“I feel like I’m Luc Longley, bro.” Survivor Worlds Apart April 1 2015 recap

1 Apr

The episode begins with Mike having to do damage control. He knew Rodney was going to be mad. Mike points out that everyone thought Joaquin was “reeling in” Rodney. But Rodney insists the bromance was a faux-mance, and he was just pretending to be Joaquin’s friend to spy on him.

Rodney tells Mike “I expected me and you would be Scottie Pippen / Michael Jordan, now I feel like I’m Luc Longley, bro.” Translation for those who don’t know that these people are all 1990s Chicago Bulls basketball players: Rodney thought he and Mike were the two stars, but he feels like an irrelevant, replaceable member of the team now. Hey, Luc Longley is Australian so he probably doesn’t watch Survivor anyway.

It’s time for the two tribes to merge, with Jeff Probst nowhere in sight. They get a big meal and a note telling them which tribe’s beach they’ll be living on, but when they get there they find the shelter was taken down and they’ll have to build a new one.

Jenn and Hali wonder who they can trust. Certainly not Kelly, who insisted she had no more allegiance to the blue-collar group but dropped that pretense the second the tribes merged. So the two gals decide to ally with the white-collar group. Meanwhile, Rodney swears revenge against Dan, Mike, and Sierra. Still, Mike, no fool he, is working hard to shore up his alliance with Rodney.

The immunity challenge is an old favorite: everyone wraps their legs around a pole and tries to stay on it as long as they can.

It comes down to Joe, Carolyn, and Jenn, despite the latter getting stung by a bee in her nether regions while she’s up there! Finally Joe wins, foiling the plans of Mike who wanted to vote Joe out next. Mike’s second priority is to break up the “power couple” of Jenn and Hali. And Carolyn also wants to break up those two.

For reasons that aren’t explained, the blue collars think they can rope in Will to vote with them against Jenn and Hali. But since they’re not sure they can trust him, they tell him they’re voting Hali when it’s actually Jenn. They figure that if they see Hali’s name written down at tribal council they will know Will can be trusted.

Shirin is worried about the vote. She notes that the blue collars have shown that even though they hate each other they will still vote together. By the way, it’s somewhat surprising that Shirin is still around, but now that she has made it this far she could go all the way to the end. Since everyone thinks she’s annoying, who wouldn’t want to take her to the finals?

As tribal council gets close, Jenn reveals to Hali that she has an idol.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst notes that no idol has been played in the game so far. Well, Jenn does play hers after the vote, and it’s a good thing she did because there were seven votes for her! There was one for Hali and four for Kelly, so Kelly is voted out. Well, at least the blue collars know they can trust Will now! Also, Jenn’s work is not done, as she has three allies (Joe, Hali, and Shirin) and, at least for now, seven enemies.

Favorites to win: 1) Joe, 2) Mike, 3) Jenn, 4) Tyler, 5) Will

No chance: Carolyn, Dan, Hali, Rodney, Shirin, Sierra


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