“Stupid will be stupid”: Survivor Blood vs. Water October 23 2013 recap

23 Oct

Aras is worried as we begin the episode. He says that when Laura from Samoa saw it was she who was being voted out, she looked him “dead in the eye.” Aras is seen as the ringleader, and as a Survivor pro he knows that’s not the position you want.

Tyson and Gervase have Aras on their mind as well. They think Aras will join up with Vytas as soon as he gets the chance, and probably will see Tyson as the main threat when that happens. Gervase enjoys strategizing —  he realizes he was “a chess piece” the first time he played, and he wants to control his own fate this time. These two have both lost their loved ones in the game, but now see themselves as a “power couple of a different kind.”

Time for the duel. Laura from Samoa says there is no way she would consider letting Ciera switch places with her. “I got it,” she says. The challenge involves untying bags of puzzle pieces and arranging the numbers 1-100 in order. Laura finishes first and John is second, that means Brad is out of the game for good.

Laura then gets to choose who gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol. She gives it to… no, not her own daughter Ciera, but Vytas! Vytas throws it in the fire. I suppose Survivor will have to change the way they handle idol clues next season, as just having everyone chuck theirs in the fire each week is not very dramatic, to say the least!

As we knew from last week’s previews, it’s time for a tribe swap. The new tribes, chosen randomly, are:

Yellow: Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura Boneham, Kat, and Vytas.

Red: Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Tyson, Hayden, Ciera.

I would say the big winners in this swap are Laura Boneham (who nobody on her own tribe liked), Katie and Tina (the only pair of loved ones to be united here), plus Gervase, Tyson, and Aras whose alliance stays together.

The big losers are Vytas, (who loses his ally Hayden and quasi-ally Caleb), Hayden (for the same reason), and Ciera (who’s the only girl on her tribe and has lost her quasi-ally Katie).

The red tribe heads back to camp and the vets quiz the rookies about what has been going on. The rookies spill the beans about just about everything, including snatches of the idol clue! Not much time elapses before Tyson goes back to doing what he did at his old tribe, namely hogging food. Maybe I was slow to catch onto this, but: Tyson is a jerk!

At the girls’ tribe (well, it’s all women except for one lone guy in Vytas), Kat says that the women are all allied together, so she’s annoyed that her alliance-mate Monica can’t stop strategizing. Kat tells the camera: “You want to know how to play Survivor? Shut it!” (I know I said last week that Kat was awfully dense, but that might have been harsh, or at least she is wising up quickly.)

Vytas knows that he’s totally at the mercy of the women, so he tells some stories about his troubled past, thinking that women will fall for a guy who shows some vulnerability. And he turns out to be right!

Time for a challenge, the first phase of which involves diving underwater to free up fish traps, then swimming those traps over to shore. Laura Boneham and Tina take the first shift for the yellow tribe. They dive down to open the gate, but they just swim back without bringing the trap with them, and don’t hear their mates yelling out the mistake until they’re back at the beach! Now, on TV the briefings for these challenges are short, as Jeff Probst just rattles off all of the things that need to happen in a challenge, but I understand that in real life the tribes are walked through everything so there can be no misunderstandings. Be that as it may, these two ladies did misunderstand, and so Yellow is way behind from the start. However, in the puzzle phase, the Red team’s huge lead evaporates as Tyson and Aras just can’t get the puzzle. Yellow comes all the way back. They signal Probst that they’ve solved the puzzle, and jump around for joy! But Probst takes a look and says they have it wrong. The guys are still having problems, so Yellow fixes their puzzle, signals Probst again, and jumps for joy again, but they’re still wrong! Then the guys (Red) say they have it finished, and they’re right. All of this would’ve been more dramatic if the difference between the correct solution and wrong ones were obvious to the viewer, but it all just looks like a mishmash on screen. “Survivor” is usually not that sloppy.

When the losing Yellow tribe gets back to camp, Tina brings up the huge mistake by her and Laura. “If it’s me [going home] tonight I don’t blame ya,” Tina says. Though that’s perhaps a bit easier for her to say than for others, since she has won a million dollars on Survivor before! Kat has other plans, namely: “What we need to do is take out the person that won’t stop talking,” i.e. Monica. Kat broaches the subject to Tina, but that makes Mrs. Wesson see Kat as someone who isn’t loyal, and “that’s information that needs to be out there.” She tells Monica (with Vytas present), and Monica wastes no time confronting Kat (you can tell by this conversation that Monica is a mother). Monica thinks Kat should go. This comes up at Tribal Council as well, and Vytas, being on the chopping block himself, is quick to point out he has done nothing to cause distrust, while Kat can’t be trusted. When it’s time to vote, Kat is voted out. It seems an odd move, since she has nowhere else to go with her allegiances while Vytas certainly does! The ladies might come to regret this one.

At the end we see Kat join John and Laura at Redemption Island, and Kat wonders if this will hurt her relationship with Hayden. Classic line by her: “Who wants to date someone who doesn’t make the merge?”

Favorites to win: 1) Vytas, 2) Gervase, 3) Tyson, 4) Hayden, 5) Aras, 6) Tina, 7) Caleb, 8) Monica, 9) Kat, 10) Laura from Samoa, 11) John

No-chance list: Ciera, Katie, Laura Boneham.


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