“These are a bunch of gamers sittin’ right here”: Survivor Worlds Apart April 8 2015 recap

8 Apr

The episode begins with Rodney telling Will that he wants to get rid of Mike (dramatic!) … that is, sometime after everyone else from the other alliance has been voted out (OK, that is much less dramatic).

There is a reward challenge, won by Joe, and he can take two people with him for a zipline tour and a pizza party. He picks Tyler and Will, who are great choices. Even though they voted against him in the prior vote, both could conceivably switch allegiances if a better deal came along. Given two additional choices, he picks Carolyn and Shirin, obviously continuing with the same criteria. Joe doesn’t make the mistake so many make by taking Jenn and Hali — he is already very tight with them, and their trio needs to recruit more members.

At the reward, Carolyn somehow manages to drink from a bottle of soda that has a tightly rolled-up immunity idol clue in it without noticing the clue! But Joe, sitting across from her, does see it, so he quickly asks if he can drink the rest of her soda. He pours it into his mouth and then unobtrusively grabs the clue from his mouth … but Tyler sees him do it. He mock-complains about Joe drinking all of the soda, and shoots Joe a look as he says “We’ll have to talk about that.”

Early the next morning when everyone’s back at the main camp, Joe decides to take Tyler aside to read him the clue. Mike is only feigning sleep, and shadows them.

Tyler is in a bit of a pickle because he doesn’t want to alienate his new alliance by suddenly being tight with Joe. So he tells Mike about the clue. Mike immediately mobilizes everyone to search for Joe. Mike finds him, but doesn’t see Joe find an idol. So when Joe is back at camp, Mike simply yells out congratulations to Joe for finding an idol, even though Joe doesn’t have it!

I’m pretty sure this strategy has never been done before. Will this go down in history as the Mike Move, to be used in many Survivors to come? Well, I should describe part two of the move: look for the idol yourself after you’ve basically told everyone there’s no need to look for one anymore! Mike does, and seems to look for a long time. He finds it, and cries with joy when he does. By the way, in the midst of his search he comes across a termite’s nest … and snacks on some of the termites!

Meanwhile, Shirin tries to make her usual awkward conversation with Dan, and Dan has some things to get off his chest. “You’re a fan … why is it that fans can’t do basic math?… Your game is done.” And those were just the highlights. It was more like a speech by a juror at final tribal council than something people usually say in the middle of the game! Well, I can certainly see why all the other players are annoyed by Shirin, because I as a viewer certainly am.

The immunity challenge involves moving a puzzle piece through several sliding puzzles, then solving a final sliding puzzle. Dan twice announces that he has it right, prompting Jeff to hold everything while he comes over to check it. Both times Dan is wrong … they show the board and it isn’t even close! The actual winner is Joe … yes, the same Joe who won the reward challenge and also the last immunity challenge.

At camp, Mike’s alliance can’t vote for Joe, so who will it be? Someone suggests Shirin, whom nobody likes. But Mike throws out the name Hali. It would seem to make sense to break up Joe’s alliance, and he is much tighter with Hali than with Shirin. However Shirin has been featured quite prominently this episode, as have Dan and Mike. So surely one of those three will be the one booted.

This is bad for Mike: Sierra is sitting with Shirin, Jenn, and Hali and tells them she wants an all-girl alliance, and she still hates Dan and wants to vote him out. But there are 11 people in the game, so those four plus Joe are not enough, they need one more person. So Shirin tries to recruit her former white collar tribemate Tyler, and he seems very much on board with the idea. By the way, why are the women not recruiting Will, who would seem to have the least allegiance to Mike and Dan of anyone?

At tribal council, Mike notes “These are a bunch of gamers sittin’ right here.” Everyone is playing pretty hard, and not shy about lying.

It certainly looks like Dan is in trouble. The votes are read… and it is a 6-4 vote for Hali! Wow, I did not see that coming. (By the way, there must have been a 7th vote for Hali not shown). This means Sierra decided not to go with the girls, nor did Tyler change alliances. Perhaps they heeded Dan’s comment during tribal council that flippers never win the game. Or more likely, Joe’s three wins in a row made everyone realize that they have to take out his alliance because he is now the overwhelming favorite to win the game.

Favorites to win: 1) Joe, 2) Mike, 3) Tyler, 4) Jenn, 5) Will

No chance: Carolyn, Dan, Rodney, Shirin, Sierra


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