L.J. is a stand-up guy: Survivor Cagayan April 16 2014 recap

21 Apr

As the episode begins, we are told that the new tribe’s name is Solarrion. I don’t believe we were ever shown or told why they chose that name, but that’s probably because there were more interesting things to show.

With Morgan being voted out, Tony’s group has a 6-3 edge, though he says “But it’s never that easy.” His plan is to make everyone else suspicious of L.J., since he sees L.J. as the biggest threat.

The reward at stake in the challenge is … no, not a Grilled Pineapple ‘Rita from Outback Steakhouse, or any other kind of product placement, but rather a spa treatment. The challenge involves bouncing sandbags off of trampolines into baskets, and the team of Tony, Spencer, and Jeremiah wins. Tony would like to involve these two in some kind of scheme to oust L.J. They’re all for playing along to get further in the game, but don’t trust Tony.

Speaking of Tony, L.J. has no idea the cop is campaigning against him. In fact, he says he and Tony are in it to the end. After all, didn’t Tony use his idol to try to keep L.J. in the game? Yes, but of course it served Tony’s purposes to do so at that time.

Meanwhile Trish worries that if any of the trio of Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremiah goes to the finals, that person will win the game. I do agree with two-thirds of that statement, as you’ll see from my rankings below.

Tasha is certainly thinking about some kind of move, and she whispers to L.J. that he should meet her away from camp in a couple of minutes. She sidles away to the meeting spot, but after waiting awhile she realizes she has been stood up. L.J. just doesn’t want his tribe to be suspicious of him if they should happen to see him talking with Tasha.

The immunity challenge is a memory game. This was just done last season and was pretty boring then. It certainly lacks drama this time too. Tasha is the winner.

That being the case, Tony’s group’s official plan for the moment is to split their six votes between Spencer and Jeremiah, in case either has an idol. It’s a foolproof plan, and even “Chaos Kass” says “nobody needs to mess this up.” However, Tony has other plans. He tells his ally Woo that L.J. is out to get him, causing Woo to become paranoid. Tony tries the same story on Trish, but she’s not buying it (you’ll recall from earlier in the season that she loves L.J., who is from Massachusetts like her, in addition to being a hunk). Trish says “I’m gullible but I’m not stupid.” Tony knows Trish is his closest ally and that she’s not convinced … is that enough to make him scuttle his plan?

At Tribal Council, Tony begins by holding up his bag and saying he brought his “bag of tricks.” The rest of the council is relatively tame, though two different people use “air quotes” within five minutes, as good an excuse as any to link to this fondly remembered issue of the late, great Spy magazine.

Oh, one other oddity: Jeff Probst asks a question about how one’s profession relates to the game. In this vein he asks Tony what his job is, and Tony answers “construction.” Now, earlier in the season we saw that he initially claimed to be a construction worker, but then confessed to his whole tribe (at the time) that he was actually a cop. So I was surprised to see he was still keeping up this particular pretense.

The votes are cast, and Jeff says this would be the time to play an idol. Spencer stands pat. He receives one vote, three go to Jeremiah, and five go to L.J. who is voted out. Woo did join with Tony, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah to oust L.J.

What we still haven’t seen is the idol with special powers, the presence of which was announced two episodes ago!

Favorites, in order: Tasha, Spencer, Tony, Woo, Trish, Jeremiah

No chance: Kass, Jeffra

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Sarah (Trish), Morgan (Jeffra), L.J. (Tony)


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