“This ain’t the Hilton.” Survivor San Juan del Sur November 12 2014 recap

12 Nov

The fact that there was no tribal council last week thanks to Julie quitting means there are few new storylines, and most of this episode is basically spent restating the themes of the prior one.

It’s a good episode for Jon though. He’s sent to Exile Island after being chosen to do so by the winners of the reward challenge, and there he finds a clue to an immunity idol hidden there, which he eventually finds.

The immunity challenge is the memory game that has been played many times, including (I believe) the last few seasons in a row. However, it has yet to result in any drama whatsoever in any season. It doesn’t this time either. It is interesting that the final two are Josh and Jeremy, presumably the two who need the immunity the most. Jeremy gets it.

In the run-up to Tribal Council, Josh and co. are targeting Baylor (Jeremy being ineligible), and counting on the votes of John and Jaclyn. But Jacyln thinks three guys in the alliance, namely Wes, Alec, and Keith, are being disrespectful to her, and she doesn’t want to vote with them anymore. Jon implores Jacyln to think long-term.

When asked who he’s voting for, Keith tells Missy that it’s her daughter Baylor: “I hate to be blunt, but Baylor doesn’t do sh*t [around camp]. You know that.” Didja get the implication that Baylor is spoiled, Missy? I sure did … not that I disagree with that implication.

At tribal council, there’s nothing much more interesting to talk about than the fact that Alec, Wes, and Keith burp and pass gas a lot. Keith notes, “We’re not at the Hilton, Missy.”

So as I mentioned, this is 55 minutes of killing time to find out which way Jon and Jaclyn will vote, which is important, maybe even the decisive moment in the game. The answer is that they vote with Jeremy’s group to send Josh home and make him the first member of the jury.

As for my rankings, Wes’ performance today took him out of my #1 spot, and I’m starting to think Natalie is flying under the radar well enough to have a good chance to win it all.

Contenders: 1) Natalie, 2) Jon, 3) Reed, 4) Baylor, 5) Jeremy, 6) Wes, 7) Jaclyn, 8) Keith

No chance: Missy, Alec

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Josh (Reed)


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