“You forgot your pants over here.” Survivor Cagayan April 9 2014 recap

9 Apr

Unsurprisingly, a few people argued with “Chaos Kass” when everyone got back to camp, following Kass’s big defection to vote out Sarah the previous episode.

Soon it’s time for a reward challenge, or rather: the Outback Steakhouse reward challenge. It seems like there used to be a lot more sponsorship on Survivor, but there hasn’t been much lately. Hmm, I wonder when the car challenge will come back? Anyway, Jeff Probst lays it on pretty thick, including special mention of the new drink known as the Grilled Pineapple Rita. He seems to have a tough time keeping a straight face as he talks about it. I briefly hoped for a blast-from-the-past tie-in with Survivor: The Australian Outback (season two of the show), but it was not to be.

The cookie-cutter challenge is won by the randomly selected tribe of L.J., Spencer, Morgan, Jeremiah, and Jeffra, mostly thanks to L.J. who has proven to be quite the puzzle solver. They arrive at the makeshift Outback Steakhouse to enjoy the Grilled Pineapple Rita. They all say how much they love the food, and Morgan gamely mentions the Grilled Pineapple Rita. Of course, since they’re starving, I hardly think they would have turned their nose up at the food if it had been from TGI Friday’s instead.

They’re too busy chowing down to worry about using a napkin, but once Spencer does use his, he finds a piece of paper inside. He tucks it away without anyone noticing.

Once everyone’s back at camp, it’s raining hard, but Spencer doesn’t want to wait too long to read his idol clue, so he slips away and does so, then starts trying to find the idol. However, Woo, being a fan of the show, knows that off-site rewards often mean idol clues, so he stealthily trails Spencer. We see Spencer take off his pants so he can wade through some water and put the clue in between his pants. Then the camera swings over to where Woo is hiding, and even though you, the viewer,  know he’s behind the bush, you can barely make him out.

But perhaps Spencer heard him, because he starts walking over near where Woo is, without first putting his pants back on. Woo casually appears and says he was out taking a walk. Then he says “You forgot your pants over here,” and picks them up and tosses them at Spencer. When he does so, the clue falls out. “Who’s gonna take that clue and hand it back to him? No way!” Woo tells the camera. Spencer soon realizes Woo has the clue, so in Woo’s words “I hightail it Sonic the Hedgehog style.” All of this is incredibly entertaining!

Spencer can’t catch him, so Woo heads back to camp and tells L.J. about the clue. And Spencer does the same and tells his tribemates, so the search is on by everyone. Tony notes that you know it’s a serious matter at hand if it’s something that makes Morgan get off her butt. Not only is everyone searching, but they’re also keeping an eye on everyone else. But while Spencer and Kass are semi-sniping with each other, Spencer finds the idol. He keeps a pokerface and waits for Kass to look away, then pockets it. When he reads the instructions later, they’re quite lengthy but it appears this is a regular idol, not the one with special powers that was announced last episode.

The immunity challenge is, I believe, a completely new one. Each Survivor stands on a piece of wood, and there’s another piece about a foot and a half above each person’s head (it’s measured off to match each person’s height). They have to stand on their tiptoes and press a block against the board above their heads… using only the tops of their heads. After 25 minutes just six people are left, after an hour four. Then Tasha and Spencer keep going another half hour after that, but Spencer wins his first immunity.

So the group of Tony-Woo-LJ-Jeffra-Trish-Kass has the numbers versus Spencer-Tasha-Morgan-Jeremiah. But who has an idol? And will Kass flip? Spencer has no choice but to make an appeal to Kass. Kass sees her suspicions confirmed that the people she “betrayed” would get over it (I don’t know if they’re really confirmed though).

At Tribal Council, talk turns to Morgan (whom Tony’s group has decided to target, thinking she’s the least likely to be given an immunity idol). Morgan says everyone should keep her around: she’s not a threat to them in challenges, and since everyone seems to hate her, she won’t get votes. Probst asks (in so many words) if she gets by on her looks in the real world. Morgan says “If any person in the world could decide to be ugly or cute, most would pick cute.” Even Jeffra the pageant contestant can’t believe that statement.

When it comes time to vote, Morgan is voted out 6-4, with the other group’s votes going to Tony.

Favorites, in order: Tasha, L.J., Woo, Spencer, Tony, Trish, Jeremiah

No chance: Kass, Jeffra

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Sarah (Trish), Morgan (Jeffra)


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