“His final four has two spots taken”: Survivor Blood vs. Water October 30 2013 recap

30 Oct

Kat does a lot of crying at the beginning of this episode. Not only is she embarrassed about being voted out, she even thinks it will adversely affect her relationship with Hayden. As soon as she gets to the duel, she asks Hayden for a hug and says “I’m so sorry.”

Probst asks them if they want to switch places. Kat is all for it, especially because she has noticed the upcoming challenge is a puzzle. As stated previously, she’s not the cerebral type. But Hayden gently asks who has the better chance to win the game, and they both agree it’s him.

In the challenge, John finishes his puzzle first, and Laura from Samoa is second, though most of her success comes from just looking at John’s puzzle and copying it (I wish they wouldn’t let contestants do that). I was a bit puzzled to hear Gervase giving tips to Kat over his former tribemate Laura, but then I realized that he is now in a tribe with Hayden and certainly would like to be on the guy’s good side.

So now John has survived four duels in a row, Laura has survived two, and Kat is out of the game. Meanwhile, the clue to the immunity idol is once again given to Monica by John. Once again, to the horror of the producers no doubt, it gets thrown in the fire.

Back at camp, Hayden feels guilty for not switching places with Kat. However, in a way it’s liberating: “I can play a little bit more cutthroat if I have to.” Plus, now nobody on his tribe (Tyson, Gervase, Ciera, Caleb) has a loved one still on the other tribe… except Aras.

Aras tells the camera that thanks to having his buddies Tyson and Gervase and the chance to hook up with Vytas soon, he’s in a “dominant” position. Hmm, usually when that sort of statement is shown on camera, that person is the next one to go…

Tyson has noticed that Aras is sitting pretty, and talks to the other four while Aras is off meditating. Tyson says “All he wants to do is get to Vytas, that’s a problem for me.” Gervase feels the same way, and notes sagely about Aras, “His final four already has two spots taken.”

Over on the other tribe, which consists of Vytas and four women, Tina tells the camera that she’d be thrilled if her daughter Tina and Vytas were to hit it off. However, she notes that Vytas would have to hit Tina over the head with a club and drag her to his cave, as “Katie is not a very flirtatious girl.” Vytas is certainly continuing his campaign to make all of the women like him. He notes that “women love a bad boy,” but what they love even more is “a newly reformed bad boy.” These women are no exception, but they’re also not complete fools, so they seemingly agree that Vytas will be the next to go. And Laura Boneham gets emotional about the idea of Vytas going home!

The challenge is one I don’t recall seeing before. Four people have their legs chained together and have to move as one does in a three-legged race … if my calculations are correct this is therefore a five-legged race. The best part is that the teams have to cross each other’s paths multiple times and basically crawl over, around, or through each other. Then at the end they need to toss a bolo to win. Tyson pulls out the win for the “men’s tribe” (plus Ciera).

So the women and Vytas go back to their camp, and the very first thing that happens when they get back is that Laura Boneham tells Vytas all the women have decided he’s next to go! Seriously now. She must not be that good of a listener, as I can’t imagine that her hubby Rupert hasn’t told her 100 times that this is never done. From the expressions and body language of Tina, Katie, and Monica, it’s obvious that they’re not on board with this revelation, to say the least. Monica tells the camera “Don’t you meet with your alliance before you make an ‘executive decision’?” So now the women wonder if they can afford to be in an alliance with someone who is that unpredictable.  Not that they are totally blind to the danger of keeping Vytas around. Tina says of Aras and Vytas: “Their honesty and their sincerity, they reek of it.”

The incident is just about the sole topic of conversation as at tribal council, and Vytas takes the same tack as he did last week: the game is all about trust and he’s trustworthy. Later, that often-used phrase from The Bachelor, “put myself out there” is used by Laura about herself. She notes that she should get credit for making an effort to go against her sheltered ways, having been raised on a farm. Sheltered? Shy? Are she and Rupert really married?

In any case, Laura Boneham is voted out.

Favorites to win: 1) Vytas, 2) Gervase, 3) Tyson, 4) Aras, 5) Hayden, 6) Tina, 7) Caleb, 8) Monica, 9) Laura from Samoa, 10) John

No-chance list: Ciera, Katie, Laura Boneham.



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