“They tried to do us dirty first”: Survivor Blood vs. Water December 4 2013 recap

4 Dec

With his ally Caleb out of the game, Hayden wastes no time beginning his campaign to save his bacon. As soon as everyone is back at camp, he proclaims Tyson the sure winner. Of course, Tyson did something similar earlier in the season by constantly saying Aras was running the show, but that was much more subtle. When Hayden harps on this too much, Gervase jumps up… not to leap to Tyson’s defense but to let everyone know that he, Gervase, played the key role in all of Tyson’s moves!

We go to Redemption Island, which a long camera shot makes clear is not an island at all. Jeff Probst notices that Caleb isn’t making eye contact with anyone, and Caleb mentions that in the South, one keeps one’s word, unlike in Utah and Philadelphia. For the .01% of America that missed this being a reference to Tyson and Gervase, Probst points it out and tries to stir up further ill will. Gervase notes that Caleb and Hayden “tried to do us dirty first” (which is absolutely true!) and he and Tyson just beat them to it.

The challenge is a house-of-cards building competition which seems like it’s used every season. Laura finishes first in fairly short order. With just a minute or two left, Tina sees Caleb pull away for an obvious victory. Well, Caleb is from Alabama, and as one of that state’s football teams found out last week, there’s a difference between a likely win and a sure win. It turns out Caleb’s tall column is quite crooked, and it collapses. Katie tells Tina not to even work on her house of cards anymore, good advice since there’s only a minute to go, no time for Caleb to catch her from scratch.

But before Caleb leaves the game, Probst has to say what all of America has been thinking all season long: “Your relationship with Colton … is still a mystery to me.” When Caleb replies the two of them are very different (yes, I’d say a nice guy and an odious human being are different) but also similar in some ways. Probst pounces: “In what ways are you similar with Colton?” Caleb replies “We’re both guys.”

Laura, who is the clear favorite to be the one from Redemption to make it back into the game, says Ciera should be the one to get the clue to the location of the new hidden immunity idol. Ciera opts to keep the clue… which means she might actually have a chance to make some noise in the remainder of the game. Great! But she… shares the clue with her entire alliance? I can’t believe I’m even typing this, it’s so dumb. Gervase and Tyson can’t believe their luck, of course. The three of them, along with Monica, go hunting for the idol. Hayden and Katie spy on them and try looking in the same area.

Well, what do you know: Tyson finds it. It seems pretty foolish to go on Survivor wearing pants that have no pockets, but that’s what he did, so he shoves the idol down the front of his pants, explaining that a bulge in that area would not be seen as unusual. Groan.

The immunity challenge, or at least the first stage of it, involves walking through a course balancing a ball at the end of a pole that gets longer and longer. Gervase wins the challenge as well as an ice cream reward, and per the usual practice is allowed to pick someone to join him. In a genius move, he chooses Monica, helping to solidify that alliance. He gets to choose one more person and picks Tyson.

Earlier, Hayden had spoken to Gervase about possibly blindsiding Tyson (and counting on Katie and Ciera to join in). Gervase said he’d consider it, but only if Hayden could really deliver Ciera’s vote. While the three winners eat their ice cream, Hayden puts a recruiting pitch on Ciera, and it certainly would make sense for her to join with him! He notes, “You have to have a resume to win, and you have to have said you made a big move.” Ciera says that would just get them to a 3-3 tie. Frustrated, Hayden awkwardly yells out to Tyson that he’s trying to convince everyone to blindside him.

Hayden hasn’t given up on Ciera. At tribal council, he points out over and over that Ciera is nothing more than the #4 person in an alliance of four. She appears to have it dawn on her that this is true, even though it was blindingly obvious to everyone else all along. Hayden stresses that Tyson is calling all the shots, though Tyson points out that he, Tyson, is not the one who voted Ciera’s mother out, but Caleb and Hayden have both written Ciera’s name down previously. Gervase says going with Hayden and Katie would be going with “backstabber, backstabber, liar, liar.”

It’s time to vote. When Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol, Tyson keeps a poker face.

Well, obviously Ciera ended up agreeing with Hayden, as it’s 3-3 (with Monica, not Tyson, getting the votes from Hayden, Ciera, and Katie just in case Tyson found the idol). Per usual procedure, there’s a re-vote. Hayden and Monica can’t vote and nobody but them can be voted for. Ciera doesn’t change, and it remains 2-2. Now there’s a phase I had never seen before: namely the remaining players get an opportunity to unanimously agree who will be voted out. They have strong incentive to do so, because if they can’t agree one of the remaining players has to leave the game in a random draw. Tyson wants to talk things over, but Katie and Ciera insist that they want to draw rocks. So here we have it, just the second drawing of rocks in the history of Survivor!!!!!!!!! Wow!

And remember: Gervase still has an immunity idol around his neck. So the only people drawing rocks are Katie, Ciera, and Tyson. The two black rocks stay, the white one is out. And the white rock is drawn by… Katie. She gets up to leave, and Tyson gives her a hug… but then says “that’s your chair over there,” pointing to the jury. Why insult someone whose vote you’re going to need?

Ciera thinks of herself as a good player, but she really has no reason to do so. If she’d entertained voting out Tyson in the first place she might be on the right side of the numbers now, instead she lost an ally so it’s just her and Hayden (and even he has no reason to really trust her). Plus she had the clue to an idol all to herself, but now Tyson has the idol! Oh brother. I think she has no chance to win, but I do think she has a great chance to get to the finals. I’m sure everyone thinks they have a great chance to win against her.

With Katie out of the game (OK, she’s only on Redemption Island, but I give her no chance to win a duel), Hayden would seem to have a good chance at three jury votes. So I have to move him past Tyson in my rankings.

Favorites to win: 1) Gervase, 2) Hayden, 3) Tyson, 4) Monica, 5) Laura, 6) Tina

No-chance list: Katie, Ciera.

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Aras (Tina), Vytas (Tina), Caleb (Hayden)


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