“I could be his mutha”: Survivor Cagayan March 19 2014 recap

21 Mar

The Brains tribe (Tasha, Spencer, and Kass) begins the episode by congratulating themselves for voting out J’Tia. They all agree they’d be guaranteed to be right back at Tribal the next time if they’d kept her around. Spencer tries to be optimistic: “The only thing between us and [the final three] is two entire tribes.”

Time for the reward challenge, and Jeff Probst tells Brawn and Beauty it’s their “first look at the new Brains tribe.” Uh, not really — the tribes walked in one after the other in single file, and Brains was just five yards behind the others.

Probst announces it’s time for a tribe switch, so everyone drops their buffs and two new tribes are chosen at random. They are:

Orange: Sarah, Spencer, Kass, Tasha, Morgan, Jeremiah, and Alexis

Purple: Woo, Cliff, Trish, Jeffra, L. J., Lindsey, and Tony.

So Sarah is the only Brawn member on a tribe with the three remaining Brains members, plus three from Beauty.

Meanwhile the other tribe is almost all Brawn except for L.J. and Jeffra.

The reward challenge is one we’ve seen before: one player has to cling to a pole while two from the opposing tribe try to pull him off and then drag him across an expanse of sand. This gets really physical and the first two on pole duty, Lindsey and Tasha, prove to be quite the tigresses. Finally Lindsey gets dragged over the finish line, while Tasha pretty much didn’t budge the whole time. Jeff Probst avoids making a Chris Rock “keep her off the pole” reference. In the second round, Cliff is the one on the pole for Purple, and Alexis for Orange. Yes, you read that right: a slightly built girl versus a 6’10” former star athlete. That round is just as close as you might think. So Purple wins, i.e. the Brains are on the losing side once again.

So the tribes retire to their camps and get to know each other. In particular, Trish from Boston finds out that L.J. is from … Massachusetts! They step away to talk pehking cehs in Hehvard Yehd, and Trish loves every minute of it. The fact that L. J. is a hunk probably doesn’t hurt, though the fiftyish Trish realistically notes, “I could be his mutha.” Also, everyone guesses what the others’ jobs might be. Someone says to Woo “you’ve got to be a surfing instructor.” It turns out he’s a martial arts instructor… and sometime surfing instructor!

Things really get interesting on the Orange tribe, as everyone is curious to compare notes on what everyone else did the first day. Now everyone finds out that the people who made it to camp first were given the choice of getting double the rice for their tribe or the clue to an immunity idol for themselves. But if you’ll recall, Morgan took the clue and then lied to her tribe about what the choice was. So she has now been exposed big-time. Once Alexis hears this, her suspicions that she can’t trust Morgan are confirmed, so she seeks out the Brains tribe at the first opportunity and says she wants to ally with them. And shortly thereafter Jeremiah does the same thing!

And meanwhile Morgan slams Alexis, saying that she loves to “twerk” to show off her body. I had never heard the word twerk until about 2 months ago, but by golly it gets used twice in one hour of Survivor, as Trish was talking about twerking earlier as well.

The immunity challenge involves battering rams that look like enormous pencils to bash through a series of wooden walls, and then a puzzle needs to be solved at the end. You’d think the former Brawn tribe would have this in the bag, but they end up losing to the Brain-y Orange tribe, a group that certainly doesn’t take winning immunity challenges for granted!

So the Purple tribe has to go to Tribal Council. It’s filled with former “Brawn” by a 5-2 margin, so L.J. and Jeffra are clearly in trouble, especially L.J. However, Trish and Lindsey do not like each other at all, and Trish suggests to Tony that the two of them form an alliance with L.J. and Jeffra to vote Cliff out. Frankly it doesn’t seem like that plan makes a lot of sense for Tony. But you get the feeling he is somewhat intimidated by the 6’10” Cliff. Also, Cliff has gotten a lot of screen time on this episode, usually an indication that a person is going to be the one voted out.

After the vote, L.J. is confident enough not to play his immunity idol, and sure enough Cliff is voted out, 4-3. Woo looks stunned to say the least.

In my rankings, I am leaving Tony among the favorites for now, although he seems a bit too eager to make moves. I wonder if he can get to the end playing this hard.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, L.J., Sarah, Tony

Not sure yet: Alexis, Jeremiah, Lindsey, Trish, Woo

No chance: Kass, Morgan, Jefra


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