I’m a model, you know what I mean: Survivor Cagayan April 23 2014 recap

23 Apr

We’re just coming off of the blindside elimination of L.J. as masterminded by Tony. However, Trish says she understands why Tony didn’t clue her in, and that she still trusts him.

You’ll recall that Tony built a little “spy shack” near the beginning of the season. Now he decides to do so again, near the well where players tend to go if they want to talk privately. We see Jefra and Trish stroll over to have a conversation, and we’re shown shots of “Tony spying” from every conceivable angle short of a helicopter flyover.

The reward challenge involves rowing out into the ocean to collect oars with letters on them, then bringing them back and arranging them to spell a Survivor catchphrase. The team that wins is Tasha, Jeremiah, Spencer, and Jefra. It couldn’t be more perfect for the first three, because they’re all alone with the one person who’s the most natural potential recruit for them. The getaway they are treated to involves exploring a spectacular cave … I thought I was watching The Bachelor for a second there! They are also brought letters from home, and Jefra starts crying as soon as she lays eyes on the envelopes! As usual, I hope there will be no “loved ones” episode to follow, but these hopes tend to be in vain.

The four who didn’t win the challenge do more worrying than strategizing, though Kass says she wants to stick with Woo, Tony, Trish, and Jefra. Trish is more interested in some big, juicy papayas high in a nearby tree. She cracks, “they look like Morgan’s boobs.” Woo climbs up to shake them loose but takes a nasty fall from what looks like a height of 10 feet. True to form as a martial arts expert, he’s not seriously hurt.

The immunity challenge entails standing on a balance beam balancing a ball on a disc that’s at the end of a stick. Every so often the players have to step onto a narrower part of the beam and move their hands further down the stick. Within the first couple of minutes, half of the players are already out. It comes down to Tasha and Spencer, with Tasha winning.

At least four people and maybe more are thinking about voting out Tony, a fact not lost on Tony himself. So he goes on an absolutely frenzied search for an idol. He assumes Spencer found the one that Tony already knows the clue to, but that still leaves the super-powered idol that was mentioned a few episodes back. He decides to simply look for anything that’s a notable landmark. After some false alarms, he finds an idol near the roots of an enormous tree! He says “I love you so much, man.” (To the idol, mind you.)

Tony loves it even more when he reads the instructions to find out that this is indeed the super-powered idol. Unlike regular idols, it can be used after all the votes have been read (similar to the idols in some of the early seasons when it appeared). But there’s a catch: it only protects the person who finds it and cannot be given to anyone else. The second part certainly makes sense: it’s powerful enough in the hands of one person, and would be too powerful if it could essentially protect an entire tribe.

While Tony was searching, Trish was calming Jeffra down, the latter being very anti-Tony lately. Trish says that the two of them and Kass have a better chance of beating Tony and Woo in the end than beating Spencer, Tasha, or Jeremiah. When Tony joins this discussion, the others call his shady ways into question. He swears on his baby, his father, his mother, and “on everybody” that he will stick with them. In this same discussion, Kass says she thinks Spencer has an idol, and she explains that she can read people in that way.

Soon thereafter, Jefra looks up Jeremiah and lets him know she won’t be voting with him, despite the promise she made when they were on their cave trip.

By the way: the first half hour of this episode made for perhaps the most (only?) boring one of the season, but boy, does it heat up in the last half hour!

Jeremiah tells Tasha and Spencer the bad news. Since they’re alliance-mates and all, he discloses a shocking revelation: he’s a model. I don’t believe we had been told that he was keeping this secret, and Spencer is amused that Jeremiah thinks it’s a big deal: “What would you expect from the beauty tribe.” Spencer has a revelation of his own to the two others: he has an idol. As to whom to vote out, Spencer pushes for Woo, since Woo seems to be the biggest challenge threat.

At Tribal Council, Spencer makes his argument as to why Jefra and others should vote out Tony. He points out that Tony has lied, though he says “I’m not admonishing you for breaking promises. I’ve done that too, I’ve lied too.” He continues, “If Tony and any combination of you guys is in the end my vote goes to Tony. [Tasha chimes in “Mine too.”] Because Tony has been steering this game and you haven’t.” As to why people should vote out Jeremiah rather than Spencer, Spencer notes how likeable Jeremiah is.

Time to vote. Spencer holds up the name Woo and gives his best imitation of the Californian surfer: “Broooooooo, this vote is a real bummer, duuuuude.” We don’t see any of the other votes.

Probst announces that this would be the time to play an idol. Spencer stands up and says “You can steal as many clues as you want, Woo. I got the real thing.” Meanwhile, Tony is fumbling with the cloth bag that has his own idol in it! Jeffra whispers to Spencer that Tony’s idol is not real. Spencer pauses for a moment, then hands his idol to Jeff, to the delight of juror Morgan.

Tony announces that Spencer is an inexperienced lad and says Spencer was about to give his idol to “Jeremy” (sic). Tony says about the bag he was fooling with, “This is a fake idol by the way.”

Jeremiah is voted out over Woo, 5-3. So it looks like Spencer’s idol was played in vain.

Favorites to win, in order: Tasha, Spencer, Tony, Trish, Woo

No chance: Kass, Jefra

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Sarah (Trish), Morgan (Tasha), L.J. (Tony), Jeremiah (Spencer)


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