“She can be a bit of a diva.” Survivor San Juan Del Sur October 22 2014 recap

24 Oct

At the last tribal council Jon was the only one to cast his vote for Keith, and he realizes as everyone heads back to camp that he’s somewhat isolated. Jeremy jokes to the camera about Jon’s “apology tour.” As for himself, Jeremy says “I’m in a beautiful spot right now.”

This being Survivor, anytime we see someone talking about how pretty they’re sitting and how they have the game in the palm of their hand, we know that person is about to experience a setback. And Jeremy does, when everyone goes to the arena to find out that the tribes are being shaken up. The new tribes are as follows:

ORANGE: Kelly/Dale, Jon/Jaclyn, Missy/Baylor, Keith

BLUE: Alec, Jeremy, Wes, Julie, Natalie, Josh/Reed

Of course, Jeff Probst immediately seizes upon the fact that one tribe is almost all couples while the other is almost all solo players (and never stops mentioning it for the rest of the episode). The reactions are predictable: couples are glad to be reunited, Jeremy has his nice situation shaken up, and Jon has gotten himself out of trouble.

There is no duel and no Exile Island trip … are we done with this for the season after just four times?

When the new blue tribe gets back to camp, the newcomers are shocked to find out how little rice is left. Orange was rationing appropriately while blue wasn’t rationing at all (which certainly could be a big reason why blue won every challenge except the one thrown by Drew). Who is to blame for this carelessness? Well, we see Missy cooking huge portions of rice, so she’d have to be a prime suspect. And she gets huffy when Dale points out her wastefulness. Dale’s daughter Kelly observes, “Missy plays that sweet mom role but she can be a bit of a diva, and my dad is a small-town, hard-working farm man, and he doesn’t deal with that kind of stuff.”

There’s a challenge which is pretty standard stuff involving tossing bean bags, but it gets added entertainment value from being in the mud. It’s pretty funny to be able to recognize all of the players by their silhouettes since that’s basically all you see. The blue team wins the challenge, so orange is sent back to camp. But before Probst can dismiss the blue team, Reed speaks up: “Jeff, when you get a sec we’d like to talk to you please.” When he gets a sec? Hosting Survivor is his job, where else would he have to be? Anyway, Reed asks if they can trade something to get more rice, they only have a scoop left. Jeff says since they have enough to make it to the next day, he’ll think about it and look them up.

On the orange tribe, things are pretty clear-cut: there are seven players, so if two of the couples team up, they will have a majority. Since Missy and Baylor have it in for Dale, that means Jon and Jaclyn are the swing votes. They talk to everyone and consider all options. Baylor has gone against Jaclyn once before, on the other hand they think Kelly and Dale are “sneaky.” So they end up teaming with Missy and Baylor, and Kelly is voted out.

Time to start figuring out who has a chance to win.

Contenders: 1) Wes, 2) Josh, 3) Jon, 4) Julie

Not sure yet: Jacyln, Baylor, Keith, Jeremy, Natalie, Reed

No chance: Dale, Missy, Alec


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