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Final thoughts about Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II

14 May

Time for some quick hits to wrap up this very satisfying season.

Brenda and Dawn: I probably let Brenda off too easily in my last recap. Even though Dawn taking out her teeth on national television made for a very memorable moment, it was very mean-spirited of Brenda to demand that she do so and then not vote for her. Jeff “The Piercing Eagle” Probst seemed intent on wringing an apology out of Dawn at the finale no matter what, but really Brenda is the one who owed someone an apology!

Erik: I wondered why in the world he would go off on Sherri at Tribal Council for not doing much as a player (and Eddie chided her as well). Postgame interviews made clear that Sherri’s absurd “I’m running the show” comments weren’t limited to her confessionals: she said the same thing to other players in the game! That makes it a bit more understandable.

Cochran: I lauded his masterful performance at the final Tribal Council, but some have pointed out that it’s easier to give a great performance when you’re having softballs lobbed your way, and harder when you’re under fire as Dawn was. Also, the fact that he got no votes during the season and every vote at the finals is impressive in one sense, but also means he never had to fend off any true threats (the record is held by Aras with 9 votes against him by the way). I still do think Cochran did great though, and I can live with him as the winner for that reason.

More on Cochran and Dawn: They really were the key to four big moves in this game, namely:

1) to vote out Francesca, not Andrea

2) to vote out Corinne, not Sherri

3) to vote out Malcolm, not Andrea

4) to vote out Brenda, not Eddie

I would add them to my list of the best alliances in Survivor history… except I don’t think it’s fair to include returning players on that list. Who knows what they hashed out before the game even began?

Key strategic moment of the whole season: It may well have been after the merge (April 3 episode) when Corinne made a push to seize control of the game. She wanted to vote out Sherri and form a group of herself, Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold, Erik, and Michael, possibly adding Dawn. If she’d succeeded she would have had a 6-5 or 7-4 advantage in the game, and the rest of the season would have been totally different (probably resulting in Malcolm winning).

Andrea and Malcolm: Interaction between these two provided three of the most entertaining moments of the season: 1) She tells him she dreamt he had the idol, and he does have it, in fact he has it hidden under his wrist wrappings, right in front of her face. He tells the camera he’s an accomplished liar when it comes to women. 2) She and Malcolm “agree” to split the vote between Reynold and Eddie when in fact she and Malcolm are really voting for each other, and Andrea knows that both of them are lying! 3) When Malcolm sneaks away to dig for the idol using his clue, Andrea shows up saying “I love the smell of fresh dirt,” and just plops down to watch him and doesn’t leave.

Categories of Winners: Cochran and Fabio would not seem to have very much in common, but I do think they belong in the same category, as broken down below:

Winners who dominated the season they were in: Tom (Palau), Yul, Richard Hatch, Boston Rob, Kim

Not dominating but one of the top players: Danni, Parvati, Todd, Denise, Aras, Chris (Vanuatu), Earl

Solid player who did enough to earn it: Cochran, Tina, Bob, Fabio

Should not have won: Sandra (either time), Natalie (Samoa), Amber, Sophie, Jenna

Good things about this season:

– The final 12 players each ended up playing a key role in the game at some point, even Eddie (when he told Andrea about the idol), and Erik (as the key deciding vote at least once).

– The tribal councils were probably the best of any season. The second-best moment (Malcolm announcing he has two idols and that therefore he, Reynold, and Eddie would all be safe if they played them, causing disarray among the favorites) would be the #1 highlight of almost any other season!

– Pretty intelligent gameplay throughout, with no one spectacular blunder by anyone, unless you count everyone trusting Dawn.

Bad things about this season:

– The first half of the season was dominated by two raving psychos, Shamar and Brandon.

– Phillip got way too much camera time the entire time he was in the game.

– The Favorites hardly even had to play the game the first half of the season, and the only one from their tribe they had to vote out was Francesca in the first episode (since Brandon basically ousted himself).

– There was no one epic challenge, though several were pretty entertaining.

Does anyone from this season make my all-time top ten players list? No, but I had to think about it, and I don’t mean for Cochran, but for Malcolm.

Where does this Survivor Caramoan rank all-time? I guess you’ll have to look at my updated rankings.


Teeth vs. Geek: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites Finale Recap May 12 2013

13 May

We begin the episode in the dark, with Erik sitting down holding his head and obviously ill. It’s shortly after tribal council, and the players haven’t gone far, so Jeff Probst and his usual contingent of Australian medics are quickly on the scene. Erik explains that he’s dizzy and the world is spinning around. The Ozzie M.D. hooks up an I.V., and we immediately hear a clear, concise explanation of what the IV is doing, delivered by none other than… Eddie? You would think the only thing he gets fed intravenously are brewskis, but it turns out Eddie the fireman is also an emergency medical technician.

Last episode when Erik climbed the tree it sounded like he was toying with the idea of quitting, so I found the fainting spell a bit dubious, but the medic’s diagnosis is that Erik should not be allowed to return to the game, and the ice cream server is scooped into a van and driven away.

This development immediately makes the finals more interesting. I said in my last post that Erik was a lock to get to the finals because every other player knew he wouldn’t get votes. With him out of the picture, the final voting seems guaranteed to be more competitive. But what would the producers do, since this throws the numbers off? Were we headed for a final two rather than a final three, something I wish Survivor would go back to?

Cochran wastes no time pondering the ramifications for his game and resolves “I have to be the first person to get to Eddie.” As the most likely person to win the next challenge he stands to be someone you must have as an ally. But at their first conversation Eddie says right away that he wants to go with Cochran to the end, rather than Dawn! Either I’m seriously misreading the way the jurors will see Dawn, or Eddie is seriously dense. As it turns out it’s the latter. However… I’ve heard some chatter lately about Eddie being one of the worst players in the history of the game. That’s ridiculous. He’s bad, but he’s not even one of the five worst on this season! Did you see Julia, Brandon, Shamar, Laura, and Erik?

Meanwhile a stressed out Dawn says that at this point in the game “It’s almost all you can do to keep it together.” Ookay Dawn, but it’s not like you have come anywhere close to keeping it together! Quite the opposite!

Time for a reward challenge, which I assume was originally supposed to be the second-to-last immunity challenge before Erik’s departure threw the numbers off. It turns out that the reward is not food or anything like that, but an advantage in the final immunity challenge. Eddie’s face lights up and he’s heard to say this is a big deal, which is a bit of a surprise because the same thing was at stake in the “floating doghouse” challenge a couple of episodes ago, and he quit right away to eat (if memory serves) a doughnut!

The challenge is one that was used before, I think in one of the Ozzy seasons: the players have to build up a house of cards with only one hand while keeping the platform steady with their other hand. Several different people seem close to winning when their towers topple, but finally Cochran, whose tower crashed several times, wins it.

Back at camp in becomes clear that in addition to Eddie not wanting to take Dawn to the finals, Sherri doesn’t want to see Dawn next to her either. Sherri notes, “Dawn has played the sympathy card in this game like no other.” What are Cochran’s thoughts on Dawn? “Every day I get to see a new freakout from Dawn. There’s the over-the-top weeping, sobbing, flailing of arms, asking to be left alone. Today Dawn was leaning more towards the catatonic breakdown…. Dawn feels like she automatically deserves a fastpass to the finals, why exactly I don’t know. Every day’s a roller-coaster with her, and it’s not fun, it’s not funny… on Day 37 she should be paranoid because I am considering ditching her.”

Time for the fallen comrades tribute, which Cochran the fan says he loves. I love it too, although I liked it better when they would just show highlights of the voted-out players. Now they add in self-serving quotes from those people. It’s always a bit silly to hear someone who was voted out really early claim they made a huge impact and/or accomplished everything they wanted to accomplish. And of course I resent those psychos Brandon and Shamar getting any airtime whatsoever. With 20 people there were a lot of fallen comrades to get to, and some of them were half-forgotten already. Not BMX Matt though, who I hope they consider bringing back if and when there’s another “all-star” season. The most entertaining moment was probably when they came to Hope, whom Eddie called his first Survivor love. Her quote was “I would do it again in a heartbeat. Without Eddie.” Ouch. By the way, Hope was only on screen for about 1 second at the reunion show, but you could see why she was voted Miss Missouri. Yowza.

The final immunity challenge involves climbing a tower to get bags of puzzle pieces and sliding down with them each time, then trying to put together a puzzle that looks like a  giant flame. Cochran uses his advantage to get a big lead, but loses it, yet still wins the challenge. The second he wins, Dawn yells out “oh my gosh” and over-emotes ridiculously as she congratulates him again and again.

At camp, Cochran tells the camera he has the million wrapped up but needs to decide who gets $100,000 for coming in second. Eddie makes his pitch to Cochran, and unlike when Reynold tried to bro down earlier in the season, Eddie approaches him using logic. Who would vote for a player who did so little, he asks. Eddie points out that the whole season, only one person he voted for went home (that being Phillip). Later Eddie tells the camera that if he won the million he’d start a kennel and dog playground attached to a bar, since he loves both dogs and bars. Uhh, he is kidding… right? Whatever the case, Eddie is voted out at tribal council. And nothing of any consequence happens between that and the final tribal council, so let’s get right to the good stuff.

The players make their opening statements, and Sherri gets off to a curious start: she says she told everyone she’s a stay-at-home mother who’s been married a long time and has a bunch of kids, and all of that is true, but she’s also a successful businesswoman with several businesses and 75 employees (OK, so she was slightly lying about the “stay-at-home” part). Why she makes this revelation at the exact time that she needs to convince people to give her a million dollars is a real mystery. As for Cochran, I notice two things: one is that his ears are absolutely enormous, and the other is that based on the opening statements he has this thing in the bag.

We’ve seen glimpses of an evil-eyed jury as well as glimpses of Andrea’s amazing outfit, and it’s time for the jurors to ask questions. Malcolm says he has nothing to say to Sherri, tells Dawn she needs to “own” her moves rather than trying to play the nice-person card, and asks Cochran what qualities he has that Malcolm doesn’t have that merited his getting further in the game. Cochran says his insecurities led him to try and take out other players, and he couldn’t imagine Malcolm ever being insecure. Cochran is dominating this tribal council!

Erik gets his turn and tries to take Sherri to task for having done nothing in the game. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This is the guy who just wanted people to point to a name on a sign right before tribal council to tell him whom to vote for! And his claim is not true anyway, though Sherri’s main moves were in the early going. Sherri quickly tires of this and tells Erik he’s being holier-than-thou, and that he should just go sit down. The ice cream scooper slinks away. Sherri, you go, girl! Erik has officially made himself look like a complete idiot on two different seasons.

As the council continues, Reynold tells Dawn “I think that you are disingenuous,” Andrea says “I’m not bitter, I have no mean words,” and Sherri is hardly addressed by anyone.

Now get your popcorn ready for a classic moment. Brenda, unlike Andrea, is very bitter, and brings up the moment when she dove for Dawn’s retainer, and how thankful Dawn was. Brenda’s convoluted reasoning for what’s coming escapes me, but it somehow has to do with wanting Dawn to feel a moment of vulnerability: she wants Dawn to take her retainer out and show everyone. Dawn says she won’t do it. Then she says if Brenda wants her to humiliate herself, so be it. So Dawn takes the retainer out… and she has no bottom teeth in the middle at all! It’s really shocking and scary! I understand much better now just why she was freaked out by the prospect of having to play the rest of the game without her retainer.

This was an unbelievable moment, surely one of the top final-tribal moments ever. The whole tribal council is one of the best final-tribals ever, and Cochran’s performance was among the very best.

At the reunion show, the votes are read, and Cochran wins. By a unanimous vote at that!

When I “handicapped” the favorites at the end of my previous post I correctly said Cochran had the inside track (no great feat), but when I looked at the potential finals matchup of Dawn/Sherri/Cochran, I thought that one would be close. Michael, Brenda, Erik, and Eddie all had reasons to vote for someone else, or so I thought. But then again who knew Cochran would do such a great job of addressing the jury?

At the reunion show something different was done than in past seasons: even after the votes were read, only the jury was up on stage, though most if not all of the players voted out earlier were in the crowd. I like that better, as trying to give every person some camera time didn’t usually result in good television. That dolt Erik didn’t get asked a question at all, thank goodness.

A couple of entertaining moments: Phillip reveals that he has a Stealth ‘R Us nickname for Probst, namely the Piercing Eagle. I kind of like that. Also, Rudy Boesch from the first season is there. He was 72 when he played and still looks good now, at 85!

I’ll be back with some final thoughts on this season, and where it stands in the all-time rankings, in the next few days.

“Likeability is a liability”: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II May 8 2013 recap

9 May

OK, this is the last Wednesday episode before the season finale, crunch time!

We open the episode with Eddie, an unlikely narrator for sure. Especially since his lament is the same one he’s had all season: that this season is hurting his sex life: “All the chicks that I go after and wanna hook up with get voted out.” Everyone including Eddie sees him as the next person to be voted out, but what if he wins immunity? In that case “it should be Cochran,” according to Brenda. Unfortunately the person she says this to is… Dawn, the biggest tattletale in the history of the game! Several players this season have found this out the hard way.

Meanwhile, Erik the ice cream scooper is a poet but doesn’t, like,  know it:

So annoying to see

, like, coconuts in a tree

They laugh at me.

The tree he’s talking about is ridiculously tall, yet he tries to climb it, and it’s an amazing feat that he even makes it halfway up. Still, he soon realizes that it’s too dangerous.

Eddie goes to get tree mail and finds… a Sprint EVO LTE cell phone! Oh no, that’s the signal that this is a “loved ones” episode. Sorry recap readers, I hate this annual tradition and fast-forward through as much of it as possible. I’m sure it’s a great moment for the players in the game, but it’s just not enjoyable for me to watch people crying, which is just about all that ever happens.

And while everyone wants to spend time with their loved ones, really the best strategic move every year is to try your best not to win this reward challenge. Because the winner always has to pick someone else to come with him, invariably disappointing someone else in the alliance. Brenda and her father win the challenge, and it turns out the producers have opted to double the tear-jerking by having a second as yet unseen family member come along for each person. Probst lets Brenda get a video preview on… no you do not win a prize if you guessed it’s the EVO LTE from Sprint. Brenda chooses Dawn and her husband to come with her, but then Probst poses the dilemma: Brenda can either have a second loved one join both her and Dawn, or she can let the other four players have meals with their loved ones and she and Dawn have to do without. She wisely picks the latter. Cochran reveals later that at this point his mother told him “Brenda’s gonna win this game.”

Cue much family fun for Sherri, Erik, Cochran, and Eddie, and much crying for Dawn (who has to watch the party boat that’s just 50 yards away). As annoying as Dawn’s constant crying is, it’s somewhat justified here as she got the worst of all worlds: she didn’t get the hearty meal or the time with her husband, nor did she get the goodwill Brenda got for making the decision!

While Cochran is grateful for the time with his parents, he also moves Brenda up his list of threats because of the goodwill she’s getting from everyone. But first: will Eddie win immunity? He couldn’t be bothered to even try in a couple of recent challenges, but he’s clearly trying now.

The immunity challenge has the players holding onto a rope behind their backs, leaning over the water with their feet on the edge of a bridge, and with Probst using a winch to lower all of them simultaneously at certain intervals. Eddie can’t make it very long, and soon it’s down to Dawn and Brenda. Dawn says to Brenda, in essence, “let me have this, I’ve never won one.” Doesn’t that make Dawn particularly un-deserving of winning one now? Brenda doesn’t go for it, but after a while Brenda falls off and Dawn has won. Later Brenda tells the camera that she quit on purpose to let Dawn have it as a strategic move. Is this revisionist history a-la Phillip?

Boy, this challenge, and the episode, would have been way more fun if gamers like Andrea and Malcolm had still been around.

Anyway, back at camp Brenda is already saying she wants to take out Cochran after Eddie is gone. Why do I suddenly know so much about what Brenda thinks? Well, because her voice is heard three times as much in one episode as in the whole rest of the season put together! But Cochran thinks this is the perfect time to blindside Brenda. He’s reluctant to bring it up too aggressively since nobody else seems amenable to it (after all that sort of boldness was probably Andrea’s downfall), but then we see Sherri and Dawn both mulling it over…

Time for tribal council in front of an ever-growing jury, including Andrea (is she making eyes at Eddie?). Eddie says it’s been a good run. Probst reads out two votes for Eddie, one for Erik, and then Brenda-Brenda-Brenda. She’s voted out, as Malcolm makes a this-is-so-entertaining face in the jury. Brenda stands there a moment and says “I was honest with you guys. I was genuine with you guys.” As Probst snuffs her torch she says, “It hurts,” and cries as she walks down the path and out of the game. We see that Cochran, Dawn, and Sherri were the three votes against her.

Dumb Move of the episode: Brenda lets Dawn win the challenge (if that’s what happened).

Rankings Going Into The Final Episode:

I have to do something I’ve never done before, and that is to take someone off of my “no chance” list and put them back on the contender list. Brenda being voted off leaves me no choice. With Malcolm, Reynold, Andrea, and Brenda gone, the highly improbable has happened and the best four players in the game are gone. So if I had insisted on sticking with my prior system Dawn would be the only “contender” left. Oops! I think she’s anything but a lock to win.

So here are my contender rankings as well as who I think each player should try to get to the final three with if he/she wants to win. Yes, I have done the math!

#1 contender: COCHRAN should take Sherri and Erik. He has indisputably accomplished more than either of them. Cochran is really the overwhelming favorite given the recent events. There are 6 possible combinations of people that involve him, I see him winning three of them outright and tying for the win in two other cases (hmm, notice that there will be an even number of jury members, and the possibility of a tie). The combination he should avoid at all costs is taking Dawn and Eddie, as Eddie could get all the Fans’ votes while Cochran and Dawn evenly split the Favorites!

#2 contender: DAWN’s ideal colleagues in the final three are the same ones I suggested for Cochran: Sherri and Erik. That way the only votes Dawn doesn’t get are the people directly bitter at her. The person she should dump at all costs is her best ally, Cochran!

#3 contender: EDDIE should take Dawn and Erik. In that scenario I can see Michael’s vote going Eddie’s way, since Dawn helped oust him and Erik is not a gamer. Than Eddie would need to pick up the votes of his “bromigo” Malcolm and his showmance Andrea, plus Reynold’s vote which he’d have in the bag. Just as nobody can win the presidency these days without winning Ohio, Eddie would absolutely need Andrea’s vote to have a chance to win the game, no matter what combination of people is sitting next to him at the finals.

#4 contender: SHERRI should take Erik and Eddie. While she isn’t the mastermind she gives herself credit for being, she played to win more than those other two.

No chance to win: ERIK. Just for the heck of it, I’ll say his best shot would be to take Sherri and Eddie and thus get the favorites’ vote as the only favorite in the finals. I do not realistically see that happening though (I suggested that same combination for Sherri above, and think Sherri would be more likely to come out ahead). The bright side for the ice cream scooper is that he’s basically a cinch to make the final three, since he wants to go and everyone else should want to take him!

“Thinking well beyond the six”: Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites II May 1 2013 recap

2 May

Near the beginning of this episode, the contestants get a tree mail message that tells them an immunity challenge is coming up rather than a reward challenge. This, in turn, tells the viewer that we’re probably looking at a double-elimination episode. Reynold and Eddie, having lost their bro Malcolm (as brilliantly reenacted by Legos in this Youtube video), are now the obvious choices to be voted out, and they’re fighting for their lives.

The immunity challenge is, I believe, one that hasn’t been used before. The contestants have to balance on floating triangular objects… someone later aptly characterizes it as straddling the roof of a half-submerged doghouse. With each successive round their feet get closer together and it’s harder to balance, and also it’s windy. This means the players end up standing in fairly amusing postures to keep their balance, and have to make crazy hand movements when they start losing balance a bit — they look like they’re about to break out into some dragon-style kung fu.

Survivor loves challenges involving keeping one’s feet on a tiny ledge, but there’s one big problem with them time after time: they favor smaller players. That’s because a small woman might be able to fit 40% of her foot onto the ledge, whereas a big guy might only have 20% of his foot on there. But before this can even start taking its toll, Jeff Probst whips out a plate of food for anyone who wants to leave the challenge now. Erik and Eddie quickly accept and split the food.

No, that last sentence was not a misprint. I did say Eddie was one of them. Yes, the same Eddie who is facing elimination, as noted above. The same Eddie who didn’t try particularly hard to win the clue to an idol or an advantage in a challenge at last week’s food auction. Bro, bro, bro. So far this season I’ve given Eddie the benefit of the doubt and figured he’s just a low-key player. But this seals it: he’s an idiot. I’m talking Survivor: One World type stupidity, which is about the biggest insult I have in my arsenal.

Andrea thinks it’s quite funny that Eddie is dropping out. Did I mention already that Andrea looks ridiculously good for someone who hasn’t showered in weeks? Anyway, soon Jeff Probst reveals he has three hot dogs and a drink to offer, and Cochran looks at his alliance-mates and says something to the effect of, “You guys are OK with me dropping out to eat this, right?” Amusingly, nobody gives him the slightest support, but he goes for the food anyway. Within an hour, it’s down to Reynold, Andrea, and Brenda, but despite some amazing saves, Reynold can’t keep his balance forever and falls in the water, leaving the two people with the smallest feet in the game, unsurprisingly.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Probst had said the winner of immunity also gets a reward in the form of key information. Which means this has the chance to be the biggest immunity win in Survivor history (got that, Eddie, Cochran, and Erik?). Andrea and Brenda realize that. Andrea suggests that if Brenda drops out she’ll share the information with her, but Brenda doesn’t go for the deal, so the two of them stay out there for 2 more hours after everyone else has been eliminated! That leads to what may be a Survivor first: the two come up with a way to add a degree of difficulty to determine a winner. Probst is fascinated by the creativity, and all for it. So they go to balancing on one leg, and Andrea wins.

When they get back to camp, Andrea honors her promise to share the information with Brenda, even though Brenda didn’t actually drop out. It’s an idol clue… though clue is an understatement. It’s really a map to precisely where the idol is, the same idol that Malcolm stopped digging for last episode when Andrea was watching him (we never find out whether someone doubled back to that spot and looked around some more before the challenge). Andrea shares the info with her whole alliance, and the group heads off to dig. Erik announces he’s “from a family of diggers,” and of course he himself is a (former?) scooper, of ice cream. He delves into the ground like Baskin and Robbins looking for that elusive 32nd flavor, and quickly finds the idol… which he immediately hands to Andrea! Cochran for one is shocked, especially given Erik’s history with handing over immunities to others. “Does he learn nothing?” an outraged Cochran tells the camera. As tribal council nears, Cochran notes that “Andrea, like me, is thinking well beyond the six,” meaning their six-person alliance. Andrea talks to Cochran about Brenda being a threat (with Sherri sitting there).

At tribal council, Dawn reveals “the biggest obstacle for me has been my mind” (this episode only shows minor wig-outs by Dawn, for a change). Meanwhile, Probst can’t resist asking Eddie why he quit the challenge so quickly, and the onetime architect of the “good looking alliance” says “I kinda sacrificed some security and self-pride for a few donuts.” Alas, the result is a predictable one as Reynold is voted out. For some reason he and Eddie voted for Erik and Sherri, basically wasting their votes, though they were probably wasted anyway. Reynold is a very good sport about the whole thing. I certainly hope this guy is brought back for another season, he was really a bright spot of this one.

Of course, this episode still has a half hour to go, and once back at camp, Andrea continues talking with Cochran about who from her alliance should be the first to go. As she said previously, “Some blindsides need to happen before it happens to me.” She says that Brenda and Dawn are her top two candidates, something Cochran, realizing Andrea’s the best player left, immediately tells Brenda and Dawn about. A mistake by Andrea.

The immunity challenge is a recycled one that ends with contestants trying to fit pieces to make the rungs to a ladder. Alas, there’s little drama as Erik wins going away. Erik gets further attention back at camp, as Andrea thinks she has his vote in a plan to blindside Brenda, and others think they have his vote in a plan to blindside Andrea. To Erik, this ambiguity is great strategy, though I’m not buying it in his case any more than Eddie’s. Thankfully, we’re spared any claim by Sherri that she’s running the show this week.

At tribal council, as soon as I saw the stressed-out faces of Cochran and Dawn I knew the plan to take out Andrea was on. The players vote, and Probst asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Come on girlfriend, come on! But alas, Andrea leaves it in her pocket… and when she hears her name called for a second vote, she realizes she’s been played.

Like Reynold, Andrea has a sense of humor about the whole thing. After all, she was planning to backstab someone else, so how could she be too offended if another person did it to her? I wish more players thought that way.

What doesn’t bode too well for the rest of the season: the last three vote-outs have been the three best players in the game and the three most entertaining players in the game.

I would have to think the next person voted out will be Cochran, Dawn, or Brenda. Who wouldn’t want to take Sherri, Erik, or Eddie to the finals?

As far as rankings are concerned, Eddie officially moves onto my no-chance list this week, for reasons detailed above.

Contender list: 1) Brenda, 2) Dawn, 3) Sherri

No-chance list: Erik, Cochran, Eddie

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michael (Brenda), Phillip (Dawn), Malcolm (Brenda), Andrea (Cochran), Reynold (Eddie)