Final thoughts about Survivor San Juan Del Sur aka Blood vs. Water II

20 Dec

Good things about this season:

– There were quite a few blindsides.

– Natalie was a deserving winner.

– Natalie made a sequence of big moves in the last few episodes (whether she even needed to is a different question).

Bad things about this season:

– The vast majority of the camera time went to four players: Missy and Baylor and Jon and Jaclyn. None of whom were particularly interesting.

– There wasn’t really a second strong player in the season, except possibly Josh. Jeremy got a lot of credit for being a good player and a big strategist, but I don’t see that he really did very much.

– Some of the players did not know the game of Survivor that well, and it showed. Wes and Keith are exhibit A.

– The cast was unlikable as a whole.

– There were a lot of boring stretches.

Big picture:

I won’t make you look at my updated rankings to find out where I rank this past-season, all-time. The answer is …


I can imagine your reaction: “You ranked this below Nica-freaking-ragua?”

I guess I should detail why this ranked below other dishonorable-mention seasons.

South Pacific was no classic, but it had two great players and great characters in Ozzy and Coach, plus two other memorable characters in Brandon Hantz and Cochran.

Nicaragua, while it had its faults, also had six or seven really good characters, as discussed here.

The Amazon had a fascinating setting that was also fresh, where San Juan Del Sur just reused the setting from Nicaragua.

Heck, I even had to wonder if I should rank this below Survivor: One World. I can’t believe I just said that, but consider that that season had a stronger winner in Kim. But that would have been going too far. San Juan Del Sur had some people playing badly, but at least they were all playing the game. In One World that was not so.

Does anyone from this season make my all-time top ten players list? Get real. Natalie was a deserving winner, but didn’t dominate the season like a Kim, Tony, or Rob. Not even close.



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