Mico and the Man: The Bachelorette July 15 2013 recap

16 Jul

Unlike the producers of the Bachelorette I have a hard time creating drama where none exists, so this recap of the “hometown visits” episode will be very brief.

We begin with Zak, who we’ve heard all season is from Mico in the Texas Hill Country. Now they say his hometown is Dallas, some 300 miles away. Hmm. We find out that his family operates a Sno-Cone truck. Zak takes Desiree on an ice cream run and even puts on a costume, allowing her to deliver the classic line “that penguin is my boyfriend.”

On to Drew in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is a tender moment as we meet his sister who has special needs. Drew has obviously been through a lot in his day. Probably a good man, unfortunately not an entertaining man to watch. By the way I’ve noticed it’s always the sisters of the guys who like to hog all of the attention at these events. Probably because all of them have watched every minute of every Bachelor episode since the beginning while the mothers, fathers, and brothers had never even heard of the show before.

Next up is Chris in McMinnville, Oregon. The lasting impression I will have from this visit is when his father, a chiropractor of some sort, has Chris lie down and then sprays something up his nose on national TV. Slightly creepy.

Finally, it’s on to Brooks and his clan’s fairly fabulous home in Utah. The house is more interesting than the family.

Now for the moment I’ve been waiting for all season: the meeting with her brother Nate, who pretty much ruined Desiree’s life and dashed her dreams when she brought Sean home to the family on The Bachelor. It turns out the two of them have not seen each other since that fateful day, and she doesn’t seem to be enjoying meeting him now. But she gamely runs down the list of her suitors while he gives her an ultra-skeptical look. Briefly things are looking up when he says he’d like to meet the guys, but then he clarifies “I’d like to get in their heads.” Later, when we see the guys arrive at the posh Beverly Hilton, there’s an ultra-creepy shot of Nate in the background observing them in stalker-like fashion.

At the rose ceremony, alas it’s Zak who didn’t get the rose. Abs and Sno-Cones only get you so far. Also, before he gets in the limo she gives back a ring that she gave him. A few minutes later he orders the limo to pull over and chucks it out the window.






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