury either, so we’ll be spared her premeditated zingers at the end.

Classic challenge: An eating challenge with live larvae.

Great blindside: Corinne is sent home.

Contender list: 1) Malcolm, 2) Michael, 3) Dawn, 4) Andrea, 5) Brenda, 6) Reynold, 7) Sherri, 8) Eddie

No-chance list: Phillip, Cochran, Erik


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