“Can you verify something for me?”: Survivor Worlds Apart April 15 2015 recap

15 Apr

With Hali out, Joe, Jenn, and Shirin need to regroup. Shirin proposes a semi-secret alliance to Mike. Interestingly, she says the person she would want to get out is Carolyn, since Carolyn has Will and Tyler as allies.

The reward challenge is won by a team of Mike, Sierra, Shirin, Dan, and Tyler, who get to eat lots of Snickers and M&Ms.  Not too much happens there, but back at camp Rodney turns out to be a skilled impressionist who can do a dead-on Mike imitation. Jenn, meanwhile, has been hinting that she wants to quit … how very no-collar! She tells Joe that if she wins immunity she will give it to him at Tribal Council.

The immunity challenge is a familiar one: stand on tiptoes and use the top of one’s head to press a block against a horizontal bar. Jenn almost wins, but to Joe’s dismay she can’t quite do it, and Tyler is the winner.

After this, Shirin (who has gotten tons of camera time the last two weeks) is crunching numbers. The split is 7-3 and she figures the seven will split their votes 4-3 between Joe and Jenn. So at least the group of three can determine which of the two goes home by who they throw their votes to, and Jenn would rather sacrifice herself to let Joe stay.

However, Shirin can’t get too tricky or that would kill her new alliance with Mike, and Mike is spelling it out: “I have to [be able to] trust you.” He tells her to vote for Joe. Mike also says that he will shadow Joe wherever he goes to make sure Joe doesn’t look for an idol.

But Joe has not thrown in the towel, and he has a brilliant way to shake loose. He asks Dan if he wants to go away from camp to talk for a while. They head uphill. Dan basically says he can’t help Joe, and is glad to get out of the awkward conversation and troop away. As soon as Dan is out of sight, Joe hightails it into the woods. Turns out he had stashed away a sort of “fake idol kit” for just such an eventuality, and he proceeds to put one together that actually looks great.

When Mike sees Dan stroll back into camp, he asks what happened to Joe, and Dan knows he has been duped. They split up to search the woods, and Mike does find Joe, who offers to give Mike his idol at tribal council in return for Joe not voting for him. Mike says it would have to be before tribal for him to do that deal (remember, it was Mike who actually has the idol that Joe had a clue for).

Just as everyone sits down at tribal council Joe murmurs “Here you go” and hands it over. Buy the way we also find out that we haven’t seen the last of Hali, she’s the first member of the jury!

Just before it’s time to vote, Mike asks, “Can you verify something for me? Is this a hidden immunity idol?” Jeff Probst said he can do no such verifying, someone has to play it. After the votes Probst asks if anyone wants to play one, and Mike stands up and says he wants to play the idol “for Will.” Probst says what he just got is not a hidden immunity idol. The votes are read, and Joe is voted out over Jenn, and later we see that Shrin did indeed vote for Joe as instructed.

So my number one favorite to win is gone. Mike has eliminated his biggest rival, but now everyone will probably be targeting him. And as much as Jenn has been hinting she doesn’t want to keep playing, she could stlll change her mind and still be a threat to win it all.

Favorites to win: 1) Mike, 2) Tyler, 3) Jenn, 4) Will

No chance: Carolyn, Dan, Rodney, Shirin, Sierra

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Hali (Jenn), Joe (Jenn)


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