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“This ain’t the Hilton.” Survivor San Juan del Sur November 12 2014 recap

12 Nov

The fact that there was no tribal council last week thanks to Julie quitting means there are few new storylines, and most of this episode is basically spent restating the themes of the prior one.

It’s a good episode for Jon though. He’s sent to Exile Island after being chosen to do so by the winners of the reward challenge, and there he finds a clue to an immunity idol hidden there, which he eventually finds.

The immunity challenge is the memory game that has been played many times, including (I believe) the last few seasons in a row. However, it has yet to result in any drama whatsoever in any season. It doesn’t this time either. It is interesting that the final two are Josh and Jeremy, presumably the two who need the immunity the most. Jeremy gets it.

In the run-up to Tribal Council, Josh and co. are targeting Baylor (Jeremy being ineligible), and counting on the votes of John and Jaclyn. But Jacyln thinks three guys in the alliance, namely Wes, Alec, and Keith, are being disrespectful to her, and she doesn’t want to vote with them anymore. Jon implores Jacyln to think long-term.

When asked who he’s voting for, Keith tells Missy that it’s her daughter Baylor: “I hate to be blunt, but Baylor doesn’t do sh*t [around camp]. You know that.” Didja get the implication that Baylor is spoiled, Missy? I sure did … not that I disagree with that implication.

At tribal council, there’s nothing much more interesting to talk about than the fact that Alec, Wes, and Keith burp and pass gas a lot. Keith notes, “We’re not at the Hilton, Missy.”

So as I mentioned, this is 55 minutes of killing time to find out which way Jon and Jaclyn will vote, which is important, maybe even the decisive moment in the game. The answer is that they vote with Jeremy’s group to send Josh home and make him the first member of the jury.

As for my rankings, Wes’ performance today took him out of my #1 spot, and I’m starting to think Natalie is flying under the radar well enough to have a good chance to win it all.

Contenders: 1) Natalie, 2) Jon, 3) Reed, 4) Baylor, 5) Jeremy, 6) Wes, 7) Jaclyn, 8) Keith

No chance: Missy, Alec

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Josh (Reed)


“Kids go to summer camp longer.” Survivor San Juan Del Sur November 5, 2014 recap

5 Nov

Keith begins the episode awfully hacked off at Missy and Baylor. He thought they were his allies, yet they both voted for him at the previous tribal council (as a protective measure in case Dale played an idol). “I’m done with y’all,” he thinks about the mother-daughter duo.

The tribes get the message that it’s time for a merge, and Josh is a bit bummed — he says he was hoping to get Jeremy out before this. But of course his tribe didn’t go to tribal council last week. Jeremy, for his part, is sure that he has Natalie and Julie as allies, and he wants to recruit Missy/Baylor and Jon/Jaclyn to go against Josh. You’re probably asking, when did this season turn into Survivor: Josh vs. Jeremy? I wonder the same thing, as this hadn’t been a theme up to now. Both men are certainly gamers, so perhaps each simply identified the other as the biggest threat.

If Jeremy does muster the seven-person alliance I just mentioned, Josh is in trouble because he has just six: himself, Reed, Wes, Keith, and Alec. But of course Josh had Baylor’s back early in the game so he looks her up as soon as he can. Alas, she’s very noncommittal to her ally, or as it seems, former ally. So Josh decides he needs to turn to Jon and Jaclyn (who I notice has the same nasal, unsexy voice as the sports reporter Erin Andrews).

When the merge first happened there was a huge feast, and the players even had leftovers to take with them back to camp. Some time having passed, everyone begins to wonder what happened to a big bowl of trail mix that was left over. They become so obsessed about it that they propose searching everyone’s bag, and they soon search the bag belonging to Julie who’s off sunning herself. Sure enough she had hoarded the snack mix, and seemingly everyone else on the merged tribe is hopping mad. When she returns nobody says anything, but the atmosphere is so awkward that Julie knows they found out.

The immunity challenge involves balancing a ball on a disc that is controlled by two ropes. It comes down to Wes and Keith, and Keith wins.

Back at camp, Julie gets some water, and Alec mutters something under his breath (but in her earshot) about wishing he had some trail mix. The producers quickly play some “the tension is unbearable”-type music worthy of a thriller movie. And the result is — oh no — Julie starts talking like she’s going to quit, which you’ll recall was a theme of the last episode. Seeing her 7-6 numbers advantage potentially going up in smoke, Missy tries to calm Julie down. At least stick around for one more vote, she says. But Julie sees through Missy’s motives. The next thing you know, we see Jeff Probst sauntering in, complete with his #jeffprobst graphic on the screen. Julie runs down her reasons for quitting (of course if those are the things that make you quit you shouldn’t go on Survivor in the first place). Jeff notes that while she has been away from her boyfriend John for a while, “Kids go to summer camp longer than we’re out here.” Still, he really treats her with kid gloves. She says her decision to quit has been made, and Jeff says he’ll tell the tribe. I believe this is the second time in a row that a quitter didn’t even say goodbye — perhaps a new rule was implemented after the Brandon Hantz fiasco of a couple of seasons ago?

So Probst tells the tribe that Julie has quit on Day 18, and that there will be no tribal council. Jeremy is disappointed that he has lost his numbers, but Josh is also disappointed because he had Jeremy’s ouster all arranged and now he has to wait. It’s similarly frustrating for the viewer not be able to see how all of this plays out.

Contenders: 1) Wes, 2) Josh, 3) Jon, 4) Natalie, 5) Reed, 6) Baylor, 7) Jaclyn, 8) Keith, 9) Jeremy

No chance: Missy, Alec