“You can replace rice”: Survivor Cagayan March 5 2014 recap

9 Mar

At the risk of stating the obvious, I don’t see the Brains tribe as having much of a chance in this game. Not only have they voted out a couple of their strongest competitors, but one of their remaining players is the person who dumped out all of the rice! “You can replace rice,” Kass rationalizes.

Over at the Brawn tribe, Tony, who had denied to Sarah that he was a cop like her, decides to admit it to her and immediately propose a “Cops-R-Us” alliance (and immediately is the word for how quickly the producers post “#copsrus” on screen). Sarah eats it up, and also buys a story Tony makes up out of whole cloth, namely that Lindsey and Cliff Robinson are scheming against Sarah.

All of the tribes are enduring an awful day of rain. So L.J. from the Beauty tribe decides to make the best of it by … venturing out to look for the immunity idol! He doesn’t have any clues other than the direction he saw Morgan coming from on the first day, but in the middle of the storm he finds it, and resolves to keep it secret.

Back at the Brains tribe, J’Tia is complaining that there’s not enough rice. Yes, you read that correctly. Hmm, why could that be, lady? Perhaps because …. YOU DUMPED ALL OF IT OUT? Her tribemates are incredulous. Soon they get “tree mail” that reveals the next challenge will involve tossing water from person to person. Tasha suggests that they should all practice, and lets Spencer know that he should have the most motivation to win since he’s the one who would be on the chopping block. The whole tribe does practice tossing water back and forth (to the sounds of the Blue Danube Waltz, added by producers). Alas, the real challenge will end up being with buckets rather than cups, so the techniques they develop are all for naught.

When the Brains tribe gets to the challenge, the other tribes are stunned that Garrett, the one athletic guy, was the one voted out. As it turns out, tossing water from bucket to bucket is the first phase of the challenge, and the second is to guide a ball through a circular maze. Brawn wins, and Brain finishes second, leading to one of the most intense group celebrations I’ve ever seen on the show. And that’s for being second!

So the Beauty tribe will have to vote someone out. L. J. wants it to be Brice, he’s more worried about him than Morgan (probably because Brice is clearly more intelligent). The swing vote is Jeremiah: both Brice-Morgan and L.J.-Jefra (a blonde pageant queen)- Alexis (a brunette) think he is with them. And Jeremiah, who is sort of like Bobby Jon from previous seasons, notes “I’m just this country guy.”

The vote shows that Jeremiah is indeed with L.J.’s group. The four of them cast two votes for Brice and two for Morgan, and those two in turn both vote Alexis. So there’s a re-vote, but of course Brice, Morgan, and Alexis can’t participate, so all three votes go to Brice.

One thing strikes me as pretty funny. In the last episode Morgan said more than once that being so sexy she could make any man do what she wants. As it turned out, the only man in her tribe who remotely did what she wanted was … the only gay guy. I guess all of them were “immune” to her charms, just in different ways.

This season the show has done a fantastic job of showing us all 18 players rather than dwelling on just a couple, so I feel comfortable doing the first installment of my rankings!

Favorites: Tasha, L.J., Spencer, Sarah

Not sure yet: Cliff, Alexis, Jefra, Jeremiah, Lindsey, Tony, Trish, Woo

No chance: J’Tia, Kass, Morgan



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