“Top Five!” Survivor Cagayan March 26 2014 recap

29 Mar

Upon returning to camp from Tribal Council, Trish announces she wants to make a few things clear, And Lindsey more or less announces that she wants to make clear that she doesn’t want to hear Trish talk. Trish tells Lindsey “I don’t like you” and Lindsey answers “You disgust me,” and adds “Everything about you is annoying: your laugh, your teeth, your face.”

We see Lindsey go off by herself, and soon a guy with a baseball cap comes up and says “Hey Lindsey, I got a call you wanted to talk.” It looked like L.J. at first glance but it’s actually Jeff Probst! (Of course the quote gave it away, since L.J. is not in a position to take phone calls). Lindsey says she wants to quit the game because she’s afraid that she’ll do something bad (implying that she would get physically violent) and she doesn’t want her daughter to see that. Oddly enough, Probst, who in the past has barely concealed his disgust at someone quitting, is very low-key about it, but notes that no one has ever quit the game for that reason. Lindsey doesn’t even have the guts to tell her tribe goodbye, that job is left to Probst. And that’s the last we see of Lindsey.

It’s somewhat surprising that Probst took all of this sitting down (literally). I wonder if the incident of J’Tia dumping out the tribe’s rice earlier in the year made the producers want to avoid any more ugly scenes? And incidentally, I thought J’Tia was the runaway winner of the “worst player of the season” title, but Lindsey is providing her unexpected competition. I can’t think of anything she did this season other than a) snipe at Trish and b) form an alliance with Cliff and Woo. At the very first sign of adversity, namely Cliff being voted out, she quit. I’m sure the thousands of people who have been trying to get on the show for years are absolutely seething.

At any rate, Tony is enjoying this new development, coming as it does on the heels of Cliff’s ouster. He calls it “two for the price of one.”

The reward challenge is one that has been used before: two players face off, each balancing an idol in one hand and trying to knock the other player’s idol to the ground. Spencer obviously saw that prior season, as he uses a strategy that some used before: toss your own idol high in the air and make a dive to knock down the other person’s (so while your own idol is sure to hit the ground, it will do so second, and you win). Woo is the person he victimizes, but when those two face off again in a later round, the martial arts instructor has a trick of his own, and Woo’s tribe wins.

The reward is a “camp raid” which allows two people from one tribe to steal from the other. Tony and Woo are the ones who make the raid. When they get to the opposing camp they unroll the instructions they were given concerning the raid, and also find an immunity idol clue. However, that clue does not refer to the camp where they currently are, but to Tony and Woo’s own camp (and an idol that L.J. already has, unbeknownst to anyone but him). To cause trouble, Tony concocts the idea that he and Woo claim they were told they can give the clue to one opposing tribe member. This might sow some dissension in the other tribe, and of course the clue will do the other tribe no good. They go over to the other tribe and announce this, and ask Jeremiah to come with them to get the clue. He’s confused when he opens it to see it’s a clue that he has already read. As Tony and Woo prepare to leave, Tony realizes that he shouldn’t leave the clue with Jeremiah, and races back to get it.

When Tony and Woo get back to their own beach, Tony can’t resist telling everyone about the trick, and everyone has a good laugh at Jeremiah’s new predicament (including L.J. and Jeffra, oddly enough). But Tony is on a roll and doesn’t know when to shut up. He also proceeds to tell everyone he’s really a cop, not a construction worker (which he had previously only shared with Sarah. His tribemates realize that Tony is somewhat more of a schemer than they originally thought. L.J. notes, “So to solidify that he is trustworthy, Tony exposed that he lied. Different.”

Back at the other camp, Jeremiah suddenly has damage control to do, since he doesn’t have the clue anymore to simply show everyone. Now he tells them it was the same clue they had already seen, and Tony and Woo must just have wanted to mess with them. He appeals to logic by noting that their tribe lost the reward challenge, so why would they be given any sort of benefit? However, even though this is true, Spencer and others aren’t buying it.

The immunity challenge is so nondescript that I’ve already forgotten about it, but the key moment comes afterward. Tony’s five-person tribe wins, and as they celebrate, Tony shouts “top five!” Sarah, over on the other tribe, is apoplectic, as she takes that to mean she is no longer in Tony’s alliance. Sarah’s entire tribe was angered by “Top Five” comment. But who do they vote out? The three former Brains (Kass, Tasha, and Spencer), as a solid block of three of the seven people, seem to be in control. They distrust Jeremiah now but are also wary of Alexis potentially flipping after a marge. Sarah guarantees she will not flip, although she’s the person with the most reason to, and everyone believes her!

The tribe goes to tribal council (all have been there before other than Sarah), and there’s a debate about whether Jeremiah or Alexis is a bigger liability. Somewhat surprisingly, the vote is for Alexis, who leaves the game sobbing.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, L.J., Sarah, Woo, Tony

Not sure yet: Jeremiah, Trish

No chance: Kass, Morgan, Jefra


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